8 Easter Eggs You Missed in Marvel’s Werewolf By Night TV Special

It is common for projects in Marvel Cinematic Universe To refer not only to the comic book origins of its characters, but also to other films and TV shows. There are few examples better than the last version, werewolf at night. This Halloween special recently appeared on Disney+, introducing monsters to the Marvel universe.

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Directed by Michael Giacchino, werewolf at night is a love letter to classic horror. Most of the specials were filmed in black and white, calling movies like NosferatuAnd the Draculaand the works of Alfred Hitchcock. It also features some of Marvel’s scariest and bloodiest moments. However, regular fans may have missed these eight Easter eggs that appear.

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8/8 Welcome to Marvel’s Twilight Zone

Opening werewolf at night Calls up classic horror TV channel novels like Twilight Zone. The original anthology series, which debuted in 1959, will open with series creator, Rod Serling, to introduce audiences to the show’s multiverse. Serling’s voice has become synonymous with muffled radio-like voiceover.

When werewolf at night Starting off, the narrator has the same influence on his voice as he introduces Marvel fans to a different aspect of the MCU. Not only is this a response to classic intros to black and white TV horror, but it also serves as a way to ease casual fans’ entry into a darker, more brutal entry into the luminous and colorful world of the MCU.

7/8 bloodstone manor walls

Some eagle-eyed spectators noticed some familiar faces during the first private foray into the home of Ulysses the Bloodstone. As the protagonist, Jack Russell, steps into the Dangerous Arena, notice the plaques adorning a corridor in Bloodstone Manor. If you look closely, one can discover that swordsmen are killing a tentacled monster.

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Fans soon noticed the similarity of the tentacled monster to the comic book iteration of Gorr the God-Butcher. The painting closely resembles a painting from the Jason Aaron series oxeven more so than Christian Bale’s portrayal of the villain in Thor: Love and ThunderWhich many fans criticized for the difference in the appearance of the comic character.

6/8 Ulysses Monsters Awards

One early scene in werewolf at night Jack Russell finds in the main hall of Bluestone Manor, where Ulysses hangs on the wall all the monsters he hunts. While none of them are familiar enough for MCU fans to care about them, they do point to some characters that have so far only appeared in Marvel Comics.

One of them, specifically referred to by Jack, is a vampire that looks more like a sprite than Jared Leto Morbius. It also shows the head of Bigfoot hanging on the wall of Ulysses, possibly in reference to X-Men Sasquatch character. Other monsters include the two-headed mermaid, the reptilian creature, and the horned goblin.

5/8 Bloodstone Family Cemetery

In one episode, Jack finds himself stuck in a bloodstone shrine with bloodstone Elsa, another hunter vying for her family’s legacy. While inside, they bond as Jack helps treat her leg wound, and form a pact to help each other out. All the while, the coffins of Elsa’s ancestors are floating next to them, and they contain some important names.

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Among the names referenced at the Bloodstone Shrine is Brandon Cleella, a Disney art director who is a friend of Giacchino. David Long, the creator of Marvel Studios props, also appears as one of the deceased Bloodstones. Other names will likely be friends or family members of the crew or cast.

4/8 call him by name

After escaping from the shrine, Jack and Elsa form a plan to free the Thing Man and obtain the Bloodstone Gem from Elsa. As Jack rushes to create an exit strategy, he enlists Elsa to find the Thing Man and bring it to him. His advice to the novice hunter is to name the creature after it, “Ted,” which is a humorous moment in the mostly spooky special.

Of course the name “Ted” is not just a random joke written by a book werewolf at night. The Man-Thing character in the comics was once a scientist named Theodore Sallis, who transformed into a swamp creature while trying to recreate Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum. However, the name “Ted” lends it a more cute look.

3/8 jack vs. Ulysses

Several scenes in werewolf at night It features characters who speak Latin, an ancient language that not many people are familiar with. However, some who are fluent in Latin have translated the sections, providing evidence of what happened to Ulysses the bloodstone. The famous monster hunter was supposed to remain immortal thanks to the bloodstone gem, after all.

According to the translation, it was explained that Ulysses was actually killed during the full moon. Given that Jack is a werewolf, this seems to be pretty big evidence that Jack was the one who killed the hunter. It even aligns with Jack’s goal in the special to save his friend Ted the man, possibly because Ulysses has been holding him in captivity.

2/8 Elsa, the last bloodstone

Elsa Bloodstone is a very important recurring character in Marvel Comics. in werewolf at nightLaura Donnelly made her MCU debut as a character, the disgraced daughter of the Ulysses who came to fight for her birthright. This birthright happens to be a powerful bloodstone gem, which grants immortality as well as strength and resistance to monsters.

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By the end of the special, Elsa has killed the rival hunters and fulfilled her end of the bargain to free Jack and Ted in exchange for the gems. While cleaning the room, Elsa orders the bloodstone family’s maid, Billy, to clean up the mess, and she sits down with the gems. This appears to be preparing her to fulfill her future role in the comics as the final bloodstone.

1/8 somewhere over the rainbow

At the end of werewolf at night, Elsa sits with bloodstone like special transitions from black and white to technicolor. The final scene, which shows Jack and Ted camping and superbly planning their day, is emphasized by one distinct tune: Judy Garland’s performance “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from 1939. wizard of oz.

This selection in music is not an accidental reference to werewolf at night. famously, wizard of oz She switches from a sepia tone to a Technicolor tone while Dorothy arrives in the Land of Oz, and later returns to a sepia tone when she wakes up from her dream. Thus, playing the movie’s music serves as a great Easter egg for this change in the movie’s style.

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