How does the wolf call the night blade?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe dives right into the horror genre, using Marvel Comics’ large library of monster stories to expand the franchise’s universe and stylistic boundaries. Two projects that are part of this hidden collection are werewolf at night The just-released and upcoming Halloween special code Replay movie, where Mahershala Ali He will take on the role of the vampire hunter half Wesley Snipes famous. As two of the first dedicated horror projects in the franchise, fans assumed that werewolf at night And the code They may be related to each other through recurring characters or story chains. Now that the first has been released, the question of whether the projects are connected or not can be answered.

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The short answer is no. There is no clear setting for code in werewolf at night. Neither Ali nor any of the confirmed co-stars (including Delroy Lindo And the Aaron Pierre, among others) appear in the private, and there is no mention of vampires. In fact, werewolf at night It is one of the most indie projects ever released by Marvel Studios. There is a vague mention of superheroes in the opening novel, accompanied by the image of the Avengers, which itself is only there to emphasize how different Jack Russell’s werewolf story is (Gael Garcia Bernal) and the company from their adventures, but this is the only explicit reference to any other installments in the franchise. There are some hidden Easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans to notice, but otherwise, the special is only concerned with its characters and offers its own part of the world.

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Having said that, it is very likely that code Some of these characters can be tapped and world-building. werewolf at night It proves that not only are there many mystical monsters found in the MCU, there is also a large community of monster hunters dedicated to eliminating them, similar to those featured in the TV series. supernatural. It is possible, and even likely, that these ideas will be further embodied code.

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Monster hunter and werewolf by star of the night Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly) would be a natural choice for a supporting character in the film and an ally of Blade given their joint occupation. Alternatively, the monster hunting community could also act as a hostile force, as it did in Werewolf by Night. With the exception of Elsa, the special hunters featured in the special are selfish and simplistic in their views of the world, willing to kill each other to get bloodstone and show no mercy to monsters like Jack or his friend Ted/Man Thing (Carrie Jones and Jeffrey Ford) who mean no harm to the audience. Hunters like this wouldn’t want to accept a half-vampire like Blade as one of them and would probably try to kill him as well. Maybe the movie will show Blade trying to evade them while also doing his job.

Of the main private trio, Elsa is the easiest to call Blade, but there’s a good chance that Jack and or Ted will meet Daywalker at some point as well, either in the Blade solo movie or in a later project. The constant addition of a growing number of mysterious characters to the MCU has led many fans to speculate that the franchise is moving towards a mod of the Midnight Sons (or Suns as they are called in an upcoming video game) and Legion of Monsters, both of which are a team of superheroes from the comics. all three werewolf at night The characters fit in well with either team, and the brief MCU introduction to Blade suggested he would be instrumental in whichever franchise uses it.

Although he has yet to appear in front of the camera, Ali made his debut as Blade with an off-screen vocal cameo in a post-credits scene in 2021. eternity. When Dane Whitman (Kit HaringtonPreparing to wield the Ebony Blade, the black magic sword that has passed on his family line along with the title of Black Knight, for the first time, Blade’s voice is heard, asking, “Are you sure you’re ready for it, Mr. Whitman?” This led many to believe That Blade would monitor and recruit other mystical-powered characters for a team of sorts, similar to Nick Fury’s way (Samuel L. Jackson) Compilation of the list of original Avengers. Jack in particular will have an interesting dynamic with Blade, as both characters struggle to control their brutal sides and maintain their humanity. Other potential team members for Midnight Sons or Legion include: Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), Agatha Harkness (Catherine Han), and more.

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Although there may be a final connection to codeNo references to other projects. werewolf at night It has retrospective links to traditional Marvel entries by Man-Thing. The character’s MCU appearance was preceded by references and references in earlier projects. Most publicly came out in the first season of Shield Agents After testifying before Congress after the fall of SHIELD, Maria Hill (Kobe SmuldersComplain over the phone to Pepper PottsGhouinith baltrow) about the US government’s ignorance of the paranormal operations, mocking a list of their questions including “Who or what is the man?” in Motorcycle rental Grandmaster’s (Jeff Goldblum) A tower on Sakaar adorned with the faces of many Marvel Comics creatures, including Man-Thing’s. The character may also prove to be more important to the immediate future of the MCU than Jack, Elsa or Blade. In the comics, Man-Thing is responsible for protecting the Nexus of All Realities, a portal through which one can travel to any world in the Marvel multiplayer. With the MCU currently in a “multiverse saga”, this concept could become very important going forward and could lead to Man-Thing playing an important role in Avengers: Kang DynastyAnd the Avengers: Secret Warsor other movie event in the saga.

However, while Man-Thing, and thus his friend Jack, may become important to more popular MCU projects, it’s unlikely that their paths or those of Elsa will intersect with Blade, given the four characters’ relationships to the franchise’s shadowy corner. Whether those encounters come in a project along the lines of Midnight Sons / Legion of Monsters, code A movie, or something else that remains to be seen. Whatever the case, fans will likely have to wait a while to see how all these pieces fit together code It was just postponed to a 2024 release after the director left Bassam Tariq.

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