Congressional Republicans target Hunter Biden’s Hollywood mega-lawyer

Republicans in Congress want to know why a powerful Hollywood attorney lent Hunter Biden millions of dollars providing him with legal and media assistance.

In a letter on Sunday, Representative James Comer of Kentucky asked attorney Kevin Morris for documents relating to a $ 2 million loan designed to help the president’s son pay off taxes, as well as any documents relating to the Federal Election Commission or communications with the White House.

Morris is a retired Hollywood lawyer and novelist who has had numerous high-profile entertainment clients, best known for negotiating a couple of contracts totaling $ 1.4 billion for the creators of “South Park” and having won a Tony Award as co-producer of their hit musical “The Book of Mormon”.

A source on Morris’s legal team said Morris declined to comment on the letter at this time. The source criticized Comer’s letter.

“The House Oversight Committee definitely has bigger issues ahead of them these days, to say the least. This is not going anywhere,” the source said.

Comer said Republicans in Congress are concerned about Morris’ turn to politics.

“Your sudden patronage of the president’s son, the huge financial contributions to President Biden, and the outsized role you are taking in defending against both Congressional and criminal investigations raise serious concerns that you are making in-kind contributions to the re-election efforts. by President Biden, ”wrote Comer, who is the ranked minority member on the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

In an April 2021 interview with CBS News, Hunter Biden said he is “fully cooperating” with a Department of Justice investigation into his finances and is “100% certain that at the end of the investigation, I will be exonerated of any illicit. “

President Biden said he was not involved in his son and brother’s business dealings and no evidence emerged to refute it.

“I have never taken a cent from any foreign source in my life,” Biden said in October 2020 in a presidential debate.

In April, the white chief of staff said that “the president is confident that his family has done the right thing,” adding, “these are the actions of Hunter (Biden) and his brother. These are private matters. Not. they involve the president. And they certainly are something that no one in the White House is involved in. “

A source familiar with the deal between Morris and Hunter Biden told CBS News in May that Morris has paid off Hunter Biden’s overdue tax debts. A long-standing federal investigation by a Trump-appointed US attorney in Delaware includes a Hunter Biden tax review, and a grand jury in Delaware has been hearing evidence on the matter for months.

Comer wrote that Morris’s loan “could complicate the case the government is building.”

“The Republicans on the committee are particularly troubled by your role in trying to personally protect Hunter Biden from criminal and congressional investigation,” Comer wrote.

A Democratic Party source in Washington told CBS News in May that Morris also worked on a documentary about Hunter Biden’s life in the spotlight and the Republican control he attracted.

But Morris, who has previously represented Matthew McConaughey, Minnie Driver and other celebrities, has also worked behind the scenes to help Hunter Biden, also conducting a forensic analysis and investigation into how the contents of a laptop may have been the his became public.

“You have summoned a team of 30 lawyers and investigators to discredit the information released about Hunter Biden and his business dealings and, in turn, their potential connection to President Biden,” Comer wrote. “This is troubling because it appears to be an attempt to prevent the American people from discovering the truth about [Bidens’] international affairs ».

Comer wrote that the loan and “apparent pro bono advice regarding the release of Hunter Biden’s memoirs, artistic career, divorce, advocacy advocacy, and financing a documentary about his life” could constitute contributions in kind to the president Biden. Contributions in kind are services provided to campaigns for free or below the market rate.

Morris’s work “appears to be aimed at deflecting oversight of Hunter Biden’s numerous foreign affairs and, more worryingly, preventing President Biden from getting involved in them,” Comer wrote.

Republicans in Congress have no summonsing power because they are in the minority, which means they can’t force Morris to produce documents. That could change if Republicans take control of the House in midterm elections by the end of the year.

Hunter Biden has been haunted for years by parallel investigations by the Justice Department and Republican members of Congress.

The case is led by the United States Attorney in Delaware, David C. Weiss. Weiss was appointed by former President Trump and retained by the Biden administration, in part because they did not want to interfere in the investigation by replacing him with a Democratic appointee.

The White House has referred questions to the Justice Department.

“I’m a spokesperson for the United States,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said last month, answering questions about Hunter Biden. She asked the Justice Department questions about the investigation, saying of the president’s son, “He doesn’t work in the government.”

A Hunter Biden attorney did not respond to CBS News.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa told CBS News in April that Hunter Biden received monthly detention totaling $ 100,000 in 2018 from a China-funded advisory group. Grassley, who has investigated Hunter Biden for three years, said his team obtained the documents directly from the bank where the advisory group operated.

On May 25, Comer sent letters to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and 13 banks request reports of suspicious activity relating to transactions involving Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family. Comer quoted a report by CBS News that more than 150 financial transactions involving the global affairs of Hunter Biden or President James Biden’s brother have been flagged as troubling by US banks for further review. Large wire transfers were among the allegedly reported transactions.