Blade’s teacher has disappeared in the Marvel universe

Aside from high-flying superheroes and villains, the Marvel Universe hasn’t been lacking in menacing monsters. While the likes of Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night (Jack Russell) have long set the standard for heroic monsters, Marvel vampires have done the same for those with a more malevolent sophistication. Of course, this does not mean that every vampire is a real monster, at least the king of Hannibal, although the fact that he has slipped away into obscurity has made his greatest achievements easier to overlook.

Although Marvel’s most famous vampire slayer had already been around for over a year by 1974 Dracula’s grave #25 (by Marv Wolfman & Jane Collan) Introduced Hannibal King, still managing to make a great impression on both readers, and later Blade (Eric Brooks) too. King was a former private investigator who was bitten and transformed while working in London by Deacon Frost, the same vampire who inadvertently turned Blade into a Daywalker. As much as it was understandable for King to feel angry and disgusted with his vampire condition, the fact that he initially made great efforts to avoid using his newfound abilities proved just how deep his personal hatred went. Nearly two years later, King and Blade finally meet, and this same disdain will bring them together before it separates them.

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Blade betrayed King Hannibal

Over the next decade, King joined Blade in many battles against the Doppelgänger army of vampires in Deacon Frost, and on numerous occasions as part of the Nightstalkers. King was also a founding member of the original Midnight Sons, one of the many rotating faces of Doctor Strange’s Defenders, and even helped Darkhold Redeemers search for the pages of Chthon’s Satanic Book. Unfortunately, after all these experiences, Blade was still unable to swallow his pride, even if it meant saving a friend – the one he had saved countless times before.

When Blade’s father Lucas Cross came to call on his son to help fulfill a prophecy that would restore the souls of every non-living vampire, Day Walker stood firmly against any role in the plan. Not only was King’s disdain due to Blade’s apparent indifference, but his ensuing rage forced Dyuker to thrust a wedge into his heart. This won’t last, as the fulfillment of his father’s prophecy inadvertently brings every vampire who killed Blade back to life, but as it happened in 2007 code #12 (by Mark Guggenheim and Howard Chaiken) Show that it wasn’t enough to repair the relationship he destroyed.

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King Hannibal left the Marvel universe behind

In the end, Hannibal King did not disappear due to any flaws on his part, but rather because the character left no reason to remain in the spotlight. The conclusion of his personal story was unsatisfactory in every possible way. Perhaps the King was freed from the bloodshed, but this gift would never allow him to see the sunrise with his own eyes again. For someone who devoted so many years to helping Blade at every turn to be so easily ousted, that was simply heartbreaking, and such a burden the King did not feel the need to share.

While the character got a chance to shine on the silver screen as played by Hollywood icon Ryan Reynolds in 2004 often triple bladeThe character hasn’t appeared anywhere else in the fifteen years since he broke up with his old partner. This is perhaps the best, because a secluded life without any extra violence or heartache seems better than anything else he’s experienced. On the other hand, there are definitely more than a few fans who would like to see another Marvel vampire superhero back, no matter how much he has slipped from his previous fame.

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