FrightFest Day 5 – Piggy, Terrifier 2, Barbarian and Fall

And just like that, we were on the last day of FrightFest. It always passes, but great movies like my top five go into day five: Something’s in the Dirt, The Harbinger, Next Exit, Torn Hearts and Wolfkin, that make it an absolute treat.

There were some big hitters lined up on the last day, but would any of them threaten the top five? Spoiler alert, yes, two of them…

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Piggy (Cerdita) is written and directed by Carlota Pereda (Las Rubias) and stars Laura Galán (The Man Who Killed Don Quixote).

Sarah (Galan) is a chubby young woman who is relentlessly and mercilessly bullied for her size by her classmates who desperately seeks to hang out with her. When a mysterious stranger arrives in Sarah’s small Spanish village and begins killing people, she is at first grateful that he is taking out some of her bullies, but as the body count rises, Sarah finds herself inextricably entangled in the murders…and drawn to the killer.

Massive bullying causes a warning of this. Piggy is a really challenging watch given the nature of Sarah’s mental and physical torments, but if you can break through, it’s also an intriguingly rewarding and offending hour.

Jalan’s performance is great. Taking the role in the first place is brave as damned anyway, but Gallan never portrayed Sarah as a victim. Despite being battered by her peers, parents, and business, Sarah always struggles and struggles for what she wants – even if this is a strange and troubling relationship with a mass murderer.

Thanks to a scenario that doesn’t take the events you’re thinking of and clever direction from Pereda, plus the reins we’ve invested in but as erratic as a hyper-bullyed teen, Piggy ends up oddly exhausted yet achieving a mixture of extreme violence and sheer empathy.

In short: Comes Piggy, a uniquely Spanish shocker movie that’s a challenging watch but a great addition to the “Good for her” genre.

Piggy has no release date currently.

radiator 2

Slasher Terrifier writer and director, Damien Leone, is back with Terrifier 2 – a sequel that absolutely doubles on every element that made the first movie a hit. It’s a gamble that totally pays off, even in the face of massive uptime.

Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) is back. The grinning grinning ghoul has upgraded his hunting grounds from a few city blocks to all the suburbs and even an amusement park. That’s not the only thing that got an upgrade.

Before this started, we were all thinking that the two-hour and twenty-minute runtime on FrightFest was a bug and they definitely meant one hour and forty minutes—not one hundred and forty minutes. right? wrong – wrong – wronged Yes, it’s really quite long, but, no, I don’t feel like it.

As Art pursues Sienna and her little brother Eric, casually tearing anyone to do them both along the way, through dream sequences, bizarre advertisements with the earworm music of a clown café, and whipping an elaborate lethal massacre with enough blood and guts to fill six slaughterhouses, time passes quickly. .

‘Holy shit’ scenes of killing and body desecration insane that always go two levels beyond being anywhere near the appropriate level, seemingly on multiple levels of existence, and the lovable threads of murder and crazy unpredictability mean the last thing you’ll do that Look at your watch. The Grand Guignol on display is worth 18 and a half years and the time-of-his-life Leon Thornton clearly dedicates an entire franchise worthy of unforgettable moments.

Blurring the line between dreams and reality and even integrating what can only be described as a magical ingredient, Terrifier 2 exists in the craziest, most wonderful, most disgusting, and myth-making way. There may not have been a movie leg and clip of this gorgeous and delightful OTT before and there’s no arguing that Art the Clown is a horror icon now.

In short: Halloween has all come at once. Damien Leone’s 140-minute saga Art the Clown is an oscillator filled with absolutely insane levels of butchering achieved with incredible hands-on effects. Over the top, out of control and off the rails, Terrifier 2 is absolutely brutal!

Terrifier 2 was released in the USA on the 6th of October.


Written and directed by Zack Krieger, the barbarian stars Georgina Campbell (Black Mirror), Bill Skarsgård (IT) and Justin Long (Drag Me to Hell).

I don’t say anything about this. no. Even if I had to list the stars, it felt like she was ruining a surprise, barbarism full of it. This is a true movie rollercoaster that I would be jealous of seeing anyone for the first time.

In short: you know nothing (nothing) if it was even possible, but Barbarian is the scariest, blood-freezing movie of the year and absolutely unmissable.

Barbarian is generally released in the US now, and it releases in the UK on October 28.


Scott Mann (Heist) writes and directs Fall, a dizzying thriller starring Grace Caroline Currey (Shazam!) and Virginia Gardner (Starfish).

Becky (Currey) and Shiloh (Gardner) are bezzie buddies and adrenaline junkies for free climbing. After a cold opening as her partner dies, this is just an updated version of the beginning of Cliffhanger, Becky is heartbroken and introverted. But, according to The Descent, Shiloh appears and drags her out on an extreme adventure to get her out of her – climbing a 2,000-foot-high tower in the middle of nowhere.

Getting up on a donkey is really so terrifying that it elicits a physical response. Man uses every trick in the book to highlight the height and the dangers, and the climb is terrifying enough even before the crumbling tower collapses, leaving Becky and Shiloh on top, with apparently no way back.

The friends must work together and think outside the box to use every other item at their disposal if they are going to stand any chance of saving them. But, according to The Descent, a big secret may threaten to derail their efforts and friendship.

Fall feels derivative at times, and there’s a weird bit of dodgy CGI, but the strength of this brutal survival movie isn’t so much the plot as it is just the sheer fear it manages to evoke. Man always keeps you aware of how deep they are, and as the girls sway and tower over your chair will be in very real danger of ripping off your armrests while your anxiety travels through the bloody ceiling.

Also, for a movie that obviously has all of its so-called “curses”, it still manages to be many times worse and more difficult than you’d expect, and again it errs wonderfully in a profoundly right way.

In short: If you don’t have vertigo, you will. The Fall is an amazing, turbulent and primitively frightening thrill ride of 2,000 feet of sheer thrill.

Fall is available in general release in the UK now and available until November 28th.

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