Broncos News: What can Denver do with their new first-round pick?

Throughout the Denver Broncos’ inept start to the 2022 regular season, there was pain, frustration, anger, a thirst for alcohol, and the fact that the team couldn’t even come up with a good pick because they sent first and second-round picks Russell Wilson.

Enter George Patton. The Broncos General Manager has thrown a lifeline to a fan base that has been plunging for 6 years at the mid-level. He sent Bradley Chubb, who had had his first season that wasn’t average or marred by injuries, to the Miami Dolphins in the first round (which they got from the San Francisco 49ers).

Now, the Broncos have a better building block for the near future, and for a team that sits in 3-5 games and is looking at 9 very tough finals, they might need it badly.

The 49ers are a bit of a puzzle right now. They’ve taken over Christian McCaffrey from the Panthers, and they have plenty of offensive and defensive firepower, but they can finish the bottom half of the league as easily as the top half.

It’s unlikely, if not outright fiction, that you’d expect the Broncos to end up in the top five or top 10, but there’s still plenty of talent to have in the next draft, so for a team with so many needs, where are they heading?

offensive line

Perhaps the team’s most obvious weakness at the moment, the offensive line after Mike Monshak’s exit is a lot like The Simpsons Family after Sherry Poppins’ exit. They are in a mess.

Garrett Paul, especially after suffering an injury, is not the player who was under Monchak, but he can still continue to serve. Quinn Meinerz looks like a fixture in the ranger position, but the other three locations are in dire need of upgrades. Wilson didn’t get the time, communication was completely lost, and the running backs got beaten up behind the line of scrimmage quite often.

And while the unit moved better with Graham Glasgow under center, remember, it was just the Jacksonville Jaguars. There is no reason to believe that this would be a constant element, as nice as it would be.

Possibilities to monitor who might be available when you choose Denver:

  1. Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia
  2. O’Cyrus Torrance, G, Florida
  3. Paris Johnson, OT, Ohio

running back

Javonte Williams looked to be the future after a promising rookie season, but his devastating Week 2 injury offers no guarantees that he will be back at his level. Even if he did, his bruised running style needed a peer.

Melvin Gordon, Latavius ​​Thomas, Marlon Mac, and Chase Edmonds will not be on the list next season. Choosing to run again in the first round has become increasingly risky year after year in a more pass-happy league and commission succession, but make no mistake, the back-up difference-maker is a major asset.

The Broncos have had no more than 20 attempts to push from behind this season and can’t afford to be one-dimensional next season, especially when that dimension, the passing game, isn’t exactly what sets the NFL world on fire.

If the team chooses to turn back, that would be a good year for that.

Possibilities to monitor who might be available when you choose Denver:

  1. Bijan Robinson, Texas
  2. Jammer Gibbs, Alabama
  3. Tank Bigsby, Auburn

defensive back

Pat Serten II may end the season by being recognized as the best defense in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use the assist on the other side of the field.

Defense is the Broncos’ strength, and the secondary has been good outside of Sirtein, but Ronald Darby is not a long-term option and is coming off injury. K’Waun Williams is showing up, but can he keep it up? Damari Matisse is talented, but he’s having trouble keeping his hands to himself, so a promotion wouldn’t be out of possibilities.

There is nothing wrong with making a rich group richer.

Possibilities to monitor who might be available when you choose Denver:

  1. Joey Porter, Jr., Pennsylvania
  2. Cam Smith, South Carolina
  3. Eli Rex, Alabama


Josie Jewell is an excellent gum guy for the Bronco’s defense, but he’s having trouble shaking the injured bug. Jonas Griffith is a beautiful story, but despite its effectiveness, it is completely irreplaceable. Alex Singleton is the guy who will get a lot of interference but breathe on the same number, depending on the day.

Don’t think for a second that an elite center back would not be useful to this defensive unit. Looks like the Dallas Cowboys are doing really well with Micah Parsons.

Again, defense isn’t an issue for the Broncos, but backing the single question mark over unity could make this team the ultimate powerhouse in the league.

Possibilities to monitor who might be available when you choose Denver:

  1. Trenton Simpson, Clemson
  2. Noah Sewell, Oregon
  3. Henry To’oTo’o, Alabama


here i am! While I’d love to see Russell Wilson put it together and show that his three-man touchdown against Jacksonville was a sign of things to come rather than “as good as I was before” moments, what if these were the last?

What if Wilson remains stubborn and insists on staying in the pocket and practicing an insult that doesn’t suit him? What if he continues to suffer injuries along the way and become a burden?

The Broncos will owe him a big chunk of change whether he stays and finds out or finds himself out with a property, and this property group doesn’t look like someone who would tolerate a mediocre. And to follow through, what if they fired Nathaniel Hackett and brought in a coach who wanted his own QB changed his name to Wilson?

Seeing the team eat Wilson’s salary and start over is not beyond the realm of possibilities, albeit it would take a lot.

Possibilities to monitor who might be available when you choose Denver:

  1. Hendon Hooker, Tennessee
  2. Will Levis, Kentucky
  3. Tanner McKee, Stanford


I went there! Yes, it is possible to trade with a head coach in the NFL, although this is rare. In this case, though, a certain head coach is under the control of the New Orleans Saints, and given what they will look like in 2022, they might find the prospect of an additional first-round pick puzzling.

Odds to Watch Who Can Be Available When Choosing Denver

  1. Sean Payton
  2. This is it
  3. No, seriously, that’s it.

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