view | Biden must respond boldly to Netanyahu’s radical government

Comment on this story Suspension Aaron David Miller, a former Middle East analyst and negotiator for the State Department, is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Daniel Kurtzer, former US ambassador to Israel, is Professor of Middle Eastern Policy Studies at Princeton University. John Buchan wrote in his classic Greenmantle“ About … Read more

The GOP’s Hunter Biden investigation is legitimate | News, sports, jobs

As a tactical concern, the GOP’s decision to open an investigation into the Biden family’s corruption is questionable. He promises a limited political comeback. It would serve Republicans, and the country, much better if the House focused on a highly politicized Justice Department that targets political opposition, prescribing concerned parents. “domestic terrorists” It … Read more

Rail shutdown: Congress prepares to act after Biden calls on Capitol Hill to pass legislation ‘immediately’ to avert a strike

CNN – Democratic leaders say they may act as soon as this week after President Joe Biden on Monday called on Congress to pass legislation “immediately” to avoid rail shutdowns by adopting a preliminary agreement in September that labor and administration leaders agreed to. In a statement, Biden said, “I am calling on Congress to … Read more

Despite Biden’s promises, logging still threatens ancient forests and US climate goals

Niles Creek Forest in Oregon

On Earth Day 2022, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to protect important but neglected partners in the fight against climate change: mature and old-growth forests that sequester carbon, without paying a dime. It came as a huge relief to advocates, after four years of backtracking on conservation and tinkering with climate science under … Read more


Anticipating disastrous midterm elections, many Democrats are now bracing for the end-of-year calculus on whether President Biden, once proclaimed a “bridge” to a new generation, should make room for a new standard-bearer in 2024. But the stronger-than-expected Democratic performance took the pressure off. Donald J. Trump’s decision to announce he’s running for president again, and … Read more

Senator Markey explains why he will support Biden in 2024


OTR: Sen. Markey explains why he’ll support Biden in 2024 Updated: 1:35 PM EST on November 27, 2022 Hide text Show version ED: We’re back on the record with Senator Markey, kind of the lighting room. This round. If Joe Biden isn’t running, which Democrat would you like to see run? >> I’m with Joe … Read more

The Biden administration is offering a weak response to the shifting right wing in Israel

At the beginning of November, when Israel and the United States held elections within days of each other, it seemed clear that the pull in opposite directions epitomized by the disappointing performance of the American far-right and the strong showing of their Israeli counterparts portended tension. In the “unshakable” alliance between the two countries. Benjamin … Read more

Biden is under pressure to step up arms tracing in Ukraine

Comment on this story Suspension Emboldened by their success in the midterm elections, House Republicans, who will command a narrow majority in the next Congress, have warned the Biden administration not to expect tighter oversight of its massive military aid to Ukraine. And the administration, which has projected such demands as a military aid commitment … Read more

Republicans, before taking over the House of Representatives, are looking to focus on the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis

Immigrants trying to cross into the United States from Mexico are detained by US Customs and Border Protection at the border on August 20, 2022 in San Luis, Arizona.

House Republicans, who are just weeks away from controlling the House, indicate that border security and illegal immigration will be among the issues high on their agenda when they take the gavel early next year. Republican gains in the recent midterm elections have given the GOP control of the House of Representatives, although the Senate … Read more