How much does a vintage Ford Bronco cost?

With the new Ford Bronco setting sales records, it only makes sense that old-school versions of the Bronco would see a price increase as well. The new Bronco is great, but that’s most likely because it’s trading on the nostalgia of old Broncos, especially the first generation, with its looks. Although the new Bronco is extremely capable off-road and has modern features, there’s just something about popping out and twisting the axles in the old Bronco to get into the 4×4 that people crave.

While it’s not the most reliable, comfortable, or even safe car you can buy, your old Bronco might be at the peak of its cool right now. Online auction site Bring a Trailer tracks the prices of the vehicles it sells for, and shows the Bronco’s value is increasing. So, how old is the Bronco?

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