‘I Gotta Succeed’: Fifty Shades of Gray Star Jamie Dornan felt super competitive after losing the role of Superman to Henry Cavill, and asked the MCU to cast him in the superhero role as revenge

Jamie Dornan rose to fame with his lead role in the captivating crime drama series, the fall Along with Gillian Anderson. The show that aired between 2013 and 2016 established him in the scene of aspiring actors in Hollywood for his portrayal of the disturbing serial killer, Paul Spector. However, this was not the only sensation of that year.

Parallel to Jamie Dornan’s rather weak launch in the industry, he pushed Henry Cavill to untouched heights by starring as Superman in Zack Snyder’s film man of steel – A role that will then become a point of contention, public shouts, and mass movements calling for his return during the next decade. But before all that, he was just an Irish actor who had failed to secure the role of Superman from his contemporary British actor and was beginning to prove himself better.

Jamie Dornan attending a party Belfast Premiere in Los Angeles

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Jamie Dornan is going up the hill after losing the role of Superman

In the old fashioned way of asserting himself to the world, Jamie Dornan seeks nothing less than sheer success in Hollywood after losing the DCEU’s Superman role to Henry Cavill. There was an underlying yearning to reach the top that the Irish actor felt as he recalled the days since Superman’s humiliation. In fact, in its need to be better, it is Belfast The actor stepped into enemy territory when he met Kevin Feige for the Marvel role, hoping to find a sense of vindication.

“I’m more ambitious than I’ve ever let myself be. It’s like a necessity to deliver and to provide, like a caveman: I have to succeed for the sake of these precious little people. Also, since my father died, this extra fire has kindled in me, this extra burner of desire to succeed.”

Jamie Dornan with Fifty Shade co-star Dakota Johnson
Jamie Dornan with Fifty Shades of Grey Co-starring Dakota Johnson

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Although the actor found international fame within the next few years as the main male protagonist in fifty shades franchise, the success achieved with the EL James adaptations was very different from the growing admiration and collective idolization of Cavill’s Superman after the SnyderVerse trilogy. Although it was commercially successful, Jamie Dornan’s role in… fifty shades The films were harshly panned by critics, and the actor found himself depressed and in a place where success was elusive yet unattainable.

It’s never been revealed which MCU role he auditioned for, but since it was around 2013, one can risk a few guesses, the first of which starts with Malekith in Thor: The Dark World.

Jamie Dornan finds respect for his contemporaries

Jamie Dornan, Charlie Cox, Eddie Redmayne, Andrew Garfield, and Robert Pattinson were all famous when the young Swarm worked his way up the acting world before fame and eventual glamour. Each unprecedented success as a leading man in multimillion-dollar franchises has been parallel growth, yet Dornan finds time to appreciate the journey taken by his contemporaries, especially Pattinson with his leading role as Batman in Matt Reeves’ DCU film.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I feel like him and that his people played it really smart. Everything he’s done since Twilight has been really smart and beautifully made, and those movies wouldn’t have been funded in his name if he wasn’t in these multi-billion dollar movies.”

Jamie Dornan goes even further in Belfast
Jamie Dornan goes above and beyond Belfast

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Jamie Dornan himself has a diverse filmography to speak of. his sense in 2021, Belfast, which was directed by Academy Award-winning director Kenneth Branagh, earned him a Golden Globe nomination. Moreover, Dornan’s role in the fall He won the Irish Film and Television Award for Best Actor on Television.

source: New York times

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