Black Adam is Dwayne Johnson’s best opening ever

At the start of the fall season, it looked as though there would only be one movie that made $100 million in September and October. This movie finally made it this weekend with an opening number that leaves no doubt that it will hit that mark. On the other hand, could this week’s comic book entry be the first movie this year to gross $200-300 million? Black Adam It wouldn’t be the only movie this season to reach nine figures. Spoiler alert: the other movie is not The end of Halloween.

King of the crop: Black Adam is Dwayne Johnson’s best opening ever

When Aquaman It opened to $67.8 million just before Christmas in 2018, and the number was reported as basically okay. less than Wonder Woman And the Justice League which came before it, the James Wan DC movie finally grossed $335.1 million (joker barely beat it a year later) and remains the highest-grossing movie of any DC property with $1.14 billion worldwide. Black Adam It opened with an estimated $67 million. That’s an amazing number for Dwayne Johnson, because he’s the number he puts best as the best talent. more than Hobbes and Shaw ($60 million), Jumanji: The Next Level ($59.2 million), W san andreas ($54.5 million). Whatever you think of the movies themselves, Black Adam It is the tenth film in his resume (as a star) to open more than $30 million. (Adam Sandler has 12. Tom Cruise has 11.) But is it a good number for DC and Warner Bros.?

Well, if Black Adam turns out to be Aquaman, the answer would be an unequivocal yes. If it turns out to be Shang Chi That wouldn’t be a bad number. But whatever the case, Johnson will likely need another $300 million or more for international transportation Black Adam to be successful. $309 million abroad was not enough for a third World Bank Fantastic Beasts The movie, especially since it grossed $95 million domestically only. Black Adamwhich has made another $73 million internationally to date, would need a multiplier of just 3.22 to hit $200 million, which has only been achieved by three films since 2020 that have opened to more than $50 million (Top Gun: MaverickAnd the Minions: The Rise of a GruAnd the Shang Chi). Black Adam40% with critics likening the theatrical version of Justice League (39%) and still higher than suicide squad (27%) and Green Lantern (26%). These three films had final multiples of only 2.44, 2.43, and 2.19. man of steel He has 56% and a 2.49. Batman v Superman a 27% and 1.99. Both Justice League And the suicide squad Also B+ Cinemascore had it Black Adam Receive. The $195 million film is the last Warner Bros. film to produce. schedule for the year, and it could end on a sour note if local numbers drop quickly. It was the only live-action film since 2007 to gross less than $27 million in its second weekend and still gross over $200 million. Jumanji: The Next Level. Keep that in mind as Black Adam enters its second frame.

Top ten and beyond: Heaven ticket shine The end of Halloween falls hard

Remember when Universal two brothers And the box office was disappointing and everyone was starting to say big screen comedy was dead? Welcome back, George Clooney and Julia Roberts A ticket to heaven It beat some expectations to gross $16.3 million this weekend, which is a strong number for a comedy this fall. Critics weren’t thrilled with it — it only has a score of 55% on the Tomatometer, compared to the lost City’at 79% — but it’s still the gold standard for star-led comedies this year. Average gross for an opening October release between $15-17 million (taking out the ring from the equation) $51.2 million. So while this may not be a Barnburner, the potential $50 million gross for an adult-themed comedy this time of year shows that the genre may be sleeping but it’s certainly not dead.

Last week, industry analysts were excited with the change of tune for the streaming movie hybrid The end of Halloween The opening to $40 million was proof in a way that the model works. do not care about that Halloween kills He did $49 million the previous year with a pandemic still in place and failed to reach $100 million when all was said and done. Unfortunately, the second weekend of The end of Halloween It is one of the biggest declines in box office history. From $40 million to just $8 million, that’s a drop of 78%, the second highest ever for a movie released in more than 3,000 theaters. This brings her in line with Notorious Friday the 13th 2009’s remake, which dropped 80% from $40.5 million to $7.9 million and ended with just $65 million. But even this movie is ahead The end of Halloween It surpassed it by $55.1 million to $54.1 million after 10 days. Even if the ends fall below 13 ‘$3.68 million in its third weekend, it should still get a tentative bump on Halloweend itself, but somewhere around $65 million is where this movie is headed. How many moviegoers would ignore the hype and pay to see it if it wasn’t on Peacock? Or if there are no other horror movies that are better viewed?

Speaking of which, there are a couple of horror movies that deserve better headlines than The end of Halloween, where one outperforms the other and the other makes for a great title. The former is smiling, which is only in theaters — that is, not on Paramount Plus — and is another fall release that’s headed for $100 million. At the end of its fourth week it excelled The end of Halloween It ranked second with $8.3 million, bringing its total to more than $84 million. This is what Gore Verbinski is all about the ring It has grossed in four weekends, though its declines have been less drastic, with $15.5 million in its fourth run. What you do is better than it is scream 2, which also took in $85 million after 24 days but grossed $7.2 million in its four weekend. The film finished with $101 million. smiling It appears to be heading upwards.

Another horror story for this week Terrifying 2And what a story this is. It earned $1.35 million in its first five days of release (with the weekend for Indigenous), then lost 70 theaters the following weekend and saw a 28% jump to $1.03 million. This week, it added 55 theaters to its trajectory, nearly doubling last week’s take with $1.9 million to $5.2 million. This is exactly behind the highest-grossing 2021 release under 1,000 theaters Roadrunner: A movie about Anthony Bourdain ($5.35 million total), and she just has to come up with $7.83 million to pass. Brahmastra Part I: Shiva this year. That would make it the best movie on that list since then Goodbye It made nearly $18 million in 2019. Assuming, of course, that more theaters don’t book this vomiting-and-swoon-inducing little phenomenon in the meantime.

In more limited-edition news, Robin Ostlund Sadness triangle It made it into the top ten with $600,000, bringing its total to $1.4 million in just 100 theaters. tar It made another $470,000 in 141 theaters for a total of $1.17 million. until It expanded to 104 theaters and grossed $376,000 for a total of $667,000 as it prepares for a wider release next week. Decision to leave It made another $296,000 in 48 theaters, totaling $437,000. Anisherin from Inisherin The big winner was New Limited, opening with $181,000 in four locations for the third-best average per theater of 2022 with $45,250. Charlotte Wells after the sun From A24 released this weekend in 4 theaters and grossed $66,000 for an average of $16,589 per theater.

On the grapevine: Satan’s prey Looking to take advantage of Halloween

The end of October usually means one thing. Halloween. Not finish But a chance for Daniel Stamm’s new exorcism story, Satan’s preyto try to steal some business from her smiling And the Terrifying 2. The film was not shown to critics and Black Adam It probably won’t falter in its release as it runs for a second straight week at the top which will likely turn into a third straight win the following week.

Full list of box office results: October 21-23, 2022



Black Adam

  • $67 million ($67 million total)



Heaven ticket

  • $16.3 million ($16.3 million total)




  • $8.4 million ($84.3 million total)



The end of Halloween

  • $8 million ($54.2 million total)



Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

  • $4.2 million ($28.7 million total)



The King’s Woman

  • $1.9 million ($62.9 million total)



Terrifying 2

  • $1.895 million ($5.3 million total)



do not worry my love

  • $880,000 ($44.3 million total)




  • $818,000 ($13.9 million total)



Sadness triangle

  • $600,000 ($1.42 million total)

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