Halloween 2022 – 10 new dress-up horror characters!

From huggable dolls that come to life as murderers who lead voodoo to lovable Saint Bernards who turn into rabid monsters, there’s nothing more annoying than sabotaging innocence. This is why the horror genre is simply full of scary kids. From ghostly apparitions to deathless cannibals, these small-sized horrors make great villains precisely because of their annoying behavior. After all, like the 1976 film Narciso Ibanez, he once asked: Who can kill a child?

Of course, not all kids killers are created equal, and after our previous article celebrating some of Final Kids’ best kids in horror, we thought it was time to give juvenile villains a chance to shine with a list that celebrates six of the best evil. Children’s performance in horror films. After all, every actor has to start somewhere …

Like last time, we’ll choose characters based on the child actor’s performance and memorability, not necessarily the quality of the movie(s) in which they appeared. We’ll also only include the actual kids on this list, so no Sam (Trick cure) or Esther (orphan), just like those characters a look like kids.

As usual, don’t forget to comment below with your favorite bad boy actors performance if you think we missed out on an important show.

Now, on the list of some of the best killer horror kids…

6. Daige Firch / Michael Myers – Halloween (2007)

Rob Zombie’s remake of John Carpenter’s classics might get a lot of flak for their extreme brutality and overall Nice Rob Zombiebut even the harshest critics have to admit that the film’s first half is a shockingly unique take on the origin story of a sinister villain.

Taking Donald Pleasance’s line about meeting a child with the devil’s eye and expanding it into a full-fledged subplot, Michael Myers’ zombie reimagining features a pint-sized psychopath presented by Daige Firch. Years of abuse and untreated mental disorders have turned this seemingly mild child into a time bomb, and the real horror behind this new release is seeing how both nature And the Upbringing can collaborate to conjure up an unstoppable killer.

Faerch even kills the original one Spy kids Cold blooded! What is more evil?

5. Alexander Brickell / Doge – Little Devil Helper (2004)

Little devil helper is flowing

One of the naughtiest kids ever portrayed in a horror movie, Alexander Brickell’s “Dougie” earned its place on this list because of its sheer devotion to the horror movie. trick Part of the “trick treatment”. Satan Man may be the star of the show in this eccentric comedy horror, but the joke simply wouldn’t work if his serial killer boyfriend wasn’t equally welcoming.

While some horror fans have criticized Dougie’s ridiculous levels of naive compliance, that’s not really the actor’s fault, as the part was originally written with a younger child in mind. Besides, the movie is clearly not meant to be taken seriously, and the photo even shows a scene where the main killer duo run over pedestrians (including a baby carriage) with a trolley in what I can only assume is a homage to Death Race 2000. This is the pinnacle of cinema out there.

4. Yuya Ozeki / Toshio Saeki – Joe Ali (2002) / grudge (2004)

Jo Eun Joon Hate

Green Band trailer for the American version of grudge It was already enough to give me nightmares when I was a kid, so I couldn’t help but include the infamous Toshio on this list. The ghostly apparition of a boy murdered by his father, Toshio stands next to Sayako/Samara as one of J-Horror’s most iconic characters.

The faded ghost also features the most disturbing use of cat meow in any movie ever, although some of the character’s shock value is mitigated after the memorable (and slightly problematic) parodies appearing in scary movie 4.

Oddly enough, Yuya Ozeki is back to play Toshio again in the American version of the movie. At the time, the young actor benefited from a larger makeup budget, which made his ghostly performance even more compelling.

3 – Jodel Ferland / Alyssa – the silent Hill (2006)

children silent killer hill

Christoph Gans the silent Hill It may not be a perfect movie, but it is still the best horror game mod. While the movie has a lot of nightmare fuel in it, many of its concerns come from the updated characterization of Alessa, a character that was mostly relegated to scripted snippets in the original game.

In the 2007 film, Jodelle Ferland plays a double role as an innocent victim and sadistic coordinator of the town’s curse, with the nuance of her performance so she can get to the antagonist by the end of the picture. While it’s a shame that the movie’s sequel didn’t do her character justice, Ferland’s portrayal of Alyssa remains a scary and memorable addition to the franchise.

2 – Harvey Spencer Stevens / Damien – omen (1976)

The killer's omen

After years of ridiculous parodies and watered-down sequences, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting Richard Donner’s original version omen It was actually an incredibly terrifying picture. And those concerns are in large part due to Harvey Spencer Stevens’ unforgettable style against the young Antichrist, Damien.

Most of the character’s fearsome charm can be attributed to the young actor’s natural abilities, but Donner was instrumental in getting the best performance out of this talented child actor. In fact, the famous final shot of the movie was achieved by the director who told Harvey Not To smile at the camera, knowing that baby will end up doing the exact opposite!

1 – Linda Blair / Poseidon Reagan – Exorcist (1973)

Sometimes the classics are seen as such for a reason, so I don’t think anyone would be surprised that we included Linda Blair’s Regan at number one. Another dual role, with Blair alternating between an innocent child and the elder is Pazuzu, extensive special effects makeup was a small part of what made this performance so iconic.

Hell, Blair was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Reagan, which is pretty cool for a 14-year-old. While it’s a shame she didn’t reprise her role in 2016 Exorcist A series (although the paraphrase makes sense due to the mid-season twist), Blair’s interpretation of Reagan remains one of the best horror movie franchises. a period He will most likely live in the name of ultimate The archetype of the bad boy in the cinema.

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