Google Pixel Fold rumors: will it arrive next year?

Google may be the next big tech company to put its hat in the foldable ring. There have been rumors swirling for some time that the curved phone might see the light of day, especially given the company’s focus on hardware in recent years. Google followed up the successful Pixel 6 series with the Pixel 7 series in October, but it didn’t make many changes. It could pave the way for an overhaul in the coming years.

So far, the company has kept silent on the possibility of a foldable phone. But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from mixing and it hasn’t stopped Pixel fans from hoping. Keep in mind that Google confirmed that it was Prototypes of folding technology Back in 2019. Prior to that, it was File a patent application for a foldable device.

Although the name of the phone hasn’t been confirmed anywhere – it could be called the Pixel Fold or perhaps the Pixel Notepad, recent rumors suggest it could be launched as early as the spring of 2023, according to a TomsGuide report citing the reliability of the phone. Presentation Analyst Ross Young.

Don’t forget that Google isn’t the only company said to be joining the foldable phone bandwagon. It appears to be an open secret that Apple is preparing to do the same, although that may not appear until 2025. (Read CNET’s coverage on the possibility of iPhone Flip.) Meanwhile, Samsung launched the latest generation of foldable phones, and Galaxy Z Fold 4 And the Galaxy Z Flip 4Then Unpacked event in August.

Even when the phone is unlocked, it’s hard to find a crease on the Oppo Find N.

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Pixel Fold Design: More Oppo Find N Than Galaxy Z Fold 4

Animations are in Android 12L, Google’s software designed specifically for devices with large screens like Tablets And the foldable phonesThey gave hints about the possible appearance of the Pixel Fold. Based on this, Google’s foldable phone will take the form of a foldable book with two screens. It was initially rumored that Google’s foldable device resembled Samsung’s taller and slender design Galaxy Z Fold 3, which has an approximate aspect ratio of 22.5:18. But according to 9to5Google and other media, the open Pixel Fold is likely to resemble the square shape of the Oppo foldable phone, the Find N. When closed, the aspect ratio is believed to be closer to 18: 9. If true, this means that, like Find N, the Pixel Fold can be more natural to use as a regular phone when closed. However, Google’s foldable phone is

Pixel Fold camera: The camera module may be stepping down from the Pixel 6

There haven’t been many rumors about the Pixel Fold’s camera, but there is room for some speculation, courtesy of 9to5Google. The website states that the Pixel Fold will have two 8-megapixel front lenses, one on the casing and one for the inside, as well as a 12-megapixel rear camera. The main sensor is expected to be a step down from the Pixel 6 series, as it is rumored to be based on the Sony IMX363 sensor, used in the Pixel 3 in 2018, as opposed to Samsung’s better GN1 sensor, from a 50MP main camera from the Pixel 6 series. If I had to guess, the logic of this potential decision comes down to the size of the GN1 sensor, one of the largest camera sensors on the market. This means that it would be difficult for a foldable phone to carry around without increasing the overall weight of an already massive foldable device. else Common It refers to the Pixel Fold which features a 50MP main camera along with two 12MP cameras and an 8MP camera.

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Pixel 6 main camera

Google has put a relatively large image sensor in the main camera of both the Pixel 6 and the $899 Pixel 6 Pro.

The Google; Shot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Pixel Fold Price: $1,400 to $1,800

There is no certainty about the cost of the phone until launch day – if at all. But according to a report by 9to5Google citing an unnamed source, the Pixel Fold will be priced below the $1,800 mark (£1,320 or AU$2,500). Another report spotted by BGR in March seems to support this idea, putting a price tag as low as $1,399, which is $1,800 less than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, and the rumors seem to make sense as they seem to be in line with Google’s strategy to undercut its competitors in terms of price. .

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Pixel Fold processor: Tensor

Given that Google has faced a complex and costly problem developing its system-on-chip technology, the Pixel Fold is sure to work on tensor chipset, which debuted in the Pixel 6 series.

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