Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones now have one of the best secret iPhone features

After spending some time trying out the Google Pixel 7 Pro, I happened to stumble upon a feature previously restricted to the best iPhones: the Back Tap (or Quick Tap in Pixel-ese) gesture. As much as I love the Pixel 7 Pro’s major new features — whether we’re talking about the camera’s macro mode, Photo Unblur or Guided Frame — it’s Quick Tap that pleases me the most.

In the case of Google, Quick Tap lets you activate a feature or open an app. For example, I like to use the same double-tap on my iPhone (a feature that’s been around since iOS 14) to pull down the notification shade, which prevents the need to swipe down from the top of the screen when I need to see my incoming alerts. iPhones go one step further by letting you set the triple tap gesture as well, which I use to pull down the Control Center menu.

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