Horror movies that will make veteran fans gasp

Horror is a literary genre created by its relationship with the audience. This relationship is based on the emotional response of the viewer while engaging in the auditory and visual sensations of cinema. Horror is the only genre that immediately summons the strongest emotions from the audience…fear. Perhaps one of the most difficult emotions to extract from the viewer is fear. The film should completely stop disbelief and make the audience feel as if they are in danger, when in fact they are as safe as possible.

There have been many horror genre films over the past century that garner strong emotional responses. However, with the development of photorealistic special effects, the visuals became more gruesome and believable. Horror flicks tend to use hands-on, computer-generated images to suspend disbelief further by showing the public everything. There is very little left to the imagination with this selection of painful and disgusting horror movies.

Today’s movie

Evil Dead 2013)

Evil Dead 2013 Remake
Tristar Pictures

The original classic Sam Raimi Evil died From 1981 it was a groundbreaking horror film that used effective sound design and practical, blood-sucking effects in a way only Raimi could. However, remake 2013 evil dead From director Fede Alverez taking this to the next level.

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Capture the most disgusting and disgusting images mixed with the elements that made the original so famous. Fans of the original can see a glimmer of tribute in the remake. However, the movie is generally a sickening jungle with expendable characters that we know you really won’t see the final frame. next batch, Evil dead rise It will be released in theaters.

human centipede

human centipede
IFC midnight

Horror lovers hear the title human centipede They can only hold their stomachs. Released independently in 2009, this movie definitely turned some heads away from the screen. Director Tom Six’s sick and twisted vision of the horror film has been panned by critics and fans alike, but it has become a cult classic for fans of the ailing, cruel cinema.

Shockingly, the film received two series growing in production scale. For Six, few or no other disgusting series of motion pictures like this one would conjure up for even the most seasoned horror viewer. If the film’s intent was to irritate the audience and not tell a coherent narrative, they might have succeeded.

terrifying 2

Spooky 2 clown art

terrifying 2 It is the 2022 sequel to the 2016 cult film. The two-and-a-half-hour slasher film directed by Damien Lyon is filled with violence that goes beyond the first part, and made audience members vomit and pass out during performances. With its phenomenal runtime, there are plenty of intense gory moments and sarcasm from fan-favorite artist Art the Clown. Although the movie was recently released, it has already become one of the most disgusting horror movies ever.

the mother!

Mother!  (2017)
Paramount Pictures Studios

2017 movie the mother! Directed by acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky, it features a star-studded cast that includes Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Barden, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer. While Aronofsky has a history of making films for upsetting and disorienting viewers, the mother! Perhaps the most divisive and shocking thing so far.

Seasoned horror fans are no strangers to the chaotic sequences of inhumane acts. However, what Aronofsky does in this movie is to completely rip any innocence away from the characters and use it against the protagonist. The film uses biblical symbols and metaphors as well as strange, disturbing images that, while not bloody, can still cause panic attacks and anxiety in viewers. the mother! A great example of being annoying without getting drenched in blood.

cannibal crematorium

Cannibal Holocaust 2
United Artists

There is no movie like cannibal crematorium It was released prior to its 1980 debut. It is often rated as one of the most controversial and controversial films of all time. The film shows true acts of animal cruelty and brutal murders up close with unnamed actors. These actors were hidden from movie promotions as audience members really believed that they were really murdered on screen in the most brutal way.

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The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project
Hacksan movies

Horror 1999 and found classic footage The Blair Witch Project It is one of the most raw films ever made. is similar to cannibal crematorium, The film features unnamed actors who members of the audience believed were missing after the film was produced. Although it’s not a violent movie, the cinematic originality and organic acting (such as a runny nose during a moment of panic) really bring out the character’s feelings. While it is likely that no viewer will be as disturbed as the original audience who often do not know if this is real from fiction or not, The Blair Witch Project It’s scary to this day, with a finale that continues to terrify first-time viewers.


