Beauty Editors’ Holiday Essentials: From £ 4 Easiest SPF Mist Body Cream Ever

From instant body tanners to the best SPFs, when you pack up to go on vacation, it’s all too easy to get half your suitcase filled with beauty products.

But what skincare, body and makeup products can’t the experts themselves miss when they travel? Here to streamline your routine and help you pack like a pro, the OK! the beauty team reveals their favorite products for the hero of the hot season without which they never go on vacation, from a cheap body cream to a hair mask that enhances curls.

Lynne Hyland, beauty director

Pigmentation is a huge summer parasite to me, and just as popular as wasps on a picnic. However, last year I managed to wipe out the annual melasma outbreak using Nivea’s anti-pigmentation sunscreen range, so this year I will definitely be rocking this new one. Luminous630 Dark Spot Control SPF50, £ 10 herein my hand luggage.

The beauty director of OK! Lynne swears by this product to combat hyperpigmentation in the summer
(Image: Nivea)

Why, oh why, do so many hotels neglect to provide conditioner, just when our poor dry hair needs it most? I take no risk and prepare a large pot to literally smother my hair day and night (it’s a great block of sea / pool water). It will be my favorite vacation companion for 2022 by Garnier super moisturizing Ultimate Blends Plumping Hair Food Watermelon Hair Mask, currently on sale for £ 3.50 here.

Lynne says she’ll be taking this cheap hair mask with her on vacation this year
(Image: Garnier)

Call me sentimental but I always assign a scent to a vacation in the sun, knowing that a spritz will bring me back when the colder days come. I have already selected Jo Malone London Aqua Lemon Cologne, £ 56 hereto evoke memories yet to be created, but which I assume will heavily contain tapas, sangria, water parks and all-inclusive buffet breakfasts.

Jo Malone London Aqua Lemon Cologne
This is Lynne’s perfume for summer 2022
(Image: Jo Malone London)

Laura Mulley, beauty editor

On vacation, I start my daily sunscreen in the bathroom, applying a full layer of lotion to every inch before getting dressed. (Okay, maybe not every inch – I don’t sunbathe on THOSE kinds of beaches …) Once this base coat is in place, I’ll fill it all day with a super fine SPF mist. Garnier makes a nice one for the body, and for the face, I’m giggling Ultrasun UV Face & Scalp Mist SPF50, £ 18 herein my beach bag.

Ultra Sun UV Face and Scalp SPF50
A practical SPF to recharge on the go
(Image: Ultra Sun)

Active ingredients are not included in my holiday skincare routine – my potent vitamin C, retinols and exfoliating acids stay at home. Instead I pack a simple hyaluronic acid serum, one that hydrates and soothes dry skin without any risk of irritation, such as Nip + Fab Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Hydrating Serum, currently on sale for £ 17.21 here, which comes in a travel-friendly plastic bottle and provides an instant boost to the skin. It’s simple enough for my boyfriend to use it too, saving on sink clutter.

Nip + Fab Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Moisturizing serum
To keep your skin hydrated on vacation, OK! Laura loves this simple serum
(Image: Nip + Fab)

When it comes to dressing up for aperitif time, I choose a lip gloss over a matte lip formula any day of the week, but I’ve had many makeup bags ruined by leaking lids by pouring a sticky mass over its contents. That’s why I love the new Hourglass Phantom Glossy Balms, £ 34 each here, which are really the closest thing I’ve found to a gloss in a stick (and a very sleek looking stick). The balsamic bullet melts on the skin, delivering a nourishing and brilliant layer of color that will last long after dark.

Hourglass Phantom Shiny Balms
Moisturizes like a lip balm and offers the glossy finish of a lip gloss
(Image: Hourglass)

Zoe Cripps, Deputy Director of Beauty

I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup when I leave, although I always seem to pack a bag full of lipsticks and eye shadows (hey, you never know what you’re going to need, do you?). One thing that I wear every day, invariably, is a lip and cheek tint, in particular Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeks, £ 22 here. The dewy color layers effortlessly, which means I can wear it transparent during the day and get more punchy for the evening. There are four shades to suit all skin tones, but my favorite is the halftone pink tulle. It’s my best no-makeup secret.

Creamy crushed Bobbi Brown color for lips and cheeks
If you’re looking for a multipurpose product to save space in packaging, OK! Zoe swears by this lip and cheek tint
(Image: Bobbi Brown)

I took it for the first time Summer Friday Overtime Mask, £ 39 here, with me when I went to the Caribbean last month, and it quickly became my favorite holiday skin care item. I don’t use retinol when I’m away because it can increase sensitivity, so I need something else to give my skin a more refined look after a long, sweaty day at the beach. This scrub / face mask hybrid offers the skin-smoothing oomph of a physical scrub, and when left on for 10 minutes as a mask, the AHA formula also works to lighten pores and brighten the base. A real holiday hero for me.

Summer Friday overtime mask
Zoe says this mask is her favorite holiday product
(Image: Friday in the summer)

I love to try new beauty products when I go away, but one product I’ll never take out of my wash bag is Palmer’s Coconut Moisturizing Body Lotion, £ 4.19 here. I have eczema-prone skin that tends to get inflamed as soon as it’s hit by chemical sunscreen and chlorine, and this coconut oil-rich cream soothes it all. I drank it at night and honestly I swear: it has been all over the world with me. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of coconut on vacation?

Palmer's Moisturizing Coconut Body Lotion
This nourishing body lotion has a vacation-worthy coconut scent
(Image: Palmer)

Lucy Abbersteen, beauty writer

As a resident pale skin ghost of the beauty team, my holiday suitcase is always crammed full of 50+ factor bottles (I’ve only been badly sunburned once in my life and promised it will never happen again) . But it’s only recently that I’ve become more diligent about applying SPF to my lips as well. Before I get a cot this summer, I will lie down Sheen Screen Lip Balm SPF50 by Ultra Violette for a barely perceptible hint of color. It just launched in a new bright pink shade Flamingo, £ 16 heremeaning my usual nude beach lip might get an update this year.

Ultra Violette Sheen Screen Lip balm SPF50
An SPF lip balm with a barely noticeable pop of color
(Image: Ultra Violette)

My skin is prone to periods of dehydration when in sunnier climates, so my holiday skincare routine is all about hydration. But since it’s also quite oily, I tend to stick to light gel formulas in the summer. Rose Inc. Hydration Replenish Microencapsulated Moisturizer, £ 53 here, it’s like a jar of hydration paradise. It floods your complexion with moisture and is super refreshing, plus it absorbs faster than you might say “another frozen strawberry daiquiri, please”.

Rose Inc. Hydration Replenish Microencapsulated moisturizing cream
The beauty writer of OK! Lucy calls this moisturizer “a jar of hydration paradise”
(Image: Rose Inc.)

My hair dries very easily which is only exacerbated by the sun, the sea, sweat (I said that) and chlorine. So a deep conditioner or mask is a must for my holiday bag, and this year I’ll bring Pacifica Pineapple Hydrate Curl Nourishing Mask, £ 18 here. Despite being rich in oils, it quenches curls without ever weighing them down and has a holiday-friendly pineapple scent.

Pacifica Pineapple Hydrate Curl Nourishing mask
Perfect for curly girls who need a dose of hydration on vacation
(Image: Pacifica)

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