Getaway continues its rapid expansion with five new locations in the United States

  • Getaway Homochitto (Getaway Homochitto (New Orleans): Located less than two hours from New Orleans and two and a half hours from Baton Rouge, Getaway Homochitto is the company’s third outpost in the Southeast, with 40 cabins. With proximity to the Homochitto National Forest, guests will have access to numerous hiking trails and evergreen views.
  • Machimoodo Escape (Boston): Getaway Machimoodus boasts 45 new cabins and is the second Getaway outpost in the Boston region. It is located in Connecticutallowing guests to explore a new area and offering easy accessibility to guests both in Boston And New York regions. The Outpost is located outside of a historic community within picturesque rolling hills and a dense forest with towering trees.
  • River Kettle Escape (Minneapolis): Located only an hour and a half from Minneapolis, Getaway Kettle River is one of three new outposts in the Midwest and will consist of 49 cabins. This site is bordered by Long Lake to the south and the picturesque Kettle River to the east. Guests can experience a network of nature trails and are welcome to bring snowmobiles in the winter.
  • Ozark Highlands Escape (Kansas City): Located two and a half hours from Kansas City, Getaway Ozark Highlands is one of three new outposts in the Midwest and will consist of 45 cabins. Each cabin is surrounded by large seasonal hardwood trees, and most of the cabins are located along the edge of the hill top overlooking the treetops.
  • Escape Brown County (Indianapolis): Located less than an hour from Indianapolis and also easily accessible to guests Louisville And Cincinnati, Getaway Brown County is one of three new Midwestern outposts, with 45 cabins located along the top of a dense, deciduous hill. The outpost features seasonal streams that feed Hurricane Creek and lowland trails.

“At Getaway, we believe that leisure is a right that should be turned into a ritual. Our cabins offer space for people to honor their free time, disconnect from work and technology and reconnect with loved ones and themselves.” , he has declared Jon Staff, Founder and CEO of Getaway. “Now more than ever, people seek short, frequent escapes into nature and focus on their mental health and well-being. We look forward to bringing the Getaway experience to more people in the country’s new cities.”

As a naturally socially distanced, contactless, and accessible travel destination by car, Getaway has offered a respite for many people looking for a safe way to disconnect and escape during the pandemic. In 2020, Getaway experienced a 150% increase in bookings year over year and nearly 100% occupancy on its existing portfolio. In 2021, even as air travel returned and people started doing international travel again, Getaway experienced further growth and even expanded its presence in the United States with Outposts near Chicago, Nashville And Seattle. Earlier this year, Getaway closed in $ 41.7 million Series C funding round led by Certares, with continued support from existing investors, which has helped support its rapid growth. With the new door openings New Orleans, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Indianapolis And BostonGetaway will have a total of 20 outposts nationwide, increasing the number of locations by more than 100% from 2019.

Selected escape New Orleans, Minneapolis, Kansas City and Indianapolis for its new outposts due to high consumer demand in the Southeast and Midwest. Getaway has opened two new outposts in the Southeast since 2019: Getaway Asheboro (outside Carlotta And Raleigh) and Getaway Dale Hollow (outside Nashville). To date, more than 50,000 reservations have been made in the Southeast and the new outpost nearby New Orleans will increase the number of Getaway cabins in the region by 25%. This spring, the company opened its second Midwestern outpost, Getaway Barber Creek (outside Chicago And Detroit), which was Getaway’s most successful launch to date, with the highest revenue of launch week. Also, Getaway’s first-ever location, Getaway Blake Brook (outside Boston), continues to have one of the highest occupancy rates of all outposts.

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About escape
Getaway is a health and wellness hospitality company with a mission to make room in the world for leisure, offering mindful escapes in tiny cabins surrounded by nature where guests can take a break from work, WiFi and routine. Getaway builds outposts, collections of tiny shacks, two hours’ drive from major cities, equips them with the comforts of home, and rents them out at night. Everything about the experience, from the terrain location to the cabin design and the lack of Wi-Fi and cellular service, is designed to help guests unplug from the stresses of everyday life, restore and embrace simple pleasures like nature and a bonfire. Getaway has 16 outposts with over 600 cabins located outside of Atlanta, Austin And Sant ‘Antonio, Boston, Carlotta And Raleigh, Chicago, Cleveland And Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, The Angels, Nashville, New York, Portland, SeattleAnd Washington DC For more information visit


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