Future Pixel phones should have these AI-enabled features

Close up back view of Google Pixel 7 on green wall

Robert Triggs/Android Authority Google’s Pixel phones aren’t the first to deploy AI to expand smartphone capabilities, but they’ve consistently offered some of the best examples of everyday improvements that benefit everyday use. From capturing better video with HDRNet to features like Photo Unblur and even transcribing voice messages, the Pixel series has pushed ML-enabled NPUs … Read more

Best smartphones of 2022 that we loved this year: iPhone 14 Pro Max, Pixel 7 Pro, Redmi Note 11 Pro

Best smartphones of 2022: From the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max to the Redmi Note 11 Pro, here are our top picks from 2022. Best smartphones of 2022: there is so much to choose! 2022 has seen brands take extra steps to offer some great deals across all price points. Throughout the year, we’ve seen … Read more

Hands-on with every option [Video]

7 official cases

The official cases for the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are identical to the previous generation, but given that the official Pixel 6 accessory has a fatal flaw, have things improved? Google’s decision to drop its popular beanbags from its lineup of first-party accessories with the launch of the Pixel 5a instead of polycarbonate cases … Read more

The best phones you can buy in 2022

picture: Florence Ion/Gizmodo It’s been a great year for smartphones. Granted, most of the year’s devices were just the typical annual update — specifically the iPhone and Pixel lineup. But they were all impressive enough that if you’re planning to upgrade to a flagship right now, there are quite a few decent options. Samsung has … Read more