Explanation of the two-bedroom apocalyptic scene – is Damien Lyon’s art and the savagery of the clown necessary?

Damien Leon’s fest, Terrifier 2, has been gaining a lot of buzz lately for its seemingly excessive glorification of violence and puppetry offered throughout its 138-minute run. The movie gained a lot of traction in particular after numerous reports of moviegoers vomiting and fainting while watching the movie in cinemas. But is Terrifier 2 just a bunch of brutal murders and a celebration of blood, guts, and blood, or is there more plot twist at hand? This is your cheat sheet for Terrifier 2 Explained.

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Narratively speaking, Terrifier 2 is a direct continuation of 2017’s Terrifier, and it instantly picks up where its predecessor left off, which may seem a little annoying at first to people who haven’t seen the first movie. However, this is not an inherent problem because the film gives viewers enough context for the main plot points that occurred from the previous film in very Long running time.

Terrifier 2, which clocks in at nearly two and a half hours, is one of the longest horrific films in recent memory. However, the film wastes absolutely no time by indulging in its brutality with an intensely filmed opening scene during the film’s first five minutes. Terrifier 2 lets you step into his world almost instantly, and you’ll know exactly what kind of movie you’re in from your first kill. It’s bloody, gory, and evil as hell.

One of the many complaints in 2017’s Terrifier was that it didn’t have an actual plot and was more of a display of how visceral clown art might look. Fans will be pleased to know that, unlike this movie, Terrifier 2 does indeed have a plot, and the movie takes its time developing its characters, particularly Sienna Shaw, who is excellently played by her. Lauren Lavera. Much of the film was devoted to getting the audience to connect with Sienna. The film also spends some time building the myths behind Art the Clown, so much so that nearly half of the film’s running time is devoted to building the world and its characters. This is a smart decision that serves the movie well.

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The Terrifier 2 Infamous Bedroom Scene movie

One scene, in particular, that has been circling social media is the very graphic-filled bedroom scene. It’s certainly one of the most bizarre torture scenes ever filmed, and it’s easy to see why it’s so hard to sit still.

Before a very brutal 3-minute long scene, we see Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton reprising his famous role) paying Allie (Casey Hartnett) for a visit where he pretends to be an extreme trick or treat. Surprised, Ally recognizes the scary clown because she has previously met him in a costume shop and refuses to give him any candy. However, Art continues and begins knocking on her front door, much to Allie’s dismay. In a moment of anger, Allie opens the door, throws some candy at him, looks in his black trash bag, and reveals his bloody paraphernalia. This surprises her, causing her to immediately close the doors.

Later that night, Ally finds her house has been broken into by the same demonic clown. He chases her around the house, leading to the bedroom – and this is the beginning of her inevitable death. The art begins with her racket as blood flows down her face. Then he wraps her arm and removes it from her body, then cuts off her breasts. What makes this watch uncomfortable is that you hear Allie’s agonizing screams throughout the entire scene, feeling exactly what she’s going through. The scene continues with Art proceeding to break her leg bones and crushing her feet, then apparently leaving the room.

With the short moment passed, Allie tries her best to crawl into her wardrobe to grab her phone to call for help. The scene really gets you rooted for her, and she is just fingertips away from her phone before Art enters the room again. However, this time, he pours a large amount of salt on his hands and rubs it into Allie’s bleeding exposed flesh. And it doesn’t stop there either. He proceeds to pour some bleach on it. Later that night, Allie’s mother returns home, to find her precious daughter skinned, disfigured, and paraded on the bed like a display piece by Art the Clown.

Now you might ask why such a profound scenery like this was necessary. Or why did the filmmakers decide to show us such brutality in the excruciating detail? Well, the answer to this question is very simple – this is a movie created for hounds. Horror is essentially an escape from reality, and scenes like this, while hard to sit on, sometimes provide a sense of relief. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, horror does indeed provide relief to people.

The Gore of Terrifier 2

Don’t mistake this movie for being just a slasher flick because when it’s time for blood, it becomes so until far away bloody. Due to the nature of the movie, the blood on the screen is a reflection of this type of movie. Thus, it is not necessarily very realistic per se. According to movies of this genre, it doesn’t hurt the overall experience.

Now, this is by no means to underestimate the astounding, practical effects that the special effects crew did behind the film, as there is a certain magic to seeing latex prostheses pop open with loads of fake blood spurting out of them – it’s undoubtedly miles better than What a computer generated effect that has been overused to death in recent years! But it does remove some tension while watching the movie, which might be a good thing about this particular movie.

Latex and makeup aside, Terrifier 2 puts the age-old question at the forefront of many moviegoers’ minds – was it necessary to project so much brutal violence onto the screen? The answer to this question may vary from person to person, but in this movie’s defense, it’s safe to say, yes, this level of brutality was necessary. It’s always wise to know what kind of movie you’re watching before getting into it, and in that respect, Terrifier 2 is a celebration and homage to the choppy chops of the ’80s. You could tell that everyone who worked on this movie was a fan of those kinds of movies, and the movie was made for those fans in particular.

Terrifier 2 makes a point to showcase Art the Clown’s brutality without taking away from his kills. This paranormal maniac enjoys torturing his victims and, as his name suggests, treats them as art projects.

Old school meets art school

In an interview with Dread Central, writer and director Damien Lyon (who also works as an editor, sound designer, and special effects and visual artist) said he was inspired by an image of a Jack the Ripper victim who had the victim’s body displayed on a bed for a murder sequence in the film. Admittedly, this sequence was probably the most intense in the entire movie, rivaling the infamous “Saw” scene from the first movie. It’s hard to sit down, but so well made that you can’t look away, like a car accident.

There is a lot to like about Terrifier 2, but uptime is definitely not one of them. Many scenes would have benefited from shaving a few seconds here and there, which would keep the adjustment tighter and improve the pace of the movie.

The movie also attempts to expand on the Art the Clown legends by introducing supernatural elements to the character, but they are not detailed enough. As a result, it can confuse the audience. Perhaps the filmmakers plan to expand that into a sequel. With the film’s well-documented success, that may be the case. Despite this, these plot points are really meaningless. But then again, the existence of things that make sense in a movie like this can be a long way off.

In short, Terrifier 2 does exactly what it is set to do. It’s bloody, campy, and a lot of fun. At the time of writing, the movie has grossed over $5.2 million for just $250,000, which proves to be a massive hit by all accounts. It’s also proof that you don’t need a huge budget to create successful effects. Art the Clown may be on its way to becoming the 2000s’ most notorious horror villain, and that’s definitely a victory for the horror genre.

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