Cinema Slush: Halloween is over, but the days of horror are just beginning

The hunger for horror certainly won’t go away with the season of Halloween. In the past month, people have returned to theaters to pick up titles like The end of HalloweenAnd the barbaric And the terrifying 2And the three not only made an impact at the box office, but also created an anticipation for home viewing. The horror trio is now available to watch at home via Peacock, HBO Max, and Screambox, respectively. And there’s more. Wicked streaming fare is currently in our lairs, like American Horror Story in New York City (FX/Hulu) and Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of curiosity (Netflix) It only adds to the lackluster goodness on TV, which shows no sign of abating as we move into the holidays. In this edition of slash cinemaIn this article, we review the best and worst of the most popular genres ever available to watch right now.

Terrifier 2 (Screambox)

If you’re a fan of gore, blood, guts, mutilation, and pure, ruthless violence, you’ll love this sequel from artist/director Damien Lyons. After watching the silent and menacing killer, Art the Clown, we started to wonder if we were really be Fans of this level of carnage, and if so, what would it say about us and about society in general. Seriously, with real-world atrocities happening every day, enjoying absolutely horrific things like this should make you wonder why it’s so amusing anymore…or maybe we’re getting flabby as we get older?

T2 It is gross for the sake of being gross and it is clearly superior to its predecessor. the original horrifying – Currently available to watch on Roku for free – It depicts, among its many inventive killings, a naked woman (excluding panties) suspended upside down and cut in half from cooch to skull. The girl was very annoying, but still. In the sequel, the key moment, which apparently causes people to vomit and pass out in theaters, is known as the “bedroom scene” and sees another melodious teenager in pain, being clubbed and transformed into a skinless statue of blood, bones, and flesh. Bleach, salt, and cracking multiple ends take things to a completely disgusting level. If this isn’t torture porn, we don’t know what is. We get that it’s about “cool special effects” (how the hounds we know explain their appreciation for this), but it’s not the point of watching scary movies that we forget that they’re not real and I’m scared? How does one resign from both perspectives and not feel sick?

Reservations about the high-minded carnage and message that might be quirky aside (the clown looks especially cheerful when he kills hot women), we’re giving props to the opponent once he becomes an iconic monster character. Art really is the coolest clown we’ve seen in the movie (and that says something). We imagine we’ll chase him into a branded haunted house next Halloween. This is a low budget movie that looks a lot more expensive than it is too. In terms of a brutal blow to your buck, it delivers. It was only in theaters but as of yesterday, it’s available to stream on any device via Screambox. Skip dinner before you watch it and maybe take a shower and then go do something nice for humanity afterwards?

end of halloween (peacock)

We feel a little hypocritical when we say this after calling out the relentless brutality above, but Michael Myers has lost all power to intimidate at this point. William Shatner’s old mask has been through a lot and maybe it’s time to put it to rest. Unfortunately, The end of Halloween Miserably failed to give MM a proper goodbye. How Jamie Lee Curtis, Bloomhouse, and John Carpenter could think for a second that this lame, lifeless story deserved to be the “last” part is a real mystery. Well, it probably won’t be the last we see of this mask in the movie, but even if it isn’t positioned as the end, it’s still a bad movie. Perhaps worse than before: Halloween kills.

This time, Myers confronts a partner in his murders. or something. We’re still not quite sure what the story was really trying to say, but the “exchange of evil” between the movie’s new villain (a misunderstood young man who accidentally killed a child years ago) and The Shape kinda remembers another Curtis movie, freaky fridayAnd that’s not a good thing. Some pretty annoying Generation Z kids get what comes to them which is cute, and everyone who was in charge of the music has great flair – the two best scenes involving a real murder squad in The Cramps “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” and an exhilarating trance dance party clip is set to “Halloween” For The Dead Kennedys. (RIP DH Peligro!) Other than these scenes, the best parts of the movie are cut from the original. Go watch it again instead or wait until next year.

The Barbarian (HBO Max)

We’ve heard great things about this one – which was released in theaters back in September and arrived on HBO Max just in time for the Halloween season. As advised, we didn’t read about it beforehand so take the ride it offers. So we’ll refrain from spoilers here and just say that writer and director Zack Krieger can feel awful and uncomfortable for anyone, especially a woman, when in unfamiliar surroundings or in the company of a stranger.

Justin Long can be trusted and real as a good man maybe/maybe worthless, as is Georgina Campbell as the female hero/last woman to stand up and rent out his house. As a creepy underground “monster” and a mysterious “monster” move front and center in the story, there’s also some comic relief and unanswered questions to keep the viewer busy until the bitter end. Then you will realize that the title of the movie indicates something more disgusting than you thought. It’s not quite a perversion, but it is the mother of metamorphosis.

American Horror Story in New York (FX/Hulu)

Watch Ryan Murphy’s movie AHS It’s been a complex type of game for the past decade or so. How long did you stay with each season until you gave up? It’s a question that gets asked a lot when discussing this show. Dubbed “Murder House” Season 1, we sucked hard and stayed glued until the bitter end. But only “Coven” and “Freakshow” kept our attention for their entire season after that. Even Lady Gaga couldn’t afford the “hotel” for us. And retro slasher season was just plain dumb. AHS’s selections in recent years have been better, although they require less commitment. But 10 years later, this show finally feels like a chore more often than not. Until now, AHS NYC He caught our attention, but hardly.

Set in the 1980s, it concerns a serial killer who targets the gay community in New York City in an underground nightclub scene. ‘Big Daddy’, the leather guy fight targeting gay men here, would have been really interesting, but so far it’s boring. This thing is slow, feels like a real detectiveThe esque spinning of Murphy’s in-your-face nightmare. The story of AIDS, which takes much of its telling from real-life fears, intrigues, and prejudices of the time, is much better handled in Murphy. pointing toWhich offered Sandra Bernard in a similar role. It feels like a replay and that might be fine for a standard horror story, but for a very important topic, it’s almost as painful as what appears on screen. The tone here is more serious than what we’ve seen from AHS And the cast has some real hefts (Patty Le Bon, Zachary Quinto) but so far, even the sexy BDSM aesthetic feels old hat. It’s certainly not as curious as boredom might suggest.

Curiosity Cabinet (Netflix)

Guillermo del Toro’s eerily charming new series is one of the best anthologies of its kind, perhaps ever. grew up with alfred Hitchcock presents, Night Gallery And of course Twilight ZoneMost of us have fond and terrifying memories of this type of television. The TV excerpts of the later era were very impressive (Tales from the Darkside, Creepshow, and Tales from the Cryptetc.) but curiosity It is the first film that really comes close to capturing the mystical awe of masters like Sterling and Hitchcock. It’s atmospheric, gorgeous, and utterly beautiful. Perhaps most importantly, it is revered – for this genre and for the people who make it.

Each episode features an introduction by del Toro, a statement about the story and the director’s presentation. The famous director speaks slowly and attentively, making each episode feel like an event. And make no mistake, this is TV-MA-grade horror that holds nothing back as it seeks to weave spooky tales of evil and corruption from the minds of thrillers including Guillermo Navarro (who won an Oscar as cinematographer for del Toro). Pan . maze), Jennifer Kent (Babadook), Anna Lily Amirpour (Girl walking home alone at nightand David Pryorempty man). Prior’s The Autopsy seems to be my favorite of the eight movies based on online chatter, but we also enjoyed the over-sense of “seeing” and “outside”, a topical thread about beauty and acceptance that makes you think and feel things, even when they become inferior. terrifying 2The art of the clown will not understand!

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