Girlfriend with age gap, 23, displays lavish lifestyle shared with 33-year-old partner

Allana Luke and Jeff Winn, 56, have been inseparable since their second date, a 17-day journey during which Allana celebrated her 22nd birthday

Allana Luke, 23, and Jeff Winn, 56, live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (

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A 23-year-old woman who lives in a restored castle with her boyfriend, who is 33 years her senior, says she doesn’t blame people if they think they just want her money.

Allana Luke and Jeff Winn, 56, have been inseparable since their second date in Marbella in October 2020.

Shortly thereafter, Allana moved into the law firm owner’s 11-bed castle in Jesmond, Newcastle.

The couple – who got engaged on June 2 – can be seen enjoying the finer things in life, but Allana insists she isn’t with him for money and has even suggested a prenup.

Allana, who is Jeff’s personal assistant, said: “There’s no denying that Jeff looks a lot older than me, which can make you roll your eyes when they see us.

“They automatically assume I’m just another girl after her money.

Allana and Jeff in their home


@lifeatthecastle / MERCURY PRESS)

Alanna in one of the couple’s 15 bathrooms


@lifeatthecastle / MERCURY PRESS)

“I don’t blame them because it would also be my first thought.

“But once they know us, they can tell we’re a great match. We have the same lines and we always laugh. “

She said she wasn’t ashamed to show her affection for him in public and that she would always hold his hand because she was proud that they were together.

“He may be older, but he’s definitely young at heart,” he said.

“He used to party more than me, but I’m a pet bird, so he’s definitely calmed down now that we’re settled.”

The couple immediately agreed despite the difference in age and different backgrounds.

She said: “Initially, I decided to increase the age range on my Tinder because I was fed up with immature guys my own age. I set it between 25 and 60 and the next day I matched Jeff.

“Jeff’s profile made me stop because his photo was of him standing outside his castle. I’d be lying if I didn’t say “wow” at home.

“His bio said he had just finished restoring it, so I thought it would be a great story to tell friends, even if it didn’t work.

The castle was a girls-only school


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“We quickly hit it off and the next week I went to his castle and it didn’t even feel like it was any bigger.

“He cooked a delicious venison stew and we drank a bottle of champagne.

“It’s so simple and fun – I agreed to go to Marbella with him the following week because I had just quit my job as a travel agent.”

During the 17-day trip, Allana celebrated her 22nd birthday in October 2020 and Jeff bought her a pair of diamond earrings.

Upon their return, she moved into the castle to self-isolate with Jeff and his daughter Nina, 23, and son Josh, 21.

He said: “Since we met, we’ve only spent three separate days and I wouldn’t do it any other way.”

The castle they call home has a full-time cleaner, three gardeners for the five acres of land, an estate manager, and a bartender.

It also has 15 bathrooms, a cinema and a jacuzzi where the couple can relax.

The couple are inseparable from their second date, which was a trip to Marbella


@lifeatthecastle / MERCURY PRESS)

Allana said: “I don’t come from a wealthy family and I grew up in a council house, so the castle is still a shock to this day.

“I joked with Jeff that we should get a one bedroom apartment because it’s quite a big place.

“I’d still be with him even if he lost this house and went bankrupt, but I guess that’s something I can’t prove unless it happens.

“He says if I lose everything I look like tomorrow, he’ll still be with me too!”

In less than two years, Allana was kidnapped by her father of two.

For ten weeks she was spoiled with an Audi TT, Rolex, designer bags, and overseas trips to Barbados and Thailand.

She said, “Jeff is so nice and he loves his family, he’s so down to earth.

“He is so generous and loves to make everyone around him happy. We love to travel and spent ten weeks in Thailand.

“We can’t wait to see the world together.

“Jeff is so grounded and it’s amazing to see.

“I recently introduced him to B&M offers and he loved it.”

The courtyard of the castle


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Allana is sharing her story in an effort to normalize age gap relationships.

She said, “I want people to realize that it’s okay to have an age difference relationship – there are people out there who are ashamed to post their partner who is older, so they don’t.

“We shouldn’t hide the loves of our lives because we are afraid of being judged.

“On social media, it may seem like I am with Jeff for materialistic things, but when people see us in person, they can see that we are so natural.

“It’s okay and there is nothing strange about a relationship with the age difference.

“The stigma may be slightly removed now that we’re engaged – it’s so much more than a fling.”

Jeff said: “For many years I was a bit of a bad guy and I dated a lot.

“I was looking for someone who was beautiful inside and out. I found him in Allana and I knew immediately that it was more than an adventure.

“I dated younger women in my 20s before and my family didn’t approve. But everyone loves Allana because they can see how she has positively impacted my life.

“I’m much more relaxed than before.

“I am quite well known in Newcastle and many young men admire me, often give me high fives and compliment us when we are out together.

“But we get looks when Allana is all dressed up: they’re just jealous.”

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