How to use Guided Frame on your Pixel phone

Having trouble catching people in the frame when taking a photo with your Pixel phone? Google introduced Oriented Frame, a new feature that helps you position faces correctly when taking a photo. We’re here to tell you all about it, so keep reading for all the good stuff.

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To use Guided Frame on your Pixel phone, you need to turn on TalkBack first. go to the Settings > Accessibility > TalkBackswitch Use TalkBack on me. Go to the TalkBack Tutorial and open a file camera Application. The guide window will run automatically. Follow the instructions to take a photo using the Guided Frame.

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What is a Guideline on Pixel?

Guide frame is a new Pixel feature, introduced with the Pixel 7 series. It guides the user by taking a selfie with a perfectly framed face. The guided bezel will recognize faces and tell you (by voice) whether to move the camera further, closer, left, right, up, or down. When your face is perfectly framed, it will start a timer to take the photo, and will audibly describe every move and step on the way to you.

Guided Frame is part of Google’s TalkBack mode, which brings a form of speech and gesture-based navigation to your phone. The mode and feature are for the visually impaired, and are part of the Accessibility settings. These users may have difficulty taking the right shot, which makes TalkBack an essential feature for many. However, anyone can benefit from it, and the Guided Frame is actually a pretty cool feature, even for those who can see perfectly.

There is a bit of a learning curve to TalkBack. The phone changes to a different style of gesture navigation. And then a voice will tell you everything that is happening with the phone. You’ll hear a voice telling you when the phone is off, when it’s restarted, what you can do to enter apps, which app or option is highlighted, and more.

How to enable TalkBack

Are you ready to try Guided Frame? The feature is a little hard to find, but we’ll tell you exactly where to find it.

  1. open the settings Application.
  2. Go inside Accessibility.
  3. tap on Repeat.
  4. switch on Use TalkBack Selection.

The system will take you through a guided tutorial on how to use TalkBack mode. We advise you to review it and learn to use this mod. The new gesture system can get quite confusing at first, so you better be prepared.

How to take a photo using the guide frame

Once TalkBack is activated, just open the Camera app. You can use the camera switch button to take a selfie. Once the camera recognizes a face, it will start guiding you to frame the photo correctly. The voice will use actual speech and tell you what to do. It may tell you to move the phone closer or farther away. It will also let you know if you should point the camera up, down, left, or right.

When faces are framed correctly, the guided frame will tell you it’s “ready to take a selfie,” and start a three-second countdown. The photo will be taken automatically, and you will be notified with a “Photo taken” announcement.

questions and answers

The guide frame is only available on the Pixel 7 series so far.

Google hasn’t announced the introduction of Guided Frame to other devices, so we can’t say for sure when (or if) other devices will get the feature.

Guided Window is on/off with TalkBack. You can follow the same steps in this article and turn off the feature. Google claims you can also press both volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds to turn off TalkBack, but we couldn’t get that to work during testing. There is also a shortcut you can use to turn the Guided Window on or off. You can find it at Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack > TalkBack Shortcut.

Although the Guided Frame is a handy feature to use, and TalkBack can be cumbersome for those who don’t need it, the only way to use the Guided Frame currently is to turn TalkBack on. However, you can turn off Guided Window without turning off TalkBack. There is a toggle in the camera settings.

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