Chris Jericho on How AEW Overcame the Drama, Talks About Horror Filming 2

Chris Jericho is one of AEW’s locker room leaders, and he recently talked about how the company got past its recent reports of behind-the-scenes drama. Jericho spoke with Screen Rant for a new interview with the promotion terrifying 2 He was asked about his stories from the group as well as AEW moving on beyond the recent issues involving the All Out fight and other similar moments. You can see the highlights below:

On being a fan of the franchise: “I found the movie early in its existence when it was on Netflix, actually. And I couldn’t believe it. It was the best horror movie I think I’ve seen in about 20 years, with what I thought [to be] The next iconic serial killer, which we also haven’t seen in horror movies in 25 years. I think Art the Clown is the secret behind Terrifier. Because he’s a clown playing a clown stunt, with horns and he’s riding a tricycle, and there are little gags, that kind of thing. But he’s also just a totally evil killer… It was exciting to me. It was very gritty and dark. And you can tell it was low budget. But if you tell me they have $50 million, I’ll believe it too, because sometimes Hollywood spends a lot of money to make movies look that brave. So everything about it was really attractive to me. Right out of the gate, I became the biggest promoter of this movie and told the entire fan base over and over again, “You have to see Terrifier! You have to see Terrifier!” And that’s kind of how it led me to be in Terrifier 2, because I was able to have a relationship with Damian Leone , director, and then David Howard Thornton. It just became a mutual respect thing. And the [they said to me], “We must do something for Terrifier 2.” And I said, “Yeah, we should.” And that’s kind of how it all started.”

On the practical effects in the film: “I don’t think people realize that not only did Damien write and direct this movie, but he does all the hands-on effects. There’s no CGI, it’s all old school modeling and sculpting. So, being on set and on location in Staten Island, there’s a whole area of ​​Damien’s effects.” Own.There are art heads and dismembered arms and fingers.He’s constantly working, even between scenes and shots, he has to go through the final molding or paint or something else on the prosthetics.So that was really cool for me, just to see how involved it really is.

“In the movie, I have to eat like a zombie bowl. It’s Halloween, so my wife made all these zombie treats. One of them was a jelly eyeball. And I think it was some kind of custard with almost some kind of plastic candy, and I had to eat like five of them.” And they were cool and gelatinous. And that was kind of like to me. It was really disgusting. And I remember [Damien] He was like, “Can you eat another one?” And I said, “Dude, I’m going to eat another one, and then that’s it! Because I’m going to vomit if I have to do another one of those.” But these are the trials and tribulations of filming a horror movie. You have to eat a lot of gelatinous eyeballs. But like I said, the amount of work that everyone was doing was really inspiring because whatever you see, they leave 100% on the screen. So far, Terrifier 2 is on 800 screens in theaters. This is a real victory for all of us.”

On how AEW got past the public backstage turmoil: “Well, it’s one of those things. It’s not really weird. I mean, it’s just wrestling, man. I guess the only difference now is that whenever something happens, it comes out really fast and everyone has an opinion. But I’ve been in locker room fights from Before, and that’s never good. But for us, I think there’s such a positive atmosphere that, of course, it can’t be talked about. It really is a new era for our company. A lot of positive things are on the horizon. A lot of great things are happening right now. Our stories just click. Really. The matches are really good. I thought last night’s show was great from top to bottom. Saraya has just entered, we have a lot of great new talents coming in, with others ready to enter.

“I think, sure, there are negative things. But if you have 98 positives and negatives, then the two negatives will be talked about. Like I said, you just have to move on. And we know what’s going on. I know what’s going on with everything. We care about it. And that is It’s just wrestling, it really is. More importantly, there is some great momentum for AEW, and our ratings are still great. So it’s just [that] There are so many positive things that when negative things happen, you just deal with it, and move on. That’s how things go.”

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