Best Family Summer Vacation Movies, Ranked

Family vacations can go very well or very, very badly. Of course, it wouldn’t be a watchable movie if everything went according to plan, right? When it comes to family vacation movies, there has to be a messy situation for the initially quarreled family to deal with in order to finally be reunited at the end. Whether it’s surviving on an island full of dinosaurs or a journey across the ocean because someone has kidnapped your child, family vacation movies are guaranteed to bring a sense of adventure, fun, and an overall celebration of love. familiar.

Summer, in particular, is the best time for many families to take group vacations. School is over, the sun is hotter and brighter than ever, and the children need something to do. From Jurassic Park to The Sisterhood of Travel Pantshere are the eight best family summer vacation movies, ranked.

8 The Sisterhood of Travel Pants

The Sisterhood of Travel Pants is a 2005 comedy-drama about a group of friends who have to spend their summers apart for the first time ever. Spaced apart from each other, Lena, Tibby, Carmen and Bridget purchase a pair of mysterious jeans that, while all come in different sizes, fit everyone equally. Each of the girls has a different summer experience, consisting of meeting different guys and falling in love. Not only The Sisterhood of Travel Pants it gives off full summer vibes, it also describes women’s friendships beautifully, and shows that family doesn’t necessarily mean the one you were born into.

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7 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

As the third installment of the franchise, Hotel Transilvania 3: Summer holidays focuses on the monster family while taking a cruise one summer. Dracula finally falls in love with a new woman, only to discover that she is a relative of his archenemy. The film became the highest grossing of three released in the series, grossing $ 528 million worldwide. Many say so Summer holidays it has the most solid storyline of the three and we couldn’t agree more. The visual effects, animation, and evolving story make it a solid candidate for one of the best summer vacation movies.

6 We are the Millers

With big names like Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeiks, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter, We are the Millers is a 2013 crime comedy about a small-town weed dealer convincing his neighbors to be his family so he can smuggle drugs from Mexico to the United States. As expected, things are very bad. You can watch the movie simply thanks to your favorite actor, but you end up falling in love with the overall chemistry of the cast. Just know that Poulter sings “Waterfalls” it really is the star comedy.

5 On

Pixar Animation Studios definitely knows how to make touching movies that touch your heartstrings and On it is the perfect embodiment. This 2009 film tells the story of an elderly widower who agrees to take a trip to South America with a wilderness explorer to satisfy the desire of his late wife. Just like any other good animated film, human characters encounter talking animals on their journey that end up becoming their close friends, in this case a giant bird and dog. All the characters are visually appealing and the sound design is top notch. What’s more to say? Make sure you give him a watch if you want to shed a tear (and laugh).

4 Little Miss Sunshine

An Oscar winner, Little Miss Sunshine is a tragicomedy with an ensemble cast that includes Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear and others. The storyline follows family members as they embark on a road trip to take the little ones to a beauty pageant. Overall, the film was highly regarded for its performances and script. It shows a beautiful brother-sister relationship between Paul Dano and the characters of Abigail Breslin, both praised for moving performances. Definitely check it out if you love the power of a strong family bond despite her mess.

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3 Finding Nemo

Pixar has once again proved its excellence with Finding Nemo in 2003. An overprotective clownfish Merlin embarks on a journey across the ocean with a royal blue Dory to find her lost son Nemo. The film was so popular that it is still, according to EW, one of the best-selling DVDs of all time. If you’ve seen this movie growing up, it’s a guarantee that you’re emotionally attached to it. If this generation’s song from an animated film is Bruno’s “Knock Knock on the Wood”, then Charmthe 2000s generation is definitely Dory’s “Just Keep Swimming”, and that’s a fact.

2 Dirty dance

Dirty dance is a 1987 romantic dance film, which tells the story of a young girl Frances, or “Baby”, who travels with her wealthy family to a summer resort for other wealthy families and ends up falling in love with the poor dance instructor. A classic forbidden love, but with such amazing performances that it has become a beloved cult. The film is definitely the Top Gun of dancing films. Johnny Castle, played by Patrick Swayze, is arguably one of the best representations of male sex workers in the media. He provides both romance and a path to class consciousness.

1 Jurassic Park

Last but not least, the all-time classic directed by Steven Spielberg himself: Jurassic Park. With big names like Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, the story is set on a fictional island called Isla Nublar, located in Central America, where a natural park of extinct dinosaurs has been created. Usually, a lot of things go wrong and visitors end up fighting for their lives among the dinosaurs while locked away in the park. Although the following films in the franchise are recycled from the same main idea, ever since Jurassic Park must be about the park, the former remains a critical success to date, grossing over $ 912 million worldwide on its first theatrical release.