Danish director Lea Globe’s Apolonia, Apolonia wins Best Film at the IDFA International Competition | News

Danish director Lea Globe Apollonia, Apollonia It won Best Film in International Competition at the 35th Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA), which runs from November 9 to 20.

The award, which comes with a cash prize of 15,000 euros, was confirmed on Thursday evening at a ceremony at the ITA (International Theater Amsterdam) that was broadcast live.

Apollonia, ApolloniaPowered by HBO Max and ARTE and sold by CAT & Docs, follows brilliant young artist Apollonia Sokol over the course of 13 years. It was produced by Sidsel Siersted Danish Documentary Productions.

“This film contains characters that breathe life and take us on a journey, opening us to the worlds of culture and art, business and politics, and the mechanics of a success story. The members of the jury consisting of director Bergo Honcasalo, IFFR President Vanja Kaludjersic, Egyptian author Yousry Nasrallah, and director and editor Mary Steffen stated , and critic and festival programmer Yoshi Yatab, “It’s full of love.”

Apollonia Apollonia

The IDFA Award for Best Direction in the International Competition went to the audience Much Ado About Death From British director Simon Chambers and produced by David Raney of Soilsiu Films. The Irish-British made film covers the final months of the brilliant director, Shakespeare-loving uncle David. The award comes with a prize of 5,000 euros.

Also in the international competition, the IDFA Award for Best Editing (worth €2,500) went to Mario Steenbergen for Petra Lataster-Czisch’s documentary and Peter Lataster. Journey through our world. The intimate film was shot in the directors’ home and back garden during the pandemic and also won Best Dutch Film. IDFA Award for Best Cinematography – Paul Geilhome won an International Competition Award heaven.

In the visualization competition, the €15,000 prize for best film went to Ange Vincito statement, one of the most controversial films in the festival. This is a found footage movie featuring extremist videos filmed by Russian teens and posted on social media. “The director blew us away with his ability to structure and edit found footage of these individual voices into a powerful collective chorus,” said jury producer Rosa Bosch, Match Factory executive director Tanja Dimitrakopolou, Polish director Pawel Lusinski, and visual artist and director Pawel Lusinski. Director Joanna Manna, and artist Kadlat Al-Tamimi.

Meanwhile, the award for Best Direction (worth €5,000) in the Visualization competition went to Roberta Torre amazingThe Distinguished Artistic Contribution Award (2,500 Euros) went to Ishtar Yassin Gutierrez for my lost.

British director Darren Emerson has won the IDFA DocLab Immersive Nonfiction Book Award, valued at €5,000, for his deep dive into virtual reality into the rave culture of the 1980s, In pursuit of repeated strikes. Another major DocLab award for digital storytelling went to Taylor McCoy I had sex with the girl from me, an interactive story about Ann, a transgender person who engages in sex work with excruciatingly traumatic results. This category also has a prize of 5,000 euros.

Among the many special mentions was Mark Cousins’s The march on Rome.

Full list of 2022 IDFA winners

IDFA Award for Best Film – International Competition
Apollonia, Apollonia, dir. Lea Globe

IDFA Award for Best Direction – International Competition
Much Ado About Death, dir. Simon Chambers

IDFA Award for Best Editing – International Competition
Journey through our worldMario Steenbergen

IDFA Award for Best Cinematography – International Competition
heavenPaul Gilhoum

IDFA Award for Best Film – Visualization Competition
statement, dir. Angie Vincito

IDFA Award for Best Direction – Visualization Competition
amazing, dir. Roberta Torre

IDFA Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution – Visualization Competition
my lost, dir. Ishtar Yassin Gutierrez

Special Notice – Visualization Contest
Movie notes, dir. Ignacio Aguero

IDFA DocLab Nonfiction Immersive Book Award
In pursuit of repeated strikes, dir. Darren Emerson

Special Jury Prize for Creative Technology
blastizabanesdirs. Meri Cherkhanovich and Edith Urich

IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling
I had sex with the girl from me, dir. Taylor Mackie

Special Jury Prize for Creative Technology
His name is my namedirs. Eileen Jongsma and Agent O’Neill.

IDFA Award for Best Documentary Short Film
far, dir. Ruslan Fedoto

Special Mention – Short Documentary
Porters, dir. Sarah Vanagt

IDFA Award for Best Youth Film (14+)
home elsewheredirs. Carlos Hagermann and Jorge Villalobos.

IDFA Award for Best Youth Film (9-13)
Ramboy, dir. Mathias Gullod

Special Mention – Youth Film |
Jasmine’s housedirs. Inka Achté and Hanna Karppinen

IDFA Award for Best First Film
Rose looks, dir. Abbas Rezaei

Special mention – feature one
Guapo’y, dir. Sophia Pauli Thorne

IDFA Award for Best Dutch Film
Journey through our world, dir. Petra Latester Sheesh and Peter Latester

Special Mention – Best Dutch Film
Inside my heart, dir. Saskia Budecki

Beeld & Geluid IDFA Reframe Award
private shots, dir. Janina Nagata

Special Mention – Beeld & Geluid IDFA Reframe Award
The march on Rome, dir. Mark Cousins

IDFA Forum Award for Best Presentation
nenex, dir. Kanye Lapuerta

IDFA Forum Award for Best Rough Story
Tuba thieves, dir. Allison O’Daniel

IDFA DocLab Forum Award
We speak their names in silent voices, dir. Omoregie Osakpolor.

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