Every witch from Marvel could be in Agatha’s area of ​​chaos

The upcoming Marvel Studios Agatha: A cove of chaos He’s set to introduce a new group of witches to the MCU. WandaVision A smash hit for Marvel Studios, it kicked off Phase 4 of the MCU and Multiverse Saga by showing Wanda Maximoff channeling her grief over losing Vision into a sitcom-style reality, realizing her true potential as the Scarlet Witch. spinoff, Agatha: Square of Chaos, It was announced, which would delve into the life of Agatha Harkness, WandaVision’s rival. It was revealed that a new group of witches would make themselves known in Westview, leading many to wonder which Marvel Comics witches could make their way into the MCU.

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There are a plethora of Marvel Comics witches, warlocks, and wizards who could make their debut in the MCU Agatha: A cove of chaosespecially since then WandaVision’s Agatha Harkness, played by Kathryn Hahn, has been around since the Salem witch trials and may have been in contact with several Marvel witches. Not much has been revealed yet about who is likely to appear during chaos coordinatorbut the casting options are starting to appear, which may indicate the appearance of some interesting characters.

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Scarlet Witch

It’s hard to imagine an MCU witch story without the Scarlet Witch herself, after all, it was Wanda who imprisoned Agatha in her WandaVision character, “Agnes”, so she could be the only witch to break her spell. After her heartbreaking appearance in the WandaVisionElizabeth Olsen portrayed a truly evil Scarlet Witch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a movie that ended with her sacrificing her life while destroying Mount Windagore. However, the door is very open for the return of the fan-favorite character, especially since there is perhaps no other Marvel character more deserving of redemption than Wanda Maximoff. There is no better place for salvation than this Agatha: A cove of chaos.

Nicholas Scratch

Nicholas scratching Agatha's corpse out of chaos

Agatha: A cove of chaos It would be the perfect setting for the appearance of Agatha’s son, Nicholas Scratch, the supervillain from the Marvel comics who often fought his mother after she left their magical community to be the nanny to Reed and Sue Richards’ son, Franklin. After attempting to possess Franklin Richards, Scratch is stripped of his magical abilities by his mother, who then denounces him as her own son, resulting in the villain becoming his henchman. Doctor Strange Dormammu. Scratch has already been teased as Agatha’s pet rabbit from WandaVisionOh, Signor Scratchy, it’s only a matter of time until the actual guy makes his MCU debut.

Billy Kaplan, aka Wiccan

Billy Kaplan Agatha is confused by the chaos

One of the more emotional storylines in the MCU is Wanda Maximoff’s relationship with her children. Billy and Tommy were born in the process WandaVisionHowever, the series finale saw the children disappear, leading to Wanda’s exploration of the multiverse trying to find them again. Billy Kaplan is the Marvel Comics incarnation of one of Wanda’s sons, which means Wanda has a chance to finally find peace if her son is reintroduced into the MCU as the superhero, Wiccan. last casting of Heartstopper Joe Lock In Agatha: A cove of chaos It came with speculation that he would be portraying Kaplan, which could pave the way for the MCU Young Avengers.

Celine Gallio

Selene Agatha Clan Chaos

Marvel Studios is slowly building up its mutant population in the MCU, and they could take a huge step forward with the introduction of Selene during Agatha: A cove of chaos. As the oldest known human mutant, Selene’s long life means she has acquired many remarkable abilities, including a mastery of sorcery, though her use of magic seems to overpower the villain and even age her. She has been a massive villain for the X-Men since her debut in 1983 New Mutants #9which means that it appears during chaos coordinator It could mean the first appearance of the X-Men from the MCU coming soon after.

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Calypso Ezili, also known as the Witch

Calypso Ezili Agatha Home of Chaos

Calypso Izili is a Haitian voodoo princess, who often uses magic potions and mind control to thwart her opponents, and is usually everyone’s favorite Spider-Man. The voodoo princess aka “The Witch” seems like the perfect character to pose as Agatha: Square of Chaos, Although the character is usually depicted as an enemy of Spider-Man and lover of Kraven the Hunter, and is even slated to appear in Sony. Craven the hunter Filmed by Ariana DeBose. Perhaps this indicates Calypso won’t be introduced to the MCU, but it would be great to see Agatha’s magic clash with voodoo magic, fortunately, there is another way this could happen.

Jericho Drumm, also known as Brother Voodoo

Jericho tabla Agatha home of chaos

Jericho Drumm is another Haitian practitioner of voodoo magic, however, who uses his powers for heroic purposes rather than evil. Originally he learned voodoo in an effort to save his brother, who appears as a magician in Dr. StrangeJericho proves himself before moving on to help other heroes, some of whom have already been introduced to the MCU, including Moon Knight, Spider-Man, and even Black Panther. Eventually, Drumm replaced Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme, taking on the name Doctor Voodoo. It would be nice to see Drum and Agatha interact during this chaos coordinatorespecially since the character could have a major role in future Avengers stories.

