Google Pixel: The ultimate tips and tricks

The Google Pixel phones It has specific features that you won’t find in other Android phones, and that’s what makes it special. If you’re a new Pixel owner, you may not know exactly where to start.

Google currently sells three different Pixel models: $449 Pixel 6A$599 Pixel 7 and $899 Pixel 7 Pro. But you don’t need Google’s latest Pixel to take advantage of these features; Many of them work on older devices, too. Keep in mind that some of these features may require a software update or an update to Google apps and services.

Whether you’re interested in touching up old photos or getting the Google Assistant to watch your calls, these tips will help you get the most out of your device.

Add captions to videos with Live Caption

Did you know that your Pixel phone can automatically label videos, podcasts, phone calls, and more? Click on Volume button and press Direct explanation icon, which looks like a small text box, to enable this feature. Direct explanation Works in English on Pixel 2 and later, so it should be available on any Pixel phone launched in the last five years. Captions are stored and processed locally and never leave your device, according to Google.

You can also tweak certain settings, such as hiding profanity and adding labels for sounds like laughter and clapping. Open Settings and choose Live Caption to customize these options.

It’s also important to note that the Live Caption feature can drain extra battery power, so you might want to turn it on only when you need it.

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Sharpen old photos in your photo library

If you’re like me, you have thousands of photos from the past decade stored on your phone or in a cloud service. And these pictures don’t look as sharp and clear as those captured on smartphones today. Google has something that might help — though it’s only available on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. These devices have Google’s new Tensor G2 processor, which unlocks a new feature called Photo Unblur.

As the name suggests, Photo Unlur sharpens out-of-focus photos to make the subject look sharper. To use it, just open a file Google Photos app On your Pixel 7 or 7 Pro, choose the photo you want to edit, tap release button and select Tools. Then press Remove blur.

Take better pictures of the stars

Google’s Pixel phones come with a feature designed to help you Take pictures of the night sky. It works on Pixel 3 and laterbut you will need to adjust the zoom settings to at least 1x if you are using Pixel 4A 5G and later.

Google says the feature works best when photos are taken away from city lights at least 45 to 90 minutes after sunset. You will also need a tripod or other stable surface in place of your hands for best results.

just open camera appsupport your phone and make sure it is stable and Click on Night Sight To start. After a few seconds, you should see a message that says “turn on astrophotography.” Click on capture button And meEmpty your phone alone until you finish taking the picture.

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Translate screenshot in different language

You can translate screenshots with text written in languages ​​like Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, and more with Google Translate google lens Property. open the Google Images app and select the screenshot you wish to translate. Then press lens Which is similar to the camera, and choose Translation option. Google’s support page says that this feature should work on Android devices in general, not just Pixels.

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Switch to the selfie camera without pressing any buttons

You don’t have to click any buttons to switch your Pixel selfie Camera And the main camera. Just open the Pixel Camera app and twist your phone twice to switch between cameras. If you’re not sure what I mean by “twist,” Google has a helpful animation to show you.

If you’re still having trouble, check your Pixel settings to make sure this feature is enabled. open the Settings Application, select System and choose Turn the camera to take a selfie.

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Make Google wait for you

Nobody likes to wait. If you have Pixel 3 or laterYou can have Google wait on hold and notify you when a representative is available. This feature, called Hold for Me, only works in English for devices located in the US, Australia and Canada.

To make Google wait on hold, you’ll have to do two things: activate the feature, and then turn on Hold for Me during the phone call. For the first step, open the Pixel’s phone app And the Click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Then press settingsAnd the contract for me. Click the switch next to Hold for Me to make sure this feature is turned on.

Just know that Hold for Me may not work in all situations, and you can’t play music or any other sound while it’s active. You will also need to make sure that your phone is not on silent or vibrate mode. When you are on a call and have been put on hold, tap contract for me button and press beginning.

See how long you might have to wait

Google can also estimate the amount of time you may have to wait when contacting companies in the United States. It is available on Pixel 3A and later Works in English. Simply open the phone app, dial the number and you’ll be given an estimate of how long you might be on hold. The estimate may vary depending on the time of day.

Have Google show automatic phone menus on screen

There are times when you may not want to hear about every option on an automated menu when calling a company. If you have Pixel 3A or laterYou will be able to see these menu options on the screen so you don’t have to remember them all. Google says the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro can bring up some menu options before you speak them on the phone call. I tested this by calling CVS and Allstate, and sure enough, Google was able to transcribe the spoken menu options in real time.

Open an app or take a screenshot by tapping on the back of your phone

Add a handy shortcut to your Pixel phone using Google Quick Click Property. This allows you to open an app, take a screenshot, play or pause media, or bring up notifications with just a double tap on the back of your phone. It only works on newer Google phones eg Pixel 4A 5G and later.

To turn on quick compression and customize its actions, open a file Settings menu And he chose System. Then select gestures And the quick pressure. From here I turn quick pressure Run and select the action you want to perform when you tap on the back of your device.

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Have Google screen your calls

Tired of robocalls? Hopefully Google can help with Call screen featurewho works on it All Pixel phones. When this feature is turned on, Google Assistant can answer an unknown call and ask who is calling and why. It will automatically hang up if it’s a spam call, but you can see how the caller answers and select the answer if it’s a real caller.

Google doesn’t screen calls from phone numbers saved in your Contacts, and the Pixel won’t automatically screen calls when you’re using headphones or when you’re connected via Bluetooth.

To set up automatic call screening, open the phone app and press Three points in the upper right corner. Choose settings And he chose Call and spam screen. Make sure to switch next to See Caller ID and Spam then tap call screen.

From here, you can choose how Google screens calls. For example, you can set it to scan spam calls, potential fake numbers, first-time callers, and private or hidden callers. Simply click on one of these categories and choose File screen automatically. Decline automated calls option.

Looking for more Android tips? Be sure to check out our roundup of Android tricks to Make your phone feel like new again.

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