10 Takeaways From The Movie That Changed The MCU Permanently

Warning: This contains major spoilers for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

With the release this week of the long-awaited sequel Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverMarvel fans are about to get a bounty of riches in their long-awaited collective return to Wakanda. Expectations were high for many factors, including who ended up taking on the mantle of Black Panther following the death of star Chadwick Boseman, how director Ryan Coogler might handle T’Challa’s subsequent end, and how Marvel would revive the groundbreaking performance from Boseman in his most signature sequel. Now a job.

After the preview release night on November 10, it became clear that the story arcs presented in the sequel have clear and current ramifications for the entire future of the MCU.

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Ironheart makes her debut

Photo of Ray Williams in the MCU Mark II's Ironheart armor

In Marvel Comics, Riri Williams is taken under the wing by Iron Man, but in Black Panther In the sequel, her teachers change from Tony Stark to Queen Ramonda and Shuri. Dominic Thorne’s Williams is a genius teen inventor who develops a vibranium detector, which infuriates the Taloucan ruler Namur, who controls a previously unknown supply of vibranium underwater.

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Although the character seems to be caught up in the plot at times, it’s clear that Marvel is continuing to set up the Young Avengers, and it appears that, just like in the comics, Riri is preparing to become Iron Man’s eventual successor (although fans are still They wonder about Don Cheadle’s Rudy and the outcome of a future project Shield Wars).

Okoye and the Midnight Angels

Okoye is seen in her Midnight Angel armor from Black Panther 2.

The first appearance of The Midnight Angels, a comic spin-off of Dora Milaje, appears in the third season of Wakanda forever. Stripped of her rank and duties by Queen Ramonda for failing to protect Shuri from being kidnapped by Tallocan forces, Okoya seems to fade into civilian life in Wakanda, only to be recruited by Shuri after Ramonda’s death.

The princess builds a special vibranium suit for Okoye to fight the super Talocan warriors. Since she’s still wearing it when she rescues an imprisoned Everett Ross at the start of the movie, it’s safe to say that Midnight Angels will be in Danai Gurira’s rumored Disney+ spinoff series, showing just how popular her character Okoye is.

Namor arrives, a mutant

Namor holding a stick and looking to his left at Black Panther 2

Fans were fairly certain that the debut of Silver Age favorite Namor the Sub-Mariner wouldn’t be just a one-time antagonist for Wakanda (and they weren’t disappointed). Tenoch Huerta’s Mesoamerican hero was charismatic and sympathetic throughout Part Two, complete with working winged feet and proportionate legal powers.

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Even more impressive was the reveal of yet another Marvel mutant reference (the second after the climax Ms. Marvelthird if you count KEVIN’s Jennifer Walters meta-reference in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law), in Namor himself the outing of his mutant state. The MCU continues to ramp up its pending mutant arrival and Namor could be one of the earliest.

Sovereignty issues after the death of Queen Ramonda

Angela Bassett appears as Queen Ramonda in Black Panther 2.

It is absolutely indisputable that Angela Bassett takes over the first half of Wakanda foreverexemplary of Bassett’s highly respected acting skills. It comes as a terrible shock to everyone when the Queen herself dies after saving Riri Williams during an attack by the Taloscan forces on Namur.

The film sets a future story in which the rightful ruler of Wakanda must be decided and whether it will be Letitia Wright’s new Black Panther, Princess Shuri, or Winston Duke’s M’Baku, the latter challenging the right to the throne at the start of the film.

Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is stepping up to the plate

Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Big surprise on initial viewing of Wakanda forever The little-known role was of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ undercover government agent, Contessa Allegra de Fontaine. unexpected appearance in Black Panther The sequel was clearly a nod to her brilliant future in the MCU.

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She made brief but ominous cameos in both the falcon and the winter soldier, Beside Black Widow, and is now the new head of the CIA and the boss of ex-husband Everett Ross. Despite being an antagonist of Wakanda throughout its story arc, Fontaine does not have a central role to play in the main plot, but will certainly continue to build to show her role in the story. Lightning.

Ayo and Aneka will be central to the Okoye spin-off

A split image of Ayo and Aneka from Black Panther 2 is shown.

As the MCU has tried to steer towards a more progressive, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It appears to include LGBTQ+ representation. New character Anika, previously played may destroy you The lead actor, Michaela Cowell, held a rather prominent role in the Black Panther: Wakanda Foreveralong with Florence Kasumba’s Talented Ayew.

Both supporting characters manage to survive the Wakandan-Talocan conflict, with Aneka donning a Midnight Angel suit of armor at Okoye’s request to Shuri. At the beginning of the movie, it was revealed that they are a couple and will undoubtedly play a role in Danai Gurira’s Okoye series.

Gods and the Supernatural continue to expand within the MCU

An image of Namor in a traditional Mayan headdress is seen from Black Panther 2.

As seen in the latest MCU Phase 4 shows such as Moon KnightAnd the Thor: Love and ThunderAnd the Werewolf by night, the mystical and the supernatural have become an integral part of the multiverse saga. Whether it’s Ms. Marvel’s bracelet, the Man Thing, or the MCU’s growing pantheon of gods, the superhero origins of events and characters have defined much of Phase 4.

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This includes Namor’s beginnings, where his mother pleaded with the Mayan deity Chuck to save her pregnancy and the deity Shaman led her village to an undersea cave (where glowing seaweed sprouted from animal-rich soil). This discovery not only leads to the birth of Namor and his mutant, god-like powers, but also Shuri’s eventual ability to become the new Black Panther when she creates a heart-shaped herbal derivative from the same seaweed.

MCU characters transcend motives for world domination

An image of Queen Ramonda and Princess Shuri holding spears is shown in Black Panther 2.

It was always taken for granted that upon returning to Wakanda, Marvel audiences would endure the depicted grief and loss experienced by T’Challa’s family and friends. However, the loss of a king is also seen along with the theme of redemption and corruption. Shuri herself struggles with hostility toward the outside world, a by-product of her grief over her brother’s death.

It tracks similarly to Wanda Maximoff’s later role to her darker, scarlet sideAnd the Thor’s losses led to surrogate parenthood love and thunderYelena Belova’s revenge campaign against Clint Barton hookand Namor’s own campaign to protect his people from colonial subjugation.

The arrival of the new Black Panther

An image of the new Black Panther fitting for the MCU is shown.

Preview trailers and limited edition footage have already revealed that the new Black Panther will be a woman and the likely favorite is Shuri Shuri, T’Challa’s younger sister. This has already turned out to be the case as many Marvel celebrities have predicted, and Letitia Wright’s portrayal of the Force is incredible as she does double duty as the MCU’s all-new figurehead (and possible or potential new ruler of Wakanda) and a heroic tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman.

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In the climax of Part II, Shuri proves to be a worthy warrior with brains and strength to defeat Namor, and fans eagerly wonder how Shuri will fit in with the new Black Panther. The Avengers: Kang Dynasty And the Avengers: Secret Wars.

Long live T’Challa

A picture of Nakia looking amazed appears in Black Panther 2.

In one of the most emotional end or mid-credit scenes in Marvel history, Shuri ends up visiting Haiti to perform a purifying farewell ritual for her brother T’Challa at Nakia’s request. Nakia joins her with a young boy at her side, who is actually Nakia and Takala’s son. Not coincidentally, while his real name is T’Challa, his Haitian name is Toussaint, which also happens to be the name of the famous Haitian revolutionary leader.

The short scene serves to underscore that T’Challa lives on through his son, who, no doubt, will take up his father’s mantle one day.

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