5 reasons why I’m starting to get really frustrated with streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max

Leave it to the guy who wrote about how he’s still paying for Netflix’s DVD plan to get frustrated with streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+, but it’s true. I A.m Frustrating. Not even a little, but a lot! This does not mean that I Dislikes Theirs, because I love watching great big monster movies on HBO Max, as well as the convenience of running an app and watching shows like squid gameAnd the werewolf at night. This is all right and great.

But that’s the good side of broadcasting. When I really know what I want to watch, it’s great. For example, I like the new star Wars turns out, Andorwhich I think both fans and nonstar Wars Fans should check. I also highly recommend Strong woman. I think it’s the best Marvel show so far. But, these are probably the only two recommendations I can make to you since I have already watched these two shows. I’ve never seen shows like DahmerAnd the Peripheralor The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Yet, I probably never will. But I get ahead of myself. Here are five reasons why I’m so frustrated with streaming services.

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