8 Easter eggs we’d love to see in Super Mario Bros

The Super Mario Bros Movie has finally been released to the world, revealing an all-new Hollywood style in Mario, Bowser, Luigi, and more. The movie poster and first short trailer gave us a little glimpse of what to expect from this new interpretation of the Mushroom Kingdom, but both have left fans eagerly waiting for more.

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The Mario series is a cornerstone of video games, and as such, many of Nintendo’s most loyal followers have high hopes for what’s to come with this budget feature film. From iconic game elements to subtle nods to Mario’s past, here’s everything we hope to see in a Super Mario Bros Movie.

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8/8 A reference to Captain Toad

Judging from the first trailer, the mushroom-like frogs should play a very important role in the Mario movie. We see Mario interacting with the famous Red Toad, which makes sense considering how much he spends in the series. The poor little man was once trapped in the castle walls.

Of course, the Red Toad we all know and love received more limelight after appearing in Super Mario Galaxy as Captain Toad and later in his title based on the Super Mario 3D World mini-games. Hopefully, the similarities between Captain Toad and the backpacking Toad giving Mario a hand in the trailer are signs that we’ll get a proper introduction to the good captain at some point.

7/8 More deep signs like penguins

One of the nice surprises from our first snapshots of Mario was the appearance of little blue penguins from Super Mario 64. Residing in their icy kingdom, these little birds try – and fail – to stop Bowser’s attack after he blasts off into his amazing flying territory.

Giving these little guys a little nod seems like a good sign of the level of care that is put into the movie. Hopefully it’s full of small references to characters and past stages. You don’t need to know why penguins are in the mushroom kingdom, but if you do, it adds a bit to the experience.

6/8 Hint on other characters

On the other hand, there are a lot of characters in the Super Mario world. From friendly Koopas and Goombas to conscious stars to children’s versions of Mario and Luigi, who somehow interact with their adult selves from time to time, there’s certainly no shortage of familiar faces to draw from. Adding a lot could make the movie more like a Mario star than a fun adventure.

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Instead, we hope the movie will give us the full cast that’s been announced so far, with Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, and more. With a stacked list, we can wait a bit for some of our other fan favorites, like Yoshi, King Boo, or even Wario, as long as all the characters are voiced by a random group of celebrities, as is tradition.

5/8 At least one power is not a fire flower (also a fire flower)

Mario has had many abilities and abilities over the years, from the iconic Fire Flower to his Tanooki suit to his recent cat-like endeavours. The man had basically become a dinosaur at this point.

With that being said, there is room for at least a few of these awesome abilities in the movie. The fire flower is a must, but it would be nice to branch out a little later. It would be nice to see a handful of practical abilities in real Hollywood fashion. Just imagine Mario Metal with a big budget plowing through enemies. Very shiny.

4/8 Warp pipes, brick blocks and other classics

Super Mario Rust Warp Tube

It might feel inevitable that we’ll see things like Secret Warp Pipes, Brick Blocks, and a series of other platformers, but it’s execution that counts here. Sure, Mario shot from a warp tube to enter the mushroom kingdom in the trailer, but aside from some neat NES-type sound effects, did you really get the feel of warp tube?

As much as this movie needs to transport classic Mario adventures into the modern era, it’d be nice to see the “traditional Mario staring softly into the void as he slowly descends straight down into a torsion tube,” if only for the kicks. Pop some coins out of those breakable-looking blocks, while you’re at it.

3/8 A reference to Mario’s ex-girlfriend(s)

It’s pretty clear that Princess Peach Toadstool is destined to be the apple of the eye in the Mario movie, which makes sense. The two make up one of the most popular video game pairs in existence, and Mario has been saving Peach from Bowser’s clutches for years. But our best friend the plumber has a long history in the dating world.

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There’s Pauline, the original Mario girlfriend who’s experienced a bit of resurgence since her Super Mario Odyssey appearance. But the most famous past relationship is undoubtedly Mario’s past flirting with his brother’s favorite princess, Daisy. A little hint at this messy love triangle would be a fun little Easter egg.

2/8 Some humor for big fans (but not too much)

Mario is one of gaming’s most important and influential characters, with his debut in Donkey Kong integral in rescuing the nascent industry in the 1980s. Lots of fans have grown up on the magical Mario platform, and you can be sure those fans will turn up in droves for this massive mod of the series.

Movies aimed at children starring adult-bred characters often have a unique challenge, trying to balance self-referential, lingual laughs with the bright, bubbly humor that young audiences love. Mario has a legacy that spans more than 30 years, so this movie will perfectly cater to audiences.

1/8 Some love for Luigi (but not too much)

The presence of Mario’s frightening, green-clad brother has been confirmed in the movie, with a scene showing him running from a mob of enemies near the end of the trailer. Luigi is a fan favorite despite his clumsy and cowardly ways, and while the movie is sure to play out more of its comedic sides, it deserves a bit of a spotlight as well. It’s one of two Mario Bros., after all.

Of course, Luigi’s entry to save the situation is not necessary unless Mario gets trapped inside a haunted mansion or disappears unexpectedly. The combination of a terrifying, frightened Luigi with his heartfelt heroic personality can help the Super Mario Bros Movie feel the love message the series deserves.

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