Explanation of TikTok Koopa trend

A new dance trend involving the Mario Koopa Troopa character is trending on TikTok, but the videos are much darker than some would expect.

In the past few days, a new TikTok dance has been put out Super Mario The Koopa Troopa character in grimly funny situations has gone viral. Since TikTok is one of the most popular websites on the internet, hundreds of people are bringing their own thoughts on the concept. For those who do not follow the social media platform, it is important to understand exactly what a “Koopa Troopa Dance” is.

While the Koopa Troopas were in Mario Series since the beginning, 2009 Super Mario Bros. game New Wii Introduce the dance to the expected AI. As early as the first level, the music and enemy design are synchronized so that each Koopa Troopas team pauses during specific musical beats to do a dance while looking directly at the player. The jig is back in everything New Super Mario Bros. sequel, where other enemies start dancing to the music as well. The idea of ​​a dancing runner never made its way into 3D Mario titles, but given Mario Odyssey’s recent five-year anniversary, it’s possible a future release could include the feature – especially if Nintendo gains its newfound popularity.

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How the Super Mario Koopa Troopa Dance Moved to TikTok

Koopa from Mario Kart Tour

Much of the content on TikTok relies heavily on remixes and recontextualization of so-called “TikTok Audios”. These are samples of songs, clips of people speaking, or any other form of audio that anyone on the platform can use on top of their videos. The song sampled in Koopa’s dance videos is “Overworld Theme” from Super Mario Bros. game New Wii.

The song was originally sampled on TikTok as “Bah Bah 2”, since the instrumental sample of the copas dance is often referred to by fans as “Bah”. The creator of TikTok audio, named koopatroopa_official, released a screen recording of Koopa Troopas from Super Mario Bros. game New Wii Do classical dance. However, by turning it into remixable TikTok audio, the platform’s broader community has been able to take the audio to darker places.

The dance trend came to light when user frankiejustchillin posted a video of himself with the caption, “A koopa is fighting for full custody of his children in court.” In the video, Frank Geschelin stars as an agonized father who begs for custody of his imaginary children, only to stop his grief and perform a koopa dance as soon as the music hits. The Mario The series is known for its music, which gives the dark theme an instantly recognizable quality by contrast. The disparity between the grounded caption, Kuba’s forced grin, and exaggerated arm waving immediately struck with viewers. Frankiejustchillin’s video has 2.7 million likes as of this writing, sparking a tsunami of other videos re-imagining the awesome dance.

TikTok trends that put iconic Nintendo characters into grim real-life situations are nothing new, but the contrast of frustrating circumstances and childish whimsy of a dance-off to a classic Mario Music distinguishes this direction from others. Examples of specific comments used by TikTokkers include “A koopa cleaning up a murder scene” by the_devils_child66, “A koopa in WWII” by st_jimfoot, and “A koopa addressing a sudden abortion” by gabbiebyrdie (which also references the “loss” meme) .

After the success of the original TikTok video, frankiejustchillin’ released a follow-up with the caption, “A koopa watches his son and ex-wife get demolished by an Italian plumber who rides a baby dinosaur,” which only got 14.7k likes. However, given the nearly 500k followers and 68.2m likes on his account, this is unlikely to be his last viral post. Due to the popularity of gaming-related content on the platform, MarioKoopa Troopa shouldn’t be the last video game icon to get such viral attention on TikTok.

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