Herschel Walker invited Biden to take a mental fitness exam. But he won’t do the same. – Mother Jones

Bill Clark/AP

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a few days ago, I wrote an article suggesting that Georgia Senate Republican challenger Herschel Walker, who faces incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnoff in the Dec. 6 runoff, owes it to Beach State voters to release his medical records. As Walker acknowledges, he has a history of dangerous and reckless behavior. He played Russian roulette with a loaded gun and fantasized about committing murder, and his ex-wife says he once held an ex-gun to his head. Walker maintains that he does not remember that horrific incident, but claims that other disturbing actions and violent thoughts were the result of dissociative identity disorder (DID), which causes a person to have multiple independent personalities. (Many mental health experts wonder if this disorder actually exists.) Walker confirms that he has been cured. Regarding past violence, Walker essentially says, My other characters were, and they no longer had a hold on me.

But there is no evidence for any of this.

Walker did not release the medical records, which would presumably confirm the initial diagnosis and show the treatment he underwent. They will also reveal his current condition. Does Walker still suffer from DID, despite his insistence that he is “cured”? Walker glosses over, not providing documented details of his reported bout with DID or his alleged treatment.

Georgia voters certainly deserve to know if they could elect for office a man who still struggles with what was once known as multiple identity disorder — think C Bell-who can sometimes be controlled by one or more alternate personalities.

At one time, Walker himself subscribed to the idea that political candidates—at least those running for president—must prove themselves mentally and physically fit to hold office.

In September 2020, Walker, who was nearly a year away from announcing his Senate candidacy, hit back at a popular right-wing talking point that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was not mentally savvy enough to serve in the White House. Walker suggested that Biden (and Donald Trump) take tests to determine each candidate’s physical and mental health. In a tweet, Walker, the former soccer star, said: announceAnd the

I was also thinking about that time when I played the way they used to – we had to do physical and mental tests to make sure we could do the hard work that we had to do. And now that everyone is questioning Vice President Biden, I think it would be fair to both candidates if they were debating beforehand. I think both candidates need to take a physical and mental test to see if they are up to the task of being president of the United States because this is a tough and difficult situation. You know, I’m not saying I’ve been a boss before, but I can tell you it’s hard, both mentally and physically. So I think it is only fair that both candidates undergo a physical and mental test to see if they can do the job at hand; They will be required to do so.

Although the criteria may be different for a president than for a senator, Walker’s reasoning certainly applies to his case. It has been alleged that he was burdened with a mental illness that led to dangerous behavior and violent thoughts that could hinder his performance in office. What would happen if he was elected Senator and his violent alter egos returned?

Walker’s medical records could potentially indicate whether he really had DID — as opposed to possibly hiding behind it — as well as revealing how effective his treatment was and whether his “changes,” as he calls them, are gone for good. Walker claims to have been cured by Jerry Mongadze, one of Walker’s “best friends” with a Ph.D. in Education Chancellor from the University of North Texas. Mungadze takes an unusual approach to treating DID that includes exorcism as an option. Were any doctors involved in Walker’s treatment? His records should reveal that.

But instead of releasing his records, Walker could do what he called on Biden to do in 2020: undergo a mental health screening. After all, being a Senator can be a daunting task, possibly as stressful as playing in the NFL. During that campaign, Biden revealed a summary of his medical records and the results of a recent physical exam. Even Walker didn’t.

Mother Jones Walker’s campaign contacted to see if he planned to run such a test and make the results public. The campaign did not respond. Walker, who had been prescribing tests to ascertain the mental fitness of a politician, now seems unwilling to apply that criterion to himself.

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