Ant-Man 3 continues the theme of The Wizard of Oz in Phase 4

.’s new humor Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania He clearly makes use of a particular song to express its exotic views. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” – the lead track on Elton John’s 1973 album – wouldn’t usually attract attention, especially given the film’s plot. With Scott Lang and his comrades retreating to the Quantum Realm, returning is quick and easy wizard of oz With her similar story of a heroine who is transported to a magical land away from the boring and mundane reality.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made an amazing habit of such references. In fact, several nods to the Phase 4 classic have appeared so far, helping to bring out weird new angles in the MCU that audiences haven’t seen before. That includes the Multiverse, Ta Lo, and Omnipotence City, as well as Wanda Maximoff’s reality evoked from WandaVision. With the addition of the Quantum Realm to that list for the fifth stage, the wizard of oz References help highlight the topic. They might even give some clues on how to do it komania Fits everyone.

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Marvel’s Multiverse Saga offers quiet references to The Wizard of Oz

The fourth stage bears strong objective echoes of wizard of oz This is partly due to his focus on the weird and the weird. Many of the Phase IV productions were set in alternate worlds, and in fact, the creation of the multiverse was the defining development of the MCU during this period. Oz is the go-to pop culture for it all. This stage was also marked by villains who, like the magician, rarely appear as they appear and often blur the lines between good and evil. That includes anyone from Agatha Harkness to Wino to Sharon Carter to Gin from Mrs. Marvell.

This was accompanied by very subtle symbols wizard of oz. WandaVision Season 1, Episode 3, “Now In Color” features a brief shot of Vision’s biker pose in human form across a town square in Westview. The movie theater behind him is playing The mighty and mighty OzSam Raimi’s 2013 prequel to wizard of oz. Scattered references persist through subsequent productions. loki Season 1, Episode 6, “For All Times. Always.” He refers to “the man who stays” as “the man behind the curtain” – a clear reference to the magician’s unveiling of the mask at the end of the film – while werewolf at night Her transformation from black and white to color is punctuated by playing Judy Garland’s famous performance “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

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What the Wizard of Kang’s Oz Connection could mean for the MCU

Kang the Conqueror as the main villain of komaniaAnd rumors suggest he might be more dangerous than Thanos in his own way. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” may or may not be a sign of what the franchise has in mind for him. Primarily, it’s variable: an alternate version of He Who Remains and any myriad additional versions that might lurk out there. Match wizard of ozThe Wicked Witch of the West, who has a weakness for not only Miss Gulch – Dorothy’s KS enemy – but her sister, the Witch of the East, whom Dorothy drops a house on. It also appears that Kang is offering Scott Lang a deal to help him, matching both the witch’s false promises to send Dorothy home and the witch’s attempts to cash in the sapphire slippers away from her.

When placed in this light, Kangxi’s position komania It seems more assertive and dangerous than it might be otherwise. Like He Who Remains, he could just be an elaborate pretender: someone who doesn’t have any superpowers of his own but can manipulate perceptions to appear invulnerable. However, he also has more knowledge about how the MCU works, which could actually make him a Thanos-level threat. And with the supposed additional appearances in Avengers: Kang Dynasty And the Avengers: Secret WarsKang could have any number of wonderful worlds up his sleeve that fascinate and threaten his opponents.

That’s a lot to get attached to one song that’s only used as a promotion – at least at this point – but Stage Four keeps getting back to Dorothy and her friends. Whether it’s a portent or just a clever nod to the classic movie, the MCU has been getting a lot of miles from it lately. It could end up revealing a lot more not just about Kang but about where the franchise is headed in Phases Five and Six.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania opened on February 17, 2023.

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