8 things fans want to see in a Super Mario movie

Given the amazing global popularity of Super Mario The video game franchise, it’s hard to believe the world has made it wait until 2023 to get… Super Mario Bros Film (except for the terrible live action 1993 Super Mario Bros which had surprisingly little connection to Mario games).

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The excitement for the upcoming animated movie subsided somewhat when some questionable casting choices were announced. This is not to say that the entire roster of actors worries fans.Anya Taylor Joy Like Princess Peach and black jack Like Bowser makes a lot of sense, but Chris Pratt Because Mario is as weird a choice as a studio can do. Still, there is hope that this movie will do the franchise justice, and fans have some big ideas about how the directors are Aaron Hovarth And the Michael Jelinek It can be achieved.

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mushroom kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey

First, fans want to see Mario’s homeland, the Mushroom Kingdom, on the big screen. Filled with friendly and helpful frogs and boasting a spacious and elegant Peach Castle, The Mushroom Kingdom is visually stunning. From a creative point of view, The Mushroom Kingdom offers filmmakers a great deal of freedom because there isn’t a huge amount of fixed canons for the region.

We know it has Mario’s house, Peach Castle, Toad Town, and often Bowser Castle too, but beyond that, the producers are free. Previous Mario games have included underwater levels, desert landscapes, and even a casual world made of clouds, which means Mario’s actions may be cut short when he appears on the big screen next year.

Jumpa Stomping

Super Mario's most famous enemies

Assuming you had a childhood on Earth, it’s safe to say you’ve probably played a Mario game or two. If you have, you know how fun it is to stomp on a Goomba, squash it into nothingness. Bowser will undoubtedly be the main villain of the movie (as he should be), but he will need an army of goons at his disposal, and who better to slow down Mario than a determined army of Goomba?

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In addition to Goomba, we’d love to see Chris Pratt with an American accent take the character into full swing with some of Mario’s other iconic foes, including Shy Guys, Chain Chomps, Piranha Plants, and Koopa Troopas.

advanced characters

Still image from Mario Party Superstars
Image via Nintendo

Although Mario, Luigi (Charlie Day), Princess Peach, and the other denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom are all lovable characters pervasive in all forms of popular culture, and we don’t know much about all of them. Mario and Luigi are plumbers. Mario and Princess Peach are in love. Both Mario and Luigi have incredible facial hair.

But other than these three facts, there aren’t many. The movie offers fans the chance to see fully developed characters, allowing us to see what drives Mario beyond just rescuing Peach and sending Bowser packages. Is there any rivalry between brothers Mario and Luigi? Are things always easy in a Mario and Peach relationship? We hope to learn the answers to these questions and more when Super Mario Bros It arrives in cinemas in 2023.

Keep the plot simple

John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins in Super Mario Bros.

the original Super Mario Bros movie and recently, Detective Pikachu They both made the same mistake. Rather than craft a well-thought-out yet simple plot that accurately reflects the simplistic nature of the games on which it is based, they decide to overcomplicate things. This results in long runtimes filled with complex plot points and secondary characters that only slow things down. Super Mario Bros needs to avoid this trap and embrace the games’ straightforward narrative.

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Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach, and Mario, just an ordinary plumber, sets out to try to save her. This doesn’t mean that characters shouldn’t be reincarnated or that Mario can’t visit new and exciting worlds on his journey, but let’s make things nice and easy. After all, the movie should be for the whole family, just like the games.

Make Princess Peach more than just a girl in distress

Mario Ay Taylor Joy Peach movie
Image via Nintendo

If there is anything we learned from him Anya Taylor JoyHis role in the brutal Vikings saga Northman And her acting career so far, she is nothing but a girl in distress. Hopefully this situation will carry over into the upcoming animated movie and Princess Peach will be more than just a plot-driven device.

Perhaps Princess Peach can use her wits to slow Bowser and leave clues to Mario, or maybe she’s a kickboxer trained and able to go toe-to-toe with the fire-breathing villain herself. Whatever they choose to empower her, it would be nice to see her as more than just a woman being rescued, especially for any young girls watching the movie.

Don’t forget Yoshi

Yoshi in Super Mario World
Image via Nintendo

Yoshi has been one of Mario’s most reliable allies since his first introduction in the title in 1990 Super Mario World. Since then, the booty dinosaur has become a mainstay of the video game series, appearing in every Mario Kart And the Mario Party The title while also appearing as a main character in several games, including Yoshi’s world of crafts.

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All this makes his removal from the cast list even more confusing. If Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen) and even Cranky Kong (Fred ArmisenHe can join Mario on his adventures, so why can’t Yoshi? Of course, this does not guarantee that Yoshi will not appear in the film. He may simply be a silent character. But we want you to know one thing, lighting; If there is no Yoshi, we will riot.

Stay true to the franchise

Screenshot from Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Image via Nintendo

There are so many famous locations, items, villains, and power-ups in Mario games that it’s almost impossible to include them all in one movie. However, we still want to see enough to scratch the nerd’s itch, and there are certain aspects of the franchise that just need to be included.

We’re talking about warp tubes, the green tubes that help move Mario from one place to another. We’re talking about quest boxes containing mushrooms that make Mario bigger and stronger. We’re talking about coins he can collect to buy himself a new hat or a fancy pair of shoes. The point is, we associate Mario with these things, and we simply can’t imagine a Mario movie where the plumber doesn’t find a flower that magically gives him the ability to throw fireballs or transform into a flying bee man. It’s just non-negotiable.

Finish with an unforgettable boss fight

Screenshot of Bowser Fury
Image via Nintendo

Mario and his archenemy Bowser have faced off in countless epic confrontations over the decades, and it’s crucial that the movie stick to the landing and give us one of the most memorable encounters in Mario’s history. The possibilities are truly endless. Mario and Bowser have encountered seemingly in every possible location over the years (even in space), and both have used all kinds of power-ups and hidden tricks to outsmart their enemies.

The sequence in the film must be frenetic, innovative, fast-paced, and above all, visually stunning. Mario’s latest title, Super Mario OdysseyIt features incredible graphics, and a big screen adaptation shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. Hopefully, delaying the movie until 2023 will give the creative team the extra time they need to make this movie special, as it should be a movie about the most popular video game character of all time.

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