Google Pixel 7 vs. Pixel 5: Should you upgrade?

The Google Pixel family is considered by experts and ordinary consumers to be one of the best high-end smartphone lineups, year after year. And it makes sense for Google to go all-out with its flagship hardware, showcasing its simplified Android app, new hardware considerations, and its ground-breaking photo-capturing capabilities. Our hands-on experience with the Google Pixel 7 clearly shows that the latest version lives up to the hype.


With the Pixel 7 launch party firmly in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a look at the Google Pixel 5 to see just how different two years can make.

phone Google Pixel 7 Google Pixel 5
SoC Google Tensor G2 Snapdragon 765G
Show 6.3-inch FHD+ OLED, 90Hz 6.0-inch FHD+ OLED, 90Hz
storage 128 GB, 256 GB 128 GB
battery 4355 mAh 4080 mAh
ports USB-C USB-C
The operating system Android 13 Android 11
front camera 10.8 MP, f/2.2, 92.8-degree FOV 8 MP, f/2.0, 83º
back cameras 50MP wide (f/1.85), 12MP ultra-wide (f/2.2, 114° FOV) 12 MP wide (f/1.7) 77°, 16 MP ultrawide (f/2.2, 107° FoV)
Connection Wi-Fi 6e, 5G (sub6/mmWave), NFC, and Bluetooth 5.2 Wi-Fi 5, 5G (sub6 / mmWave), NFC, Bluetooth 5.0
Dimensions 155.6 x 73.2 x 8.7 mm 144.7 x 70.4 x 8 mm
Weight 197 grams 151 grams
Shipping 30 watts wired, up to 20 watts wireless 18 watts wired, up to 12 watts wireless
The electronic identification number level IP68 IP68
price From $600 From $700

Google Pixel 7 vs Pixel 5 Comparison: Design and Build

We first noticed stark differences between Google’s major generations once we grabbed each device. The Pixel 5 feels like plastic due to the imperfect body paint. It’s not exactly heavy or annoying, but it never felt like a truly premium device.

By comparison, the Pixel 7 looks like an improved version of the heavily redesigned Pixel 6. Instead of the Pixel 5’s camera bump, which made it look wobbly when placed on a flat surface, the 7’s eyebrow-shaped camera housing looks better and makes the geometry more accommodating when used without a case. Moreover, the camera housing is made of the same durable aluminum as the frame, so you don’t have to worry about it cracking if you drop it on the table hard.

Compared to the questionable look of the Pixel 5’s surface, the Pixel 7’s semi-glass exterior knocks it out of the park. The finish and design are so top notch that we don’t blame anyone who hesitates to stash it away in a protective case. Although if you want to be safe, there are plenty of great Pixel 7 cases out there. In either case, you will not for a second doubt that you are holding a high-quality smartphone in your hand.

If there’s one thing we don’t like about the new flagship’s design, it’s the weight. The Pixel 7 is 46 grams heavier than the Pixel 5, which is especially noticeable when comparing the two. In terms of overall design and build quality, the Pixel 7 is clearly a huge upgrade over the Pixel 5.

Pixel 7 vs. Pixel 5: Display


We had almost nothing to complain about when viewing the Pixel 5’s screen. The resolution, bold colors, deep blacks, and high refresh rate were everything we’d come to expect from a flagship smartphone. The Pixel 7 has 0.3 inches of real estate diagonally and looks similar to the Pixel 5, which is good. The impressive peak brightness and HDR support are among the best in smartphones today.

The only minor gripe we have is Google’s continued refusal to offer 120Hz panels on anything but the Pixel Pro. The Pixel 7 wins in the display category, mainly because it’s a touch larger.

Pixel 7 vs. Pixel 5: Hardware and connectivity

Pixel 7 white left

This is where Google’s new phone steps in from the 5G model. The Snapdragon 765G in the Pixel 5 didn’t deliver the processing power we were hoping to see. Inside the Pixel 7, you’ll find the second-generation version of Google’s in-house Tensor chips.

