Halloween ends on a strong but disappointing note

Halloween isn’t for another two weeks but it looks like it’s over this weekend. Capri in the Michael Myers-David Gordon-Green trilogy extended the horror streak at number one for the third week in a row. Smiles sure hit theaters during a better-than-expected fall season, mostly due to the horror that is provided on screen. The Latest Who Did It Had The Biggest Opening At The Box Office Since Jordan Peele’s no Back in July. The question is whether or not it will have a historic decline like its predecessor.

Crop King: The end of Halloween On a strong but disappointing note

When Halloween kills It opened in October 2021, and we had about nine months into a regular vaccination program to help ease restrictions and concerns about the ongoing pandemic. Although also airing on Peacock Day and Date with its theatrical release, it raised $49.4 million for its sixth best opening since regular business reopened. Readers of this column will also know that what happened next was historic, as it is now the highest opening ever for a film under $100 million. Critics got 39% of the film. The audience gave it a B- in Cinemascore. The word of mouth combined with the discovery of the peacock resulted in a 1.86 multiple and a total of just over $92 million. This was still making a good profit but it fell on record.

The end of Halloween It opens in a completely different landscape. Yes, going to the movies is definitely back, but Universal has chosen to make the Blumhouse production available on Peacock once again. It has 40% with critics and C+ Cinemascore. (Universal has the same rating as previous horror titles OldAnd the wolf manAnd the SatanAnd the skeleton keyAnd the Bordello of bloodAnd the Dr. Gigglesand William Friedkin Watchman.) Kills Made $4.9 at its opening Thursday; finish Gross earnings totaled $5.4 million prior to Friday, but it finished the weekend with $41.3 million less. This is still the third best global horror opening behind we And the Killsbut 70.8% drop that Kills We saw last year looming about what could be another historic bid for a $40+M opening that doesn’t make as much as $100M. finish It will likely become the eleventh film to achieve this and the second this year after that Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets It opened to $42.1 million and ended with $95.8 million. Cloverfield It is the only original movie on that list. The rest is either a sequel or reboot of the franchise or Tyler Perry’s Mada goes to jail.

The top ten and beyond: smiling And smaller horror shows keep performing

Usually when one genre of film directly challenges another, the decline of its predecessor can be steep. This is not the case with smilingAnd it’s the gift she keeps giving this fall season. Despite all the business The end of Halloween End of this week , smiling It still managed to gross another $12.4 million, down just 33%. This brings the 17-day total to more than $71 million. Although it is about 13 million dollars behind the pace of 1994 Interview with the vampireIt’s roughly the same amount the movie made in its third weekend, on its way to bringing in more than $105 million. smiling’Total s so far near the first two Scream sequel and Third saw, which disproportionately earned its third weekend of between $6.9 million and $9.1 million. However, more than two weeks after the October 31 bulge, smiling Will exceed $90 million, total likely to exceed The end of Halloweenand ends up running in an interview’Also gross if the drops hold up the way they have in the past two weeks.

One movie that doesn’t go as well as Sony had hoped is Family Release Lyle, Lyle Crocodile. There was some early speculation among critics that this might have had a $100 million chance given the lack of family releases (and the upcoming 2022 schedule isn’t entirely promising either). But in just 10 days, the movie made just $22 million. This is lower than the 3D dual feature version of Toy Story And the Toy Story 2 Back in 2009, which also saw a second weekend of $7.7 million compared to Lyle$7.39 million. The Pixar double saw more significant drops in its third and fourth weekend, so Lyle She should be able to capture some ground, but even if she stays relatively on par with Tim Burton Frankinweniwould put the $50 million movie at about $35 million.

Jenna Prince-Bythwood occupies a good position in the fourth place woman king With another $3.5 million, for a total of more than $56 million. It’s looking to land somewhere between $63-67 million domestically. However, it could still use an international boost, having only made another $16.8 million so far. do not worry my love She’s trying to put up a good fight for $50 million but she’s still short on it. Another $2.1 million this weekend brings the total to $42.4 million, putting it about $1.3 million less than the pace The kingdom, which was around the end of its fourth week and ended up with $47.5 million. little horror movie barbaricand made another $1.4 million in its sixth week, bringing its total to nearly $39 million. The $4.5 million movie is on its way to over $40 million. Really little horror movie terrifying 2He made a small miracle of himself not only by extending his theater career for another week in 700 theaters but by moving up the ladder to ninth place for a second week in the top 10. His earnings are estimated to total another $850,000, bringing his total to $2.2 million. .

Not doing well at all was David O. Russell’s release last week Amsterdam. Another $2.89 million in the second week brings her total to just $12 million. The movie looks as if it will lose more than $100 million, making it the third biggest failure of the year after the Roland Emmerich disaster. moon fall and Pixar Light year. Robert Eggers Northman It is also in that vicinity, as it is 355 and the above Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets. two brothersOn the other hand, it would be a huge disappointment more than anything else. With nearly $11 million on a $22 million budget, Universal had the biggest losers this year, including AmbulanceAnd the Monsterespecially 355. At least they had Minions: the rise of a puppy And the Jurassic World: Dominionwhich recently crossed the one billion mark worldwide. Finally, welcome back to the top ten, Pete. Top Gun: Maverick They made it back to the bottom line this week with $680,000. It now totals approximately $716 million domestic and $1.48 billion worldwide. It is by far the most profitable movie of the year so far.

United Artists Releasing . has been put down until on 16 screens over the weekend and grossed $240,940 per theater for an average of $15,058, its 16th best. Meanwhile, Fox added 32 more theaters for Todd Fields tar With Cate Blanchett she has added $360,154 for a total of 10 days worth $585,000. This is ahead of the pace of the Viggo Mortensen movie Captain Fantastic, which also went from four theaters to 36 in its second week and grossed $288,888 for 10 days worth $417,708. It expanded to 104 theaters in its three weekend, and eventually reached over $5.8 million. Blanchett is expected to be the front-runner once again for Best Actress.

On the vine: black Adam Rises

Theaters have been doing well this fall but they’ll get a boost when DC black Adam With Dwayne Johnson hitting their places. The Origins of Heroes may be the first movie this year to reach $200 million, although not likely to be $300 million, as it will be a huge hit with Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Coming in just three weeks. Also hoping to impress adult audiences, is the movie star’s car of the season, A ticket to heaven. The George Clooney/Julia Roberts sparring rom-com from Universal has already made over $60 million internationally. Also be on the lookout for a limited edition of two of the year’s best-reviewed movies. Martin McDonough Inisherin from Inisherin With Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson it currently boasts 100% on the Tomatometer scale. Then Charlotte Wells after the sun From the A24, which makes people ugly cry, he is looking to find an audience. Newly certified at 97%, it has already found one with critics.

Full list of box office results: October 14-16, 2022



The end of Halloween

  • $41.3 million (total $41.3 million)




  • $12.4 million (total $71.2 million)



Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

  • $7.4 million (total $22.8 million)



woman king

  • $3.7 million (total $59.8 million)




  • $2.89 million (total $11.96 million)



do not worry my love

  • $2.2 million (total $42.4 million)




  • $1.4 million (total $38.96 million)



two brothers

  • $920,265 (total $10.8 million)



terrifying 2

  • $850,000 (total $2.3 million)



Top Gun: Maverick

  • $685.433 (total $715.76 million)

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