Beauty expert Mark Rogers shares his top makeup tips

Suzy Griffin caught up with skincare and beauty expert Mark Rogers to discuss her top tips and tricks.

Mark Rogers has been RTÉ Today’s resident beauty expert for over 14 years. He makes beauty and skincare easy and fun with his very entertaining (and sometimes acrobatic) Instagram rollers.

Mark is always the first to know about the next beauty trend, so that’s exactly what I asked him.

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What has been your favorite new beauty trend this season?

I am always looking for a new beauty trend and above all the one we can do from home for free. I am currently obsessed with a frozen facial. Just add ice cubes to a bowl of water and soak your face for 20-30 seconds. Repeat 3 or 4 times.

The benefits are endless. It reduces inflammation, refines pores and reduces puffy eyes. I do this every couple of days and have noticed such an improvement on inflammation. It’s also a great way to wake up in the morning if you’re feeling a little sleepy. I found so many of these home beauty tricks when we were in isolation and kept the really good ones. This is one of my absolute favorites.

You are always the first to know the best news on the market, if we wanted to give us a novelty for our make-up bag this year, what would you recommend?

My obsession with beauty could be considered a problem. I love trying new products and I love seeing brands innovate and find new ways to help people overcome their beauty dilemmas. If it solves a problem and is easy to use, it receives a gold star from me.

If you want to treat yourself to something that you will make good use of, I would suggest you maximize your summer skin with Sculpted by Aimee’s Tint and Glow, it will take your glow to the next level. It is also something that you will wear every day and that you will make great use of. I hate seeing beauty products sitting in the back of a drawer.

Another great investment would be a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. You can bang it in two minutes and instantly feel a little more glam. For me, my current favorite shades are Glowing Jen & Bitch Perfect.

What’s the one trend we all need to get on board this summer?

Okay, first, we need to ditch the full coverage foundation and let the skin through. Shiny and glowing skin is the essence for young and healthy skin, I replaced my foundation with Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter which brings my skin to life.

Now I struggle with some redness on my skin and I also have terrible dark circles, so I add a touch of Benefit Bright On concealer under the eyes. It’s a serum-like formula, so it doesn’t stick to wrinkles.

With a little dab of Sculpted by Aimee’s Cover Up concealer on my red cheeks, I have coverage where I need it but the rest of my skin looks clear and glowing.

You are currently answering this while relaxing by the pool, what are your beauty essentials for the summer? We want to know what’s in your makeup bag!

This week I swapped out my usual huge makeup bag for a nice cool drink by the pool. I don’t tan on vacation because I’m obsessed with SPF, so I need my Benefit Hoola Bronzer to give my skin the illusion of sun-kissed skin.

I too am obsessed with redness this summer. Benefit’s new Willa Blush is a gorgeous desert pink shade. I pop a little on the cheeks and a small amount on the bridge of the nose for that summer sun look.

From all your years of working in beauty, what’s the one trick you would like us all to learn?

Everyone needs to throw away the tweezers and let the brows shape and sculpt to a professional. Personally, I still suffer from post traumatic tweezing disorder from the 1990s. I plucked and plucked until there is nothing left. I have learned my lesson and leave it to my brow expert.

Your skin is always amazing, shine on our screens every week! Instantly reveal your favorite skincare secrets.

My skin regimen changes all the time. I spend a lot of time looking at my skin and changing what it needs. I may have had a few glasses of champagne over the weekend so I need to get my hyaluronic up and drink more water. Life is about balance, right?

I use a lot of skin care products but I keep a stable base with my Skingredients Skin Veg and Skin Shield SPF. I keep the Avene Spritz Thermal Water on my desk and the spritz in times of stress during the day!

I also use a Haumea LED light mask device about three times a week. It has three different colored LED lights. Yellow helps with hydration, red helps rejuvenate and refine fine lines and wrinkles, and light blue is antibacterial. The key is to look at your skin and evaluate what it needs.

We love watching your Instagram for beauty tips and tricks, but who are your favorite beauty influencers?

Oh, I have so many, how do I choose? My good friend Lisa Potter Dixon is probably my all time favorite. She has been working in the beauty industry for a long time so she knows what she is talking about but most of all she is super genuine, honest and a lot of fun.

I am also obsessed with American influencers Laura Lee and Manny MUA. I recently met them in Hawaii and they were so cute and incredibly beautiful.

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Finally, you told us the beauty makeup we all need to know now, tell us the biggest makeup mistake you wish we all stopped making.

The lip liner has to stop, folks! We have gone too far. There is an acceptable amount that we can override, but as a nation we have passed that and then some.