‘Black Adam’ tops $250 million as Terrifier 2 kills again

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black Adam It got a modest boost from Saturday/Sunday morning, earning $27.7 million (-59%) in its second weekend after a sharp 72% drop from Friday to Friday. This is not a surprise, like Shazam! It averaged 3.8 times a weekend in its second weekend, and Dwayne Johnson’s family-friendly action fantasies play well with kids in general. However, the good news is good news, and the 59% drop in its second weekend almost qualifies as a tall character for the big-budget DC/Marvel superhero flick. The $195 million superhero movie “Black Adam vs. The Justice Society” earned $111.1 million domestically in ten days, mainly related to Hobbs and Shaw ($108 million from a 57% drop in its second weekend) after opening a higher weekend ($67 million vs. $60 million).

Conventional wisdom suggests black Adam will ride by Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Within two weeks. That may be true, especially on the weekend of the latter’s demarcation, but it’s not like there’s going to be a deluge of kid-friendly tent poles for the rest of 2022. We’ve got Black Adam, Black Panther 2, Walt Disney
strange world, business’ dream Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Avatar: The Way of Water And that’s all there is to it. black Adam It can still be the second choice or the unanimous choice (it’s 37 minutes shorter than black panther 2) until December. like legs Shazam, Thor 4 or poison 2 After Day 10, you get $195 million from Dwayne Johnson to $162 – $167 million domestically.

like legs Hobbs and Shaw (last big event of summer 2019) and frenzy ($101 million after a total of $66 million for 10 days) brings it closer to $175 million. The DC Films flick, which is basically the last such picture now that the brand has been rebranded to DC Studios, has earned $250 million worldwide. It still has a path to theatrical profitability and could end up being just over/under $390 million. China’s Old Version from Pre-Covid Era (Hobbs and Shaw earn 200 million dollars and frenzy earn $155 million) that would help. Regardless, Walter Hamada is gone, and James Gunn and Peter Saffron now run the capital. We’ll see if the change in the power hierarchy works for The Rock.

Universal Heaven ticket He earned $10 million (-39%) in his second weekend with a total of $33.7 million for ten days. This is a great commentary for the romantic comedy George Clooney/Julia Roberts (but girlfriend of the grandparents). Where Cordads sings It’s down 40% from $17 million for the first time. I was expecting a solid hold amid superhero sagas, animated films, and award season expansions over the next month. The $60 million issue raised $119 million worldwide, with over $86 million overseas the lost City. We can debate how good it was in the late ’90s/early 2000s, but it’s impressive by modern day standards. Minions: the rise of a puppy It grosses $369 million, making it the largest grossing film ever in domestic unadjusted earnings.

smiling, a $17 million original horror film initially intended for Paramount+, grossed $5.05 million (-40%) for $92.4 million for 31 days. he passed Halloween kills ($92 million last October) as the third-largest R-earning since then Bad boys for life with Brad Pitt Express train ($103 million) and possibly Jordan Peeles no ($123 million) in plain sight. With $186 million worldwide, smiling Passed noTo become the world’s largest total of 171 million dollars (non-Chinese, sorry Moon Man) A native. Paramount and SkyDance Top Gun: Maverick Earning $716 million domestically and $1.485 billion worldwide. They now have the biggest profit of the year, the biggest original of the year and (with Sonic 2The “new” franchise that has been promising for years.

Universal The end of Halloween He earned $3.83 million (-52%) over the weekend for $60.3 million for 17 days. With $94 million worldwide, it’s still a $33 million horror movie that would earn about $110 million worldwide, making the entire Blumhouse trilogy more or less than $500 million worldwide on a combined budget of $63 million. We must all fail well. The 50 million dollars Lyle Lyle Crocodile It topped $30 million domestically yesterday with $2.852 million (-37%) over the weekend versus $32.5 million domestic / $50.6 million worldwide. woman king Earning $65 million domestically and $88 million worldwide on a $50 million budget. do not worry my love It has $44.8 million domestic and $84 million global with a budget of $35 million.

bloody disgusting terrifying 2 It continued to offer false hope for the theater’s future, expanding to 1,550 theaters and grossing $1,803 million (+3%). The wholesome rom-com grossed $1.86 million (+6%) for $7.64 million over 24 days. Jokes aside, the bulk of the crowd-funded, unrated, hardcore horror movie has been out in theaters for a few days as a slightly seasonal “Why the Hell?” Content. The demographic-determined event movie is now likely to outperform most awards season releases this year. Well Art Clown Goes to Hawaii for Terrifying 3Or will it go straight to space? Either way, can I suggest making it musical? I checked, and yes, Lauren Lavera can sing.


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