emlyon business school Master in luxury management and marketing

Among the prestigious French ranks of Grande Ecoles you will find the emlyon business school, an innovative institution hosting a wide range of specialized masters, as well as doctoral and executive programs.

emlyon caters to students who have a variety of interests, with programs covering topics from data science to sports management. There is also a prestigious one (LMM), one of the few specialized degrees in luxury in France.

The MSc in Luxury at emlyon offers the chance to work with some of the country’s leading brands – Chanel, Cartier and Christian Dior, to name a few – and provides a platform for launching a career in international luxury.

To find out what it’s like to study in the program, BusinessBecause spoke to Emlyon Business School students Lucrezia de Sanctis and Megan Hicks about their experiences.

Why the Master in Luxury at emlyon business school?

Megan, originally from Texas, graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and marketing before moving to California, where she worked for a year with tech multinational Oracle.

Passionate traveler, after a year in Oracle she decided to undertake an international experience and deepen her training with a degree abroad.

When searching for programs, emlyon seemed like the perfect solution: “I wanted to gain international reach in luxury and the program provided me with the opportunity to live in more luxury capitals,” he says.


The Master is delivered over 18 months, with core courses taught on the school’s Parisian campus along with a number of optional venues ranging from New York, London or Rome. The international emphasis made emlyon an easy choice, says Megan.

“I had been trying to move abroad for a while and the university gave me this opportunity.”

For Lucrezia, an economics and management graduate from Italy, it was an opportunity to study in a program entirely focused on luxury that made emlyon attractive.

After graduation he spent a year as an intern in the industry and wanted a program dedicated to luxury, rather than a simple management degree that offered a luxury track or electives.

“I wanted a degree that would help me specialize in this particular discipline, and not just management,” he explains. “The repetition of my graduation was a big no to me. I knew I wanted to be in luxury.”

emlyon business school Master in Luxury | Highlights of the course

More than half of the Master in Luxury Management & Marketing, both Lucrezia and Megan believe the program has broadened their understanding of the industry and their cultural perspective.

The curriculum has a broad focus, with modules covering everything from the history of haute couture, to the fundamentals of economics, to branding in the luxury industry. Many classes are taught through a combination of group projects and one-to-one courses, which enhances the experience, according to Lucrezia.

“You do a lot of self-employment, so you have to develop hard skills sets, but there are soft skills too, so this was really good,” he says.

Megan felt that the emphasis on teamwork helped broaden her cultural understanding: “I learned a lot about working in a plethora of teams and how to work with a variety of people from many different cultures.” 31d530206589605125b0481ed265cb3fd4d4d6e9.png

For international students enrolled in the program, studying in France also helps with cultural awareness as you are exposed to the nuances of the country’s luxury industry. “I’m Italian and in Paris there is a different approach to luxury, so I think this is very educational,” explains Lucrezia.

Both students were able to further develop their cultural understanding during an international exchange in London, where they attended the University of the Arts London (UAL) to learn about strategies in luxury fashion and marketing.

The exchange was the highlight of the program, says Megan. “I have always loved London and having the opportunity to study fashion for a semester in collaboration with this school was a dream.”

For Lucrezia, studying at UAL offered the opportunity to delve into the cultural nuances of luxury around the world. “In London it was all about business, but at the same time there was a lot of learning about cultural impact and how it affects a business,” she explains. “This was different from what I experienced in France or Italy”.

emlyon Master in Luxury | Career prospects

The current Masters of Luxury in the LMM Cohort is expected to graduate in December 2022. Most of the second half of the program is where students get the chance to gain professional experience during consulting projects and corporate internships.

Lucrezia is currently undertaking an in-house group project with luxury supercar manufacturer Alpine. The experience helped develop her understanding of the industry and inspired her to pursue a career in luxury marketing, with a focus on innovation.


Continuing her cultural journey, she plans to leave France upon graduation and is considering embarking on a new path in the UK or Germany. His interest in the supercar sector also means that she could potentially return to Italy, which is a leader in the sector.

As Megan nears the end of her graduation, she is looking forward to an internship with the global retail merchandising team at Spanish luxury house, Balenciaga. The internship will take place in Paris and will start in July. She hopes the experience will boost her career in the fashion industry.

“I came to Emlyon knowing I wanted to work in the luxury fashion industry,” she explains. “The job search has been very challenging, as luxury is an extremely competitive sector.”

Despite the challenge, 89% of emlyon’s Master in Luxury Management & Marketing students find jobs within three months of completing the program, confirming it as a solid platform to help students launch their careers in luxury.