Clown Horror Terrifier 2 box office jumps 84% ​​after fans died (Report)

Terriever 2, David Howard Thornton, 2022

Bloody Disgusting / Courtesy Everett Collection terrifying 2

Reports of members of the audience going out and vomiting at the clown horror movie screenings terrifying 2 It appears to have increased the film’s performance at the box office.

On Sunday, horror news site Bloody Disgusting reported terrifying 2 It saw its box office performance up 84% last weekend after grossing an estimated $1.8 million, two weeks after its initial theatrical release on October 6.

In general, the scenes are 2 hours and 18 minutes long – a sequel to its 2016 predecessor, horrifying It grossed $5,256 million at the domestic box office as it approaches its third week in theaters.

“Indy Horror is still alive and well,” said the film’s writer and director, Damien Lyon, wrote on Twitter Last Saturday, amid news of the film’s continued box office performance.

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Critics and audiences alike have praised the film since its release. terrifying 2 Rotten Tomatoes has an approval rating of 88% of critics, while 85% of users who watched the movie indicated that they enjoyed the movie.

Last Thursday the author and He. She Creator Stephen King introduced him to Thoughts about the movie on Twitterwrite it terrifying 2 It is “You’re out of the old school”.

“The A man behind me fainted Chill n crashed into my chair, and someone else left because he didn’t feel good, I heard him say and walked out the door of the theater I heard a man vomiting loudly and hard in the bathroom,” one Twitter user wrote of the film on Oct. 7, calling it a “bloody mess.” amazing.”

He shared another photo from the stage showing emergency personnel caring for one, and wrote, “My friend fainted, and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended.”

Terriever 2, David Howard Thornton, 2022.

Terriever 2, David Howard Thornton, 2022.

Bloody Disgusting / Courtesy Everett Collection terrifying 2

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Leon admitted that he considers it a “sort of a badge of honor” for the new movie “Having Two Vacations.” But he stressed, “I don’t want people to faint or get injured during the film.”

“It’s surreal,” Leon continued. “This is the thing, called terrifying 2Maybe you should see terrifying 1 before you jump into this. If you see terrifying 1You’ll know what you’re getting into.”

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The director went on to say that the team continued terrifying 2 I tried to rival the ‘infamous’ scene in the first movie ‘Everyone Walks Away and Talks About’, which includes a chainsaw.

We tried to compete with this scene [in the new film] Because the really supportive fan base that we’ve had all this time is really starting to show up [villain Art the Clown] He explained, “I mean, these are the things that they really want.”

“I think this movie is more accessible, but basically we’re still making these movies for them, and if other people want to be involved, the more fun it is,” Leon added.

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Damien Lyon (Director) New York Special Screneing for ";  Terrifier 2 ", Regal Theaters Union Square, - October 05, 2022

Damien Lyon (Director) New York Special Screening of “Terrifier 2”, Regal Theaters Union Square, October 05, 2022

Marion Curtis / Starbucks / Shutterstock Damien Lyon

He also addressed reports of the reaction on Twitter, writing on October 15: “Everyone who said reports of people fainting and vomiting during performances Terrifier 2 is a marketing ployI swear, the success of the film is not so.”

Leon wrote: “These reports are 100% legit. I wish we were smart enough to think about it!” “But then again we didn’t need to.”

The film follows Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) as he “returns to the shy town of Miles County as he targets a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night,” after he is “resurrected by an evil entity,” according to a synopsis on IMDb.

terrifying 2 In theaters now.

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