IDFA crowns Apollonia and Apollonia as her champion

– Lea Globe’s touching film by a young artist, Full of Love, won Best Film in International Competition, with Angie Vinchito statement Also noticed

IDFA 2022 winners (© IDFA)

It’s all over for the 35th edition of IDFA, which ended Sunday with Lea Globe‘s Apollonia, Apollonia [+see also:
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Winning the Best Film award, along with a cash prize of 15,000 euros. Speaking of intimate depictions of a French painter trying to figure things out as an artist and as a woman, the jury is out- Bergo HoncasaloAnd the Vanja KaludjersikAnd the Yousry NasrallahAnd the Mary Stephen And the Yoshihiko Yatap Note that it is full of love. […] This film contains characters that breathe life and take us on a journey that opens us to the worlds of culture, art, business, politics, and the mechanics of a success story.”

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Globe, also from behind Olmo and the Seagull [+see also:
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he noted: “The first time I had a conversation with Apolonia, over Skype, I immediately felt like I was really in a movie. I was watching this woman go into frame, and as I was talking to her, all kinds of people were watching from all sides of the screen. And all the while, Apollonia had my attention, and I knew at that moment that she was going to be the one in the movie.

“As a documentarian, you know that some people just create a movie with their presence, and you just need to frame the movie in some way. At the time, I didn’t know what a great painter she’d become, but I thought Apollonia had this amazing face of cinema, a face A wonderful actress.”

Simon Chambers Won the award for Best Direction Much Ado About Death. Mario Steenbergen It has been noted for editing Journey through our world – With the same film it also got the award for Best Dutch Film – as it was Paul Gelhoum for the lens heaven.

Angie Vincito‘s statement – Russian production – was chosen as the winner of the visualization competition. Jurors said, “This film is a product of the digital age, of an entire generation of children for whom social media is a trusted outlet for their loves, fears, and desires.” “The filmmaker astounded us with his ability to structure and edit found footage of these individual voices into a powerful collective chorus. In its dark moments, the film is a humorous yet heart-wrenching portrait of a generation lost under a dictatorial regime.”

in the same competition, Roberta Torre Won Best Director for amazingThe Outstanding Artistic Contribution Award went to Ishtar Yassin Gutierrez for my lost. Special mention went to Movie notes by Ignacio Aguero.

Darren Emerson Winner of the IDFA DocLab Award for Immersive Nonfiction In pursuit of repetitive tunes. The Creative Technology Special Jury Prize went to Mary Chekhanovich And the Edith Gorish for blastizabanes.

Below is the full list of award winners:

international competition

IDFA Award for Best Film
Apollonia, Apollonia [+see also:
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– Lea Globe (Denmark)

IDFA Award for Best Direction
Much Ado About Death Simon Chambers (Ireland/UK)

IDFA Award for Best Editing
Mario Steenbergen – Journey through our world (Holland)

IDFA Award for Best Cinematography
Paul Gelhoum – heaven (France / Switzerland)

Visualization contest

IDFA Award for Best Film
statement – Ange Vincito (Russia)

Best Direction Award
Roberta Torre – amazing (Italia)

Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution
my lost – Ishtar Yassin Gutierrez (Costa Rica / Iraq / Chile / Egypt / France)
Special mention
Movie notes – Ignacio Aguero (Chile / France)

IDFA DocLab Immersive Realism Competition

IDFA DocLab Nonfiction Immersive Book Award
In pursuit of repetitive tunes – Darren Emerson (UK)

Special Jury Prize for Creative Technology
blastizabanes – Miri Cherkhanovich, Edith Urich (Canada/Israel)

IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling
I had sex with the girl from me – Taylor McCoy (USA)

Special Jury Prize for Creative Technology
its name My name – Elaine Jongsma, Kel O’Neill (Netherlands)

IDFA Short Documentary Competition

IDFA Award for Best Documentary Short Film
far – Ruslan Fedoto (Hungary/Belgium/Portugal)
Special mention
Porters Sarah Vanagt (Belgium)

IDFA Youth Documentary Competition

IDFA Award for Best Youth Film (14+)
home elsewhere – Carlos Hagermann, Jorge Villalobos (Mexico/USA)

IDFA Award for Best Youth Film (9-13)
Ramboy – Matthias Gullod, Lucien Roux (Switzerland)
Special mention
Jasmine’s house – Inka Ashti, Hanna Karpinen (Finland)

IDFA Award for Best First Film
Rose looks – Abbas Rezaei (Afghanistan)
Special mention
Guapo’y – Sofia Pauli Thorne (Paraguay / Argentina)

IDFA Award for Best Dutch Film
Journey through our world – Petra Latester Cheech, Peter Latester
Special mention
Inside my heart – Saskia Budecki (Netherlands)

Beeld & Geluid IDFA Reframe Award
private shots – Janaina Nagata (Brazil)
Special mention
The march on Rome [+see also:
film review
interview: Mark Cousins
film profile
– Mark Cousins ​​(Italy)

IDFA Forum Award for Best Presentation
nenex Kanye Lapuerta (Mexico)

IDFA Forum Award for Best Rough Story
Tuba thieves – Allison O’Daniel (USA)

IDFA DocLab Forum Award
We speak their names in silent voices – Omoregie Osakpolor (Nigeria / South Africa)

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