Broncos special teams coordinator Stukes tells it like it is

The Broncos’ special teams coordinator is refreshingly honest in his weekly press conference.

Englewood, Colorado. – On behalf of the local media, here’s Dwayne Stokes to receive a 10-year contract extension.

With his refreshing honesty, the Denver Broncos’ special teams chief earned the gold medal on the day of the coordinator’s press conference.

With the weather a bit foul for the media, but not for the Broncos’ players and coaches to practice, Stukes addressed the media on Thursday in the Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse press room.

He was first asked about a performance by gambler Corliss Whitman on Sunday in Tennessee. Whiteman punted nine times for a respectable total average of 45.7 yards, but not a single kick was dropped inside the 20 and his balls were traveling less than normal, which helped allow Titans returner CJ Board to gain 51 yards.

“It was probably one of his worst performances of the year,” Stokes said of Whiteman. And I hate to keep using that as a factor because I don’t like using excuses, but obviously wind was a factor there. I know it didn’t show up for those guys. [Titans punter Ryan Stonehouse, who was the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week]But they are used to playing in that field.

The wind caught him [Waitman’s] Stokes said. “Corliss and I have talked. We have a plan, whether he wants to turn those balls over, whether he wants to foul those balls up, we have to go further down the field. We have to have distance, hanging and positioning. He knows that so we can cover Those kicks.”

Then there was rookie returner Montreal Washington, who stood around the 18-yard line and let Stonehouse’s first punt reach the 12- or 13-yard line—the fair catch zone—and thus the ball was downed at the 4.

Previously, there were a couple of punts where Washington caught a punt too deep and in traffic, now he’s making up for not making catches that he should.

“I think he’s overthinking things, to be completely honest,” said Stokes. “We talked about 20 insides, and he knows he can’t catch the ball at the 5-yard line, the 4-yard line. I think that played a factor in some of his decisions on Sunday. Some of those balls he could have caught. Especially the one that hit the 13-yard line.” Yards. Once again Montrell and I had a conversation. We’re watching a movie together. We’re trying to grow and improve together.

“He’s young. He doesn’t have a lot of experience. Again, that’s no excuse. He has to do his job. And it’s my job to get him right.”

Stukes was asked if he would consider having a more experienced player return balls.

Stokes asked the media investigator: “Do you have a suggestion as to who we should use?” “Just so I know.”

Pat Sirtin. The best player on the team and arguably the best cornerback in the NFL.

“Patrick Sirtain,” Stokes said, repeating the answer before lowering the gavel. “So if he gets back in there and gets hurt, who do you think will be in trouble? Myself? Or you?”

Yes, but Deion Sanders was the best cornerback of his day and also an amazing running back all time.

“Deon Sanders has done that his entire career,” said Stokes. “Patrick hasn’t done that in his entire career. And to bring back the man we started with [cornerback]To put him in harm’s way would be foolish of me.

“Now if I said we could get Kendall Hinton back there or someone like that? Absolutely,” Stokes said. “But Kendall is explosive as Montrell — that’s no respect for Kendall. Kendall is a very good athlete. He can catch the ball. He’s got good return mechanics. We want An explosive man there. We feel Montreal gives us the best chance of an explosive comeback. That’s why he’s back there.

“There’s going to be some growing pains. Just like the growing pains with Corliss. I knew that when we drafted (Washington). I signed up for this. It’s my job to make him okay and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Some decent news material in the 5th hour of a 5-minute 30-second press conference.

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