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Singapore is one of the many countries that has a good quality of education. It has been the country’s national pride for many years. One of Singapore’s unique programs is the Gifted Education Program or GEP, which aims to meet the needs of high-skill, high-IQ students.

There are several GEP primary schools in Singapore where parents may want to enroll their children. But first, what is this program and why is it receiving praise and positive feedback from all over the world?

What is the Gifted Education Program (GEP) and how does it work?

The Gifted Education Program (GEP) aims to develop and nurture intellectually gifted children.

In the year 1983, the first batch of the Gifted Education Program (GEP) began. In September, about 40,000 Primary 3 students participated in the selection test.

After the test, the top 100 students were selected to pilot the GEP in Primary 4. The pilot classes were at Rosyth School and Raffle Girls’ Primary School. It has been a tradition ever since. Primary 3 students in Singapore will gather in their classrooms, auditoriums or classrooms each year to take the GEP selection test.

Screening of GEP primary schools in Singapore

This process is a two-step exercise. First, there is a screening in August which includes two paper tests: math and English.

The second stage is where the selection takes place. It usually takes place in October. Selected students will have to go through three papers: math, English language, and general skills. After that, parents will be notified and students will receive an invitation letter.

This program has proven its effectiveness for many years. In fact, a survey once revealed that many of the GEP students have been admitted to many prestigious institutions abroad and have been awarded scholarship programs.

Best GEP Primary Schools in Singapore 2022

GEP primary schools Contact information Address
Catholic high school (primary)

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: 6458 9869


Position: 9 Bishan Street 22, Singapore 579767
Henry Park Primary School

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: 6466 3600


Position: 1 Holland Grove Road Singapore 278790
Nanyang Elementary School

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: 6467 2677


Position: 52 King’s Road Singapore 268097

Raffles Girls’ Elementary School

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: 6468 4377


Position: 21, Hillcrest Road, Singapore 289072

Rosyth school

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: 6481 2273


Position: 21 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore 555855
Anglo-Chinese school (primary)

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: 6250 1633


Position: 50 Barker Road, Singapore 309918
Nan Hua Primary School

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: 6778 8050


Position: 30 Jln Lempeng, Singapore 128806

Catholic High School (primary) is a boys’ school. It is one of the most popular Catholic schools in the country of Singapore. They not only offer programs such as GEP, but also the Special Assistance Plan (SAP).

It is also highly regarded for its bilingualism and biculturalism. The school is also known for its sports such as wushu, table tennis and softball.

Henry Park Primary School is one of the famous schools in Singapore that offer GEP. It has had a nurturing culture and holistic education since its founding in the year 1977.

The institute also boasts numerous awards, including Character and Citizenship Education, Best Practice for Teaching and Learning, School Distinction Award, Best Practice Partnership, and Student All-Round Development.


Nanyang Primary School is a girls’ school and a good GEP school. Notable leaders studied at this school. Their brand of education is excellence and bicultural education.

Their artistic groups are also in the top positions in every competition. The goal of their GEP is to develop a high level of thinking and intellectual depth for each student. It also aims to cultivate productive creativity and develop the qualities a responsible leader must possess.


One of the pioneers in starting the Gifted Education Program in 1984, Raffles Girls’ Primary School is famous. Its GEP curriculum aims to enable GEP students to learn technical skills and also encourage them to explore their areas of interest.

It started with 40 GEP students and now has around 150 students in Primary 4 and Primary 6. Not only that, it has also garnered numerous awards in the areas of student development, academic excellence, teaching and learning and many more. .


Rosyth School is located in northeastern Singapore and is one of the most enrolled primary schools in the country. Along with Raffle Girls Elementary School, she was also part of the GEP pilot in the year 1984.

This school made sure that their curriculum was well structured, the facilities were in great condition, and their teams were experienced. They are also popular for their co-curricular activities, including choir and badminton.


Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) is a boys’ school that emphasizes both excellence in academics and moral values. It has strong Methodist roots and a culture that builds strong personalities for students.

Its Gifted Education program offers learning opportunities that enrich students intellectually and temperamentally.


Nan Hua Primary School maintains a strong focus on inculcating Chinese language and culture.

It also offers several individualized study options: Community Problem Solving Program (CmPS), Innovation Program (IvP), Destination Imagination (DI) and Individualized Research Study (IRS).

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