While the Tensor G2 isn’t quite the same powerhouse as Apple’s or Qualcomm’s latest chips, the CPU’s new three-layer core configuration means it’s remarkably efficient and doesn’t struggle under heavy loads like other higher-frequency processors. The app experience is fast and responsive, with little to no waiting time, even when multitasking. When it comes to performance, the Pixel 7 improves on one of the Pixel 5’s biggest drawbacks.

In terms of connectivity, the Pixel 7 offers marginal improvements over the Pixel 5. It adds minor upgrades to Bluetooth 5.2, increased bandwidth for the USB 3.2 Type-C connector, and Wi-Fi 6e support compared to the Pixel 5’s Wi-Fi 5. This isn’t Huge improvements. However, they warrant more scrutiny in the future.

Pixel 7 vs Pixel 5: Camera


We’re not shy about how impressed we have been with the picture quality of the Pixel lineup over the past few years. The Pixel 5 took great photos, which is a reality two generations later. First, the Pixel 7 offers significantly better hardware, such as a higher-resolution sensor and dual-LED flash. Add in the ever-evolving state of signal processing and imaging software, and it’s no surprise that the Pixel 7’s photos look even better than those of its predecessor.

Speaking of software, the improved brightness algorithms and manual controls make low-light photos look much better. There are more handy touches, including a specialized night mode and a countdown timer that lets you know how long a low-light photo will take to fully capture. And if you ever imagine Minority Report “Enhance” function Coming to the real world, Google’s exclusive unblur tool can bring out-of-focus photos back to the truth.

It wasn’t uncommon to hear about the Pixel 5 taking the best photos of any smartphone, and you’ll find similar sentiments regarding the Pixel 7. Thanks to the improved Tensor G2 chipset inside, the Pixel 7 also takes those shots more quickly.

Pixel 7 vs. Pixel 5: Battery and charging

The Pixel 5’s battery lasts long enough for a full day of use. The Pixel 7 features an approximately 10% larger battery and benefits from the unique architecture of the Tensor chipset that delivers more efficient playback across the board. While its 4,355mAh battery isn’t huge, the actual battery life is great. Additionally, many Pixel 7 tips and tricks can improve performance and battery life.

The Pixel 7 also has improved charging capabilities compared to the Pixel 5. It promises a 50% charge from empty in 30 minutes using 30W fast charging. Wireless charging enthusiasts will appreciate the move from the Pixel 5’s moderate 12W wireless charging speed to the new 20W charging rate. Like battery capacity, the latest Pixel phone delivers more of the same great charging performance we’ve come to expect from the range.

Pixel 7 vs. Pixel 5: Price and availability

We were unhappy with the Pixel 5’s $700 price tag at launch. Since then, more and more manufacturers have been charging more and more for high-end smartphones. Despite the general increase in the cost of top models, Google has hit a $600 price tag on a high-performance phone. Where the Pixel 5 was underpowered and overrated, the Pixel 7 delivers plenty of firepower at a surprisingly reasonable price.

In terms of availability, things are just as bleak for the Pixel 5. While you might be able to find a good deal on a refurbished or used model, you’ll find similarly priced deals on the newer Google Pixel 6a or even the full version. blown Pixel 6. If you really don’t want the latest Google version, either is a better option than the 5, which we’d generally advise avoiding in 2022.

Should you upgrade from Google Pixel 5 to Pixel 7?

If you own a Pixel 5 and like it, the answer is a clear and definite “yes.” The Pixel 7 improves on what the Pixel 5 did well, gets rid of what it did poorly, and delivers the finished product on a glass-backed platter for $100 less at launch. It’s a no brainer. The Pixel 7 is an excellent upgrade, especially if you want to skip a year before upgrading to the latest generation of Google’s flagship smartphone.

Google Pixel 7 in Lemongrass

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Google Pixel 7

Google didn’t reinvent the wheel with the Pixel 7, but it didn’t need to. With improved cameras, a next-generation Tensor G2 chipset, and Google software packed with great features, the Pixel 7 easily earns its price again this year.

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