10 Reasons Why ‘The Werewolf at Night’ Is Integral to Future MCU Phases

Halloween may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the scary season has to stop. A well-designed ghost story or movie can be just as compelling on a cold and windy November night as it is in October. Only recently, your movie choices likely won’t include anything Marvel has to offer. But this may change with the release of werewolf at night.

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The hour-long movie is a breath of fresh air in the black and white MCU phase that sometimes feels disjointed and different from the previous Marvel phases. werewolf It might be more than just a “special show” for Halloween. Featuring new locations, new characters, and new items through a lens of the least used type, werewolf at night You may end up being incredibly relevant moving forward.

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werewolf by night jill garcia bernal
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werewolf at night It’s unlike anything else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in terms of format and execution. The reception for Marvel’s Disney Plus projects has been positive, but if one consistent complaint can be made, the middle seasons have problems with speed and filler episodes.

werewolf at night He solves this simply by compressing his introduction into one hour of television. Every scene has meaning, and you don’t get it when you lengthen a good idea to eight hours instead of one. Not every idea or concept needs this extension, and werewolf at night It is an excellent example.


Kathryn Hahn at WandaVision
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Magic has always been part of Marvel’s DNA. Despite this, magic did not appear much in the Infinity Saga films. You could argue that magic eventually turned the tide of Infinity War, but beyond that, examples are scarce.

With Darkhold recently appearing more prominently, new characters such as Wiccan and Clea and projects such as Agatha: Cove of Chaos. Using magic and characters based on magic gives Marvel incredible bows and textures. These characters also bring their own motivations, supporting characters, and opportunities to tell new stories.



The MCU catalog covered nearly every square foot of land except horror. Some movies like The multiverse of madness And the Dr. GharibManagers brought horror Sam Raimi And the Scott Derrickson, Straight. However, they are not straightforward horror movies.

Horror movies are more popular now than ever, with movies like smilingAnd the noAnd the black phone approved visits. While not bloody like The end of Halloween or terrifying 2And the werewolf Don’t be afraid to show you what happens when (Gael Garcia Bernal) turns up. And the lands of Bloodstone Manor are as creepy as any MCU site. With its success, there is clearly a market for Marvel horror in the future.


Gael Garcia Bernal as Jack Russell in Werewolf by Night
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For better or worse, Marvel has dominated the movie industry. However, not everyone liked the “Marvel Formula”, as critics accused the studio of repeatedly producing the same film with different characters. But it’s all about him werewolf At night it was different.

Marvel can be forgiven for not taking creative risks. But after more than a decade, it’s time to take some chances, and werewolf at night It is Marvel’s most significant change since then Guardians of the Galaxy. with werewolf Seems like a critical and commercial success, Marvel must continue to take chances and push the boundaries.


The Living Mummy, FrankenCastle and Zombie

The influence of global monsters on werewolf Clear. Although monsters do appear in the MCU, they are usually treated as stalwarts of the most important villain and can be easily defeated. but, werewolf at night It introduces the idea that monsters are enormous and prevalent in the MCU.

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We also see that not all monsters deserve to be brutalized by the Ulysses Bloodstone. For example, Jack Russell, the titular werewolf, is part of the game to save his friend, Man-Thing. Both monsters show charitable motives and end up rescuing Elsa later on, all part of the League of Monsters comedy team.

blood stones

werewolf by night elsa-bloodstone-feature
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The dynamics of most families in the MCU are complex, and bloodstones are no exception. When we meet them in werewolf at nightit is clear that there has always been a feud between Elsa (Laura Donnelly) and the daughter and a virus (Harriet Sansom Harris), the widow of Ulysses.

Although dysfunctional, bloodstones are essential to any story involving monsters. It is also worth noting that Ulysses is centuries old. Does this mean that he could have had contact with Kang in the past?

Midnight Sons

Marvel Comics Midnight Sons 2x1

With the original MCU Avengers lineup virtually gone, Kang on the horizon, and the introduction of so many magical users, Earth-616 will need even more heroes. Yes, we’ve seen The Eternals but to say the reactions to their movie were mixed is an understatement.

However, with characters like Blade, Moon Knight, and Elsa Bloodstone, the seeds for Midnight Suns can be planted. Sons of Midnight consists of heroes with some moral gray areas and the ability to fend off the dark and supernatural side of the world. This team fits well with the tone that has been set werewolf.

man thing

werewolf at night man something special socially
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Dr. Theodore Salles was a biochemist in the United States Army when he was forced to inject himself with an experimental drug. This serum works in the Everglades, turning Sallis into the Man-Thing monster (portrayed on screen by Carrie Jones).

Sallis’ introduction is essential for many reasons. The project Salis is working on is an attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Serum of Captain America. Salis was also part of cell regeneration research with another famous scientist-turned-creature, Dr. Curtis Conners. Can we see these two worlds again in the future?

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Jack Russell

Werewolf by night Gail Garcia Bernal
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Part of the fun of Werewolf by Night is that the cast is made entirely of new characters. Jack Russell turns out to be the titular werewolf, although we’re not familiar with it until later in the movie.

Jack has an extensive history in the comics, being a major player in many storylines. With a family history with Darkhold and his association with other monsters like Dracula, his inclusion here suggests that Marvel is ready to embrace the supernatural.

blood stone

Werewolf at night bloodstone is socially special
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Often called Bloodgem in the comics, bloodstone is a piece of a meteorite that fell to Earth thousands of years ago. Under the guidance of an alien entity bent on conquering Earth, a meteor is damaged in a battle between an alien envoy and a human hunter. A splinter lodges in the human chest, giving him supernatural abilities. This hunter eventually called himself Ulysses the Bloodstone.

Bloodstone is able to do many things, but most importantly, it can detect and weaken monsters while strengthening the stone user at the same time. Its ability to reveal true identities may be useful, for example, in the story of a secret invasion.

EXO’s mind

Earth 616 Exo-Mind from Marvel Comics

The Exo-Mind is an ancient god-like entity responsible for the bloodstone’s arrival on Earth. The Exo-Mind and related entities are the part of the universe where chaos is the only constant.

With various types of magic now prevalent in the MCU, including Chaos Magic, this stone and its originator could be significant. The stone could easily be used as a means to harness this energy of “chaos” and to bend the dimensions of the population at their will.

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