Jennifer Cali

Jennifer Kaley Agatha is confused by the mess

Born into the family of wizards, Kale of the Florida Everglades, Jennifer Kale had an innate connection to mystical powers and was trained from a young age to use magic. Kale already has a character connection to the MCU, as she has been a frequent ally of the Man-Thing, the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities that was introduced in Werewolf by night. Kale is recruited along with Satana Hellstrom and Topaz to form a group called “witches’, trying to keep the world safe from mystical threats. This could be a possible side plot during Agatha: A cove of chaosif all three of these mystical characters are introduced.

Satana and Damon Hellstrom

Satana Damon Hellstrom Agatha Corpse Chaos

Although not technically magicians, both Satana and her brother, Daimon, are remarkably powerful users of dark magic, since Daimon was the son of Satan (before that magic was recreated). Infernal Dimensions has become popular in the MCU, especially after a brief appearance from an infernal reality in The multiverse of madnessand Madisynn is traveling through a place that looks like hell during the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. With rumors that MCU member Mephisto will make his debut in Iron heartSatana and Daimon Hellstrom likely have a connection to the infamous villain, and could use their dark magic against Agatha during chaos conch, She is also a member ofwitches. “

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Topaz Agatha is trapped by chaos

third member ofwitchesShe could easily find herself in the MCU during many future projects, as she was introduced in Marvel Comics during 1974. Werewolf by Night #13 As a love interest for Jack Russell, also known as Werewolf by Night. At one point, Topaz proves her magical chops by destroying the demon, Mephisto, and though this action leaves her trapped in another dimension, she manages to return and aid Doctor Strange in the battle of Dormammu. Her connection to several already established characters in the MCU means she should be joining the franchise soon, potentially in Full of Witches. Agatha: A cove of chaos.

Amanda Sefton, aka the Daytripper

Amanda Sefton Agatha is confused by the chaos

Amanda Sefton is a slightly problematic character in Marvel Comics, where after her adoptive brother, Nightcrawler, joins the X-Men, she follows him to America, assumes a new identity, and becomes his girlfriend. However, Sefton is a powerful sorceress, and quickly takes the title of Daytripper before becoming the second Magik. Introducing Sefton to the MCU during Agatha: A cove of chaos It would create the perfect opportunity to usher in the debut of one of the most famous X-Men. Her debut alongside Nightcrawler could begin to answer questions about when the MCU’s official X-Men team will be formed, while intertwining this with ongoing plotlines involving witches and magic.

Amora, aka Witch

Witch Agatha is confused by the chaos

Somehow, the witch has already been seen in the MCU, like Loki Selfie was inspired by the avatar of a wizard from Marvel Comics. However, another incarnation of the character could appear during Agatha: A cove of chaos, the original witch, known as Amora. As one of Thor’s greatest foes in Marvel Comics, it’s possible that Amora could now reside in New Asgard in the MCU, allowing her access to America to battle Agatha Harkness. Enchantress is a very powerful sorceress, which means she would make a formidable enemy for Agatha, and could even play an important role in… Avengers: Secret Wars.

Anthony Druid, also known as Dr. Priest

Anthony Priest Agatha Home of Chaos

Dr. Anthony Druid, who specializes in hypnosis and other abilities, was the original plan for Dr. Strange in Marvel Comics before the latter’s introduction, which meant revising Dr. Druid’s origins. Although he has only minor magical abilities, his knowledge of magic is vast, making him a valuable asset when fighting dark forces. This can play its role during chaos coordinatorEspecially after events The multiverse of madness They left the witches’ reputation in jeopardy. Druid played as a member of the Avengers, which means he could play a role in upcoming Phase 6 projects, The Avengers: Kang Dynasty And the Secret wars.

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Agatha is a witch of chaos

Although Agatha Harkness is an antagonist WandaVisionIt can be assumed that she will take on more than one antagonist/heroine character in future MCU projects, which means she will need a powerful foe to contend with. Marvel Studios has a knack for taking lesser-known characters and making them significant in the MCU, which is a treat that can be given to this mysterious and ancient witch. The Witchbreaker seems to have a sinister demeanor like Gorr the God Butcher, who recently appeared in Thor: Love and ThunderAnd as the carrier of the incredibly powerful Staff, the Witchbreaker would be the perfect villain for Agatha: A cove of chaos.

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