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Terrifying 2 is a worthy version of the killer clown sub-genre of horror, and while Art the Clown is a memorable villain, he’s also a character who has undergone significant changes in substantial ways throughout his emergence. The first appearances of clown art date back to two of Damien Leone’s short films9th Circle And the horrifying From 2008 and 2011. The harlequin from horrifying He made such an impact in such bite-sized doses that he slowly switched from short films to feature films to terrify audiences. The art has always been motivated by drugging, abducting, and torturing women, but the ways in which this is implemented evolve through short films and features.

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In these shorts, Art the Clown is a plausibly grounded killer who sports the guise of a terrifying clown. Treated like a human being. but, All Hallows’ Eve, Horror anthology film prominently featuring the Clown from horrifying In her stories, she pushes the character into more exaggerated and supernatural territory. This is only exacerbated by Terrifying 2 When Art the Clown is revived by a mysterious entity. Here are all the changes the clown has made horrifying Underwent the art’s evolution from circus-themed killer to supernatural horror.

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How to change the art of the clown character

The terrifying art of the excited clown

All Hallows Eve Distort the appearance of the art in each of the selected clips. clown from horrifying He retains his human appearance in the first film, but in the other two films he appears more abnormal and demonic, becoming completely supernatural through Terrifying 2. Art’s teeth are rotting, his head and proportions are skewed and become more and more intimidating in a way that loses the human touch. In addition, art is not one for words, which plays its role as a mime-like clown. His only sounds are confused laughter. This also lends credence to the idea that he could be some kind of demonic serial killer rather than a human in disguise.

in 2013 All Hallows EveArt is stabbed in the eyes and back, yet he continues non-stage, already a level of superhuman strength and supernatural undertones not evident from his initial appearances in the shorts. This is perhaps best represented by an inference All Hallows Evewhere the clown’s videotape is from horrifying He seems to gain sense and is able to interact with the people watching him.

The terrifying art leans into the supernatural side of the clown

Emily MacLaine as The Scary Pale Little Girl 2

All this is taken even further horrifying First single feature art and film featuring a single story rather than anthology style. horrifying, the greatest work of art, pushes the character into wilder territory. He still drugs and mutilates his victims, but also shows a cannibalistic streak by eating some of their faces. The biggest leap here is that the art is shown to be able to reanimate itself upon death, and seems to have some kind of immortal status. Art is likely to be an evil entity set out to kill, à la Michael Myers and Halloween The Curse of the Thorne Franchise. This is quite a shift in terms of art now being an unstoppable force, which clearly transcends any typical serial killer.

Horror 2 makes the art completely supernatural

The art of the terrifying clown, the ninth circle 2

Audiences got to experience even more of Art the Clown’s terrifying antics, such as the controversial bedroom scene, in Terrifying 2 – But this time, he had a partner. At the end of horrifyingHowever, Art shoots himself before being arrested by the police, only to come back to life in the morgue and strangle the coroner. It was revealed in Terrifying 2 that Art has been revived by an evil entity, and meets the ghost of his first victim, a girl wearing the same clown makeup as him and known only as the “Little Pale Girl”. Although not everyone gets to see Little Pale Girl, she and Art decide to team up and go on a nice long killing spree. Art the Clown’s subsequent resurrection puts him in league with other supernatural killers like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. After all, the patient gives birth to his severed head but is still alive in a particularly gruesome scene. There is no arguing that the clown is from horrifying is 100% supernatural horror by then Terrifying 2 roll over. with Terrifying 3 Down the road, it will be interesting to see if the killer clown changes further, perhaps aligning the villain with creatures like Pennywise from He. She.

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