Biden’s Democratic education official claims, fear of obesity is based on white supremacy

The deputy director of the US Department of Education, who was appointed under President Biden, mocked evangelical Christians and claimed that democracy is based on “white supremacy,” according to her Twitter profile.

Christina Ismail’s Twitter account went private on Monday, but not before Fox News Digital documented dozens of her claims about alleged ties between white people, white supremacy of American democracy, evangelical Christians, and hemophobia (prejudice against fat people).

Ismail is the Deputy Director of the Office of Education Technology. The Bureau implements “equity access” policies to technology.

“[Democracy is] It’s also built on white supremacy, which is what I see continuing in educational settings when BIPOC people are told to be too negative by addressing real issues rather than superlatives,” she said.

Ismail responded to a tweet that claimed the evangelical church welcomes “hate” and “white supremacy” in its organization.

And she said: Amen.

Fox News Digital asked the Department of Education if Ismail had shown prejudice against evangelical Christians but did not receive a response. About 25-30% of Americans identify as evangelical.

The Biden official said she walked away from the discussion because “a white male dominated the conversation.” In another instance, Ishmael said she was tuning in for white people’s votes.

Christina Ismail said she walked away from the discussion because “a white man dominated the conversation.”

In another tweet, Ismail apparently questioned whether white gay men deserve to be considered a marginalized group in school curricula.

In most “inclusive” materials, “the most mainstream” is still represented in the marginalized group (such as white, cis, and gay men). She said that this does not include the nuances of this group.

In other cases, Ismail criticized the “white perspective” in the school curriculum.

“[M]”Most of my curriculum was written in a very narrow and white perspective,” she said.

“As a teacher, how many times have you been asked to uphold white supremacy by the norms of the dominant culture,” Ishmael said.

Education Administration Building.
Christina Ismail stated, “The status quo of our educational system works with white students, but no black or brown students.”
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In another instance, Ishmael claimed that the term “stakeholder” was “colonial language to define the white men who lay claim to the land.”

Esmail also believes that prejudice against fat people is equated with white supremacy.

She said, “Learning to be comfortable in my own skin and weight and really ready to reject the white supremacist body ideal? F*ck yeah.”

“A real fatphobia. The ‘ideal’ weight, look and feel is the white supremacy we live in our daily lives. I’m done with it. We deserve more than diets,” she said.

Ishmael is a fan of Ibram X Kennedy, the “anti-racist” founding director of Boston University’s Center for Anti-Racism Research.

Esmail seems to cast doubt on whether white gay men deserve to be considered a marginalized group.

Kennedy wrote a 2003 column about “living with the white race,” saying, “Europeans are simply a different breed of human being…they’re brought together to be aggressive people…they’re raised to be racist.”

“The status quo of our education system works for white students, but not for black or brown students. A lot of white people will wonder why we should change it,” she said.

Ishmael also said that “white supremacy” was enshrined in the rules of segregation.

She said, “If I’m in a webinar with professionals speaking… should I also share the Zoom rules with them reminding them not to chew gum, mute microphones, etc? Also…we couldn’t help but see white supremacy embedded in the “rules” that I’ve seen float around.”

Fox News Digital previously reported that another Biden official at the Education Department — Kayla Patrick — claimed “school discipline” is part of a “racist system,” blaming so-called “whiteness,” while working for a left-wing educational organization.

Abram X Canadian.
Ishmael is a fan of Abraham X Kennedy, who wrote a column in 2003 about “living with the white race.”
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Patrick has worked in the Department of Energy’s Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development since February, according to her LinkedIn. In 2021, she said, “School discipline is a symptom of a racist and punitive system that often fails to see children as children.”

Instead of helping students learn and grow from mistakes, teachers send them to the office, send them home, or sometimes even call the police. And black students are more likely to be offended, and so affected.

Ismail also criticized white people for not voting for Biden.

She said, “Dear white brothers, defending the percentage of us who voted for Biden isn’t helpful right now. Read the room. Just don’t.”


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