Lee and Annell in the saw.
Lionsgate movies

saw It is James Wan’s first major breakthrough in the horror genre. Similar to movies like download and the wave of “pornographic torture” in the first decade of the twenty-first century, saw It is a movie based on blood and treats it as the central part of the movie. The violence in the movie is meant for shock value but is done in a very innovative way with intricate traps and ticking clocks. There is something poetic about the idea of ​​choice and how far a person will go to save himself…before sacrificing another.

The thing (1982)

Thing John Carpenter movie
Universal Pictures

John Carpenter the thing It is a staple in modern horror and visual effects. The film features practical, imaginative creatures and blood that set a precedent for the genre that continues to this day. John Carpenter creates tension that builds up silently and then ends in an explosion. For example, the scene of an expanding stomach is one of the most famous and disgusting sequences of all time that has no music, just hands-on effects and amazing sound design.


A 24

Ari Aster’s Neoclassical Horror hereditary It features one of the most disturbing finals of the past decade. The film’s strongest moments come from unexpected and bizarre sequences. Annie, played by the stunning Toni Collette, suffers from horrors that no parent should have to go through. As a member of the audience, terrifying dream sequences and the infamous brutal accident scene are imprinted in the brain and never leave. Additionally, the ending moments feature some of the most disgusting footage in modern horror history.

House of 1000 corpses

House of 1000 corpses of firefly
Lionsgate movies

House of 1000 corpses It is director Rob Zombie’s first feature film, which kicked off his widely controversial film career. The film is the first in the Firefly Trilogy series, which includes a family of serial killers known as the Firefly Family. The next two films in the trilogy are refuse the devil And the 3 from hell. however, House of 1000 corpses It is a crazy experience that also features disturbing stories with graphic images. Director Rob Zombie tells Joe Rogan about Joe Rogan’s trials and tribulations prior to the film’s release in 2003.

“Basically [Universal] He said this can’t be fired. I don’t remember word for word, but that was the conversation in a nutshell. But at the time, you know, there was no horror coming out of Universal. They were made like the Flintstones and that wasn’t the picture they wanted. This is really, a kind of secluded forest, the killing clown in which the bad guys basically win. I mean, horror movies weren’t even a commercial thing at that point in a way.”


The rabbit college scene in the French movie Raw
Wild Bunch Collection

raw is a 2016 French-made horror drama directed by Julia Ducornu. It stars Garance Marillier as Justine, a study veterinarian who is tempted by human flesh and turns to cannibalism. We’ve seen cannibals depicted in movies before, but Ducournau takes a more sophisticated and enlightened approach to the taboo subject. She explains her inspiration in an interview with Film Is Now.

“I thought cannibalism was so much fun because it’s something that people tend to reject because they’re not part of humanity, like they’re sick. [and would] Describe cannibals as monsters or non-humans. I thought, yeah that’s weird because cannibalism is actually part of humanity’s three pills, with murder and incest.”

Hellreiser (1987)

Entertainment Movies Distributors

the original Hillrice From director Clive Parker is one of the most amazing films ever made at the time. Monks are terrified to look upon and present themselves as these ethereal entities with one mission… devouring the souls of the living. Hillrice She is considered a pioneer in her disgusting images, where we see people ripped apart or shown from the inside out. The blood is realistic and will hold true to seasoned horror fans. The Hillrice The series has lasted with nine sequels and a new new release on Hulu is now streaming.


The demonic girl Linda Blair from The Exorcist
Warner Bros.

What more can be said about William Friedkin Exorcist Which is not already noticed in the history of the movie? Film is the gold standard for effective intimidation and the use of imaginative visuals to shock the audience. Most notably, during the screening of the film, members of the audience were reported to faint and vomit during various scenes.

Regan’s action is often the sequence in which most audience members tremble, needles appear close up, realistic blood streaks shooting out of tubes in a sickening fashion – that way before we see any of the demonic possession sequences. The film is brutal and bleak and is still referred to as the scariest movie of all time. David Gordon Green, who brought Halloween Movies that come to life with its reboot, are now being made new Exorcist Movies.

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