How to fix Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro not sending and receiving text messages?

Google’s Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are some of the best smartphones released this year. They are excellent contenders for Phone of the Year. It is one of the most loved phones in the tech community. Their selling point is the cameras, value for money and software experience. However, the phones are not without issues, and the user experience seems to have seriously hit the user experience. Many users have complained that their phones are unable to send or receive messages.

This isn’t the first time Pixels have reported issues; They also had mistakes in the past. Several Pixel 7 Series phones have recently been experiencing battery drain issues, with high standby drain and generally lower battery life. There have also been issues with phones showing “No Service” or “No Network”. A fix for this is said to be in the works.

According to several Reddit users and folks on Google Support and Twitter, phone calls and data are still working fine, but SMS services have stopped working. Other users can send messages but not receive them. After moving physical SIM cards between phones, still reports not working, and all basic troubleshooting methods have failed.

While most tribulations are for Verizon users, they are not unique to them. This issue has been reported to persist in unlocked phones and phones of other carriers as well. It is interesting to note that this complication is limited to SMS messages only. Since RCS messaging is still working fine.

6 ways to fix Pixel 7 series SMS not sending and receiving issue

Unfortunately, Google has not yet acknowledged this issue. Users can try general troubleshooting methods like toggling AirPlane mode on and off again, restarting the device, factory data reset, restarting default messaging app after force closing, changing default messaging app, inserting a brand new SIM card, etc.

1: Resync messages

Verizon carrier users had to contact Verizon customer support and then contact the technical team. There, re-sync the Messages app seems to have fixed the issue. Once I did that, standard messaging and MMS started working as normal. They will reset something on the backend.

  • Open the Verizon customer support website.
  • Click on “Mobile”.
  • From the various menus, click on Troubleshoot.
  • You will see an option titled “Cannot send or receive text messages”.

  • choose your preferred option; You can either allow Verizon to contact you, or you can call them, and they will respond to you after the estimated wait time is up. Don’t use the “step-by-step troubleshooting” option that takes you through a bunch of pages and makes you read support articles that aren’t very helpful. The only way to do this is to contact Verizon directly and have the representative completely resync the messages.

2: Switch to an eSim (temporarily)

Temporarily converting your physical SIM into an eSim seems to have fixed some problems for users. If you don’t have any problems with your eSim, you can continue using it until Google officially acknowledges the problem or until a fix is ​​released. If you prefer physical SIM cards for travel requirements or other reasons, you can switch back to a physical SIM once the issue is resolved.

3: Change settings in the Messages app

If you have a phone with a T-Mobile SIM card, users have been able to fix the problem by turning on Chat Features. This is in the Settings menu. Unlocked models and users of other carriers can experience this as well.

4: Swap your physical SIM card

Some older SIM cards that don’t support 5G seem to be having problems sending and receiving text messages. Replacing it with a newer SIM card may work.

5: Unregister iMessage (for previous iPhone users only)

iMessage is a highly rated messaging tool, especially in the USA, and many iPhone users are switching to Pixel. However, if you do not completely unregister your iMessage, it can cause complications when messaging. Follow this link to properly unregister iMessage. If you still have your iPhone, the problem will be resolved if you turn off FaceTime and iMessage. If you don’t have it, you can enter your phone number and check the confirmation code on the Apple website, which should deactivate the service. Now, check if the Messages app is working fine on your Pixel phone.

Unregister iMessage

Disclaimer: This solution is only possible if your current device can still receive messages.

6: Set up the APN manually

An AT&T customer on Reddit says manually setting the APN from the Software Data settings (AT&T Customer Support) fixed the issue.

  • If you have an LTE device, change the settings to NXTGENPHONE.
  • If you have a 5G phone, change the settings to “Enhanced phone”.


We hope Google looks into this and acknowledges this issue as soon as possible because not being able to send or receive texts can be a huge problem in everyday life. Google must live up to its reputation of Pixels having an excellent overall user experience. We’ll keep you posted if there are other ways to fix this or if Google releases an update and is working with carriers to fix the issue.

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