10 signs Marvel is running out of steam

Marvel is the biggest name in pop culture, with their movies and TV shows dominating the conversation. Comics are the leading light of the franchise, and Marvel dominates there, too. Marvel books are bestsellers in the comics industry, with fans eating everything the publisher puts out. However, this does not mean that everything is going well in the house of ideas.

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Marvel fans often seem to buy Marvel books just because of the name on the cover and to keep their collections going. There are a lot of problems with Marvel in the modern age, that settlement of the publisher starting to falter, playing by trends and sales rather than focusing on great storytelling.

10/10 They totally dropped the ball with Iron Man

The head of the indomitable iron man #1

Iron Man has become the biggest name in pop culture because of the MCU. Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of the character struck a chord with audiences, and there should have been no thought to make him just as popular in the comics. Iron Man has some great qualities, but Marvel has never found a way to benefit from combining those qualities with the allure of the MCU version.

This is an issue with many of the big MCU characters. Marvel’s comic side has rarely found a way to use the MCU as a springboard to lure movie fans into the comic stores. Iron Man hasn’t gone down a specific path in decades, showing how Marvel has failed its classic characters.

9/10 The event cycle has become diminishing returns

Books Marvel Event Age of Ultron and Secret Empire

There was a time when Marvel event books were the talk of the industry. comics like Em House, Civil War, Secret Invasion, More than that, they were all blockbuster movies that increased sales and fan interaction. The event cycle has become a huge part of Marvel, but holes in the shield are starting to appear with books like Fear itself. The event cycle has exhausted fans, and since then, Marvel has hardly put together an event that people really like.

Doomsday AX It’s the most recent event, and it was amazing, but it’s way too late. Marvel’s cycle of events used to mean something, but in recent years it has become a shadow of itself. Dropping the ball into the event cycle is a huge blow to the publisher.

8/10 Females led by Ongoings are extremely rare

Brave Defenders of Marvel Comics

Marvel has amazing superheroes, but looking at their publishing list, it’s impossible to tell. Marvel has worked for years to balance the publishing line, and stay away from white superheroes as much as possible. books like Mrs. Spider-Man, Mrs. Marvell, And more they were loved in their days, but that day has passed.

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Immediately, Captain Marvel It is the epicenter of the superhero. It seems like Marvel is barely trying to put its amazing superheroes into the running books. That’s an issue with Big Two in general, but DC has Marvel win in that regard. The publisher leaves money on the table by not mining their heroines.

7/10 The return of the Fantastic Four has not really been exploited

Four great art by Alex Ross

The Fantastic Four It’s been Team Marvel’s most memorable book for years. The book combined family dynamics, sci-fi, and superheroes into a perfect scale and introduced many integral parts of the Marvel Universe. Film rights and medium sales put the kibosh on the book for a while, but 2018 saw their comeback. However, the publisher couldn’t find a way to make them feel really special.

Part of that was writer Dan Sloot putting on the title. Slott can do a good job, but he has a huge range of detractors. Many fans wouldn’t give the book a chance even because of His Majesty. However, even with this handicap, Marvel couldn’t find any other ways to lure fans back into the team, another failure with classic Marvel characters.

6/10 Marvel horror died

10 Marvel characters belong to a horror movie

The Marvel horror books were top notch, introducing characters like Ghost Rider, Damian Hellstrom, and Man-Thing, and bringing Dracula into the Marvel Universe. Dracula’s grave, a man the size of a giant, werewolf by night, And more horror comic staples, but it’s been a long time since Marvel had anything to match. until marvel zombies I stumbled very quickly.

A big part of the problem is that DC and independent publishers diversified their horror comics and Marvel never tried to compete. They kept going back to what had been sold well in the past, losing ground to every other publisher. Marvel horror died; Hard to see a way back.

5/10 They failed their new school heroes

List of young Marvel heroes

Ms. Marvel came out strong, and soon became the leader of a new school for Marvel heroes. Heroes like Miles Morales, Sam Alexander as Nova, Viv Vision, Moon Girl, Hockey, Young Avengers, and others have earned books. They were all pushed to the stars, featured in their own books and team books, including revivals heroes.

Recent years have seen all of these books except Miles Morales Spider Man drifting away. Marvel pushed its new heroes hard for a long time and then abandoned them. They have abandoned an entire generation of heroes.

4/10 Publisher prepares for Spider-Man fans

Cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #12 from Marvel Comics featuring Spider-Man and Hobgoblin

The Amazing Spider-Man It’s always the bestselling book in the industry, but it seems like many fans buy it just because The Amazing Spider-Man. Being a Spider-Man fan is tough, and that’s because Marvel has stopped trying to give fans what they want. It’s more than taking stories in new directions and surprising readers, it’s spit in their face.

The Marvel editorial, portrayed by EIC CB Cebulski and Spider-Man group editor Nick Lowe, featured Spider-Man as a teen from the ’60s and ’70s obsessed with Gwen Stacy. Most fans have never read any of these stories, so few view the character in the same way. Marvel doesn’t care what fans want, and they push with a vision of the character that no one else wants.

3/10 They are all superheroes all the time

Cropping Marvel Superheroes

DC departed from Marvel creatively in the 1980s by diversifying its offerings. The publisher went in new directions with Vertigo who focused on horror and noir, made political statements, and changed what superhero comics could be. They still do to this day, even with all the Batman comics. On the other hand, Marvel has rarely surpassed superheroes.

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Superheroes are awesome, and Marvel revolutionized them in the Silver Age. However, everything Marvel does is a superhero book. They do science fiction and horror stories, but they’re still basically superhero stories. Marvel was named House of Ideas because of what they did in the middle. Recent years have seen them fall into the groove of superheroes, and it’s costing them.

2/10 The X-Men line is no longer revolutionary

Fate of Ras

The X-Men Tale is Marvel’s biggest success story. The team went from being a loser from the Silver Age to being the biggest writers in the industry. The creators drew on the team’s central metaphors, taking revolutionary stories from Chris Claremont and Grant Morrison. 2019 saw Jonathan Hickman step into the X-Office and blow the doors out of it, ushering in the Krakoa era of books.

The X-Men books ruled the industry in the first year of the Krakow era, but things started to fall apart Tenth of swords. Things got worse when the writers and editors decided they wanted to play in Krakow’s sandbox more and Hickman left the books. Since then, there has been a bit of momentum on the streak. books like Immortal X-Men And the X-Men Red Amazing, but the rest of the line runs from great to bad.

1/10 The Avengers haven’t been at a tie in years

Avengers Assemble Alpha cover

2018 saw Marvel give Avengers Big re-release of the book with co-star Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness. However, the series is dressed up as DC Sync Justice Squad Re-release by Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung. since then, Avengers It received a lukewarm reception from fans rather than being the flagship as it had been in previous years.

The Avengers need a bullet in the arm; When the Avengers are healthy, Marvel is healthy. Aaron’s long and curvy run did nothing for audiences or sales, and the publisher let it run for years rather than throw it to another, more famous writer.

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