designboom and volkswagen kick off summer in New York with an off-grid “getaway”

get away from it all with volkswagen

Over the past two years, architects have celebrated the new norm of “work from anywhere” by taking the opportunity to design studios and workspaces in the remote wilderness: the Getaway team, however, is bringing the spirit of loneliness back to the nature. The group of lovers of the outdoors and wellness have scattered clusters of their tiny cabins in the most beautiful parts of the United States to offer an escape from old-fashioned reality, proudly excluding wifi, zoom calls and that vacation feeling. must combine remote work.

Last weekend, Volkswagen hosted designboom in a Getaway cabin to celebrate its 2022 models along with the opening of the Getaway office in New York’s Eastern Catskills. As part of our trip, we boarded a 2022 Volkswagen Atlas, driving 2.5 hours north from Brooklyn’s sandstone streets to the state’s north fairytale woods.

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a summer trip to a weekend off the net

Driving from the city to the remote Getaway outpost in the northern state (see more here), the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas SEL handled it all (see more here). Thanks to its V6 engine and 4MOTION all-wheel drive system, the SUV easily took us up steep slopes and rocky dirt roads, certainly a change from our compact city car that in the past made us gasp on rough terrain. Although at first we thought our compact car was ideal for narrow city streets, VW’s front assistance, side assistance and rear traffic warnings changed the game. Even those not used to an SUV would feel safe driving as the vehicle itself is also alert to obstacles.

Once we had the outpost address stuck in the car’s GPS, the unpredictable service was no problem. We were free to enjoy the ride with our lifted road trip playlist and overhead sunroof, although the Atlas kindly reminded us that we could close it for better wind resistance.

the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas SEL along with our tiny Getaway cabin | designboom image

stocked with everything we needed (and nothing more!)

We arrived at our cabin after dark, giving us a chance to fully explore the stocked interior. As promised by the Getaway team, the cabin had “everything you need and nothing you don’t need”. Most impressive was the huge ceiling-high picture window above the bed.

Of course, we were looking forward to exploring the kitchen which was equipped with a kettle, coffee, tea, cream and olive oil along with an air conditioner and heating unit, a small electric hob, a mini-fridge and crockery. . We were delighted to find a shower in the compact bathroom with biodegradable soap, shampoo and conditioner. Since it was connected to a personal water heater, we were sure to keep hot showers short.

Although the space had sockets for charging devices, we decided to store our phones in the tiny “safety box” as we wouldn’t need them on our escape. The only technological device in the cabin was a bluetooth speaker and a radio. In reality, the radio seemed to only reach a station that was playing music from the seventies, a great backdrop for our living room with no internet and no cell phones.

escapethe frames and mirrors of the panoramic window the endless woods of the eastern Catskills

wake up in the woods of fairy tales on the run

Sometimes it is better to arrive at a place like a Getaway cabin at night, due to the sudden surprise of the morning view, especially when you wake up in front of such a large window. Getting up at the crack of dawn, we were greeted by a framed image of endless, foggy woods. As our hut was perched on the edge of a forest slope, it felt like we were hanging slightly in the trees.

Even with its cozy and welcoming interior, the true spirit of the place exists in its natural and wooded surroundings and the Getaway team makes sure that all its visitors take full advantage of it. Each cabin is suitable for cooking by the fire with a brazier, grill, picnic table and Adirondack chairs, along with firewood or charcoal and a firelighter. A s’mores kit was waiting for us upon arrival, a real essential when escaping into nature.

escapethe car traveled easily on steep slopes and rocky dirt roads

escape into nature almost everywhere

Getaway has designed its tiny cabins to exist anywhere in nature – and they sure do! The team has spread out its outposts across the United States – from the West, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast – with locations within driving distance of most major cities. With a duration of between 45 minutes and 2 hours and 30 minutes, the outposts are far enough away to feel completely removed from the city, but still realistically accessible by car for a weekend. Find an outpost nearby and book a stay here!

the tiny cabin on wheels touches the earth lightly and is designed to exist everywhere in nature

escapeinside, the panoramic window replaces a television screen with its larger-than-life view