How can the Broncos gain an advantage from Russell Wilson’s wrist?

Englewood, Colorado – As the Broncos looked to improve their offensive production during the second half of the season, they looked for any potential advantage.

And as Denver prepares for a Week 10 road meeting with the Tennessee Titans, that means quarterback Russell Wilson will be wearing his wristband for the second straight game.

“We’ve been looking at everything, thinking about anything we can do to help our process, help our offense and do what we need to do,” coach Nathaniel Hackett said on Thursday. “Whether that’s why we won or lost the game, looking back on the Jacksonville game, I don’t know. We always want to take stock of everything and try to find a way to improve. If that’s going to help us improve, then we want to do that.”

Wilson’s wrist usage has been getting a lot of attention this week, but the Broncos are focusing on the potential advantage they can get from having some of their play calls on hand relative to Wilson and the offense.

“Two things are different,” Hackett said of the advantages. “As a game designer, sometimes you want to get a little creative and these things can be a little bit drawn-out. You want to have it so that it’s easier, rather than having to call it out and then plug it in. There’s a whole process from when I give it to him, when He has to process it, how long does he have to go in there. Sometimes we talk a little bit about this stuff because sometimes we try to get a little crazy. So, lets do it.”

Before a road game, it can also reduce the potential for misunderstandings in a noisy stadium.

“I think it also helps take away the crowd noise,” Hackett said. “If you have a crowd noise, of him listening to me, he just has to hear one wrist number, and then he can go over there and get on with the guys right. There’s a lot of different things that this is good for.”

There was never any resistance from Wilson towards wearing the wristband, said Hackett and Offensive coordinator Justin Otten, and the team simply came to the decision to incorporate one after evaluating other offenses across the league.

“It’s as much a relationship as we act as an insult,” Otten said. “You look around the league and you’re sitting there like, ‘Well, how come we’re late for a game?'” How do we do certain things early in the season? How can we help with this? We’re always digging around and trying to find things that help us. It’s just something we can get our hands on. All the players can look at it too. They’ll see what’s on the wristband, and they can expect to label what’s on the wristband. That way, it’s not Not only did he quote it from Ross, but everyone is on the same page [when there are] Long play calls throughout the entire game.

The Broncos would not include all of their offensive plays on Wilson’s wrist. Instead, they will limit the playing card to the most verbose plays.

“We want to take advantage of entering and exiting the gathering as well, so that he can enter [more verbose] In special situations,” Otten said of play calls, “this is universal across the league. You will become more creative in those aspects. Just having some tinkering with this thing so he can get it out a little faster, everyone hears it a little bit better as opposed to just being in a situation where no one is allowed to hear you. It’s really just a lock on some plays on this call sheet that we can take advantage of on that. “

As Wilson pointed out on Wednesday, he’s won that many games — a record 113 in his first 10 seasons — regardless of whether or not he wears a wristband. But as the Broncos progress into their season, they will aim to reap whatever advantage they can.

“I think for us, if it works, why don’t we use it?” Hackett said. “At the moment, we’re 1-0 with it. I mean, let’s go forward. Again, a lot of quarterbacks around the league use it. It’s one of those things, if it gives you some kind of an advantage or helps you, then we want to do all the We can.”

While correlation does not imply causation, the Broncos had a season-best performance with three touchdowns against the Jaguars in Week 8.

Against a talented Titans defense, the Broncos are hoping to find similar success in Nashville.

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