10 projects Mephisto can actually be presented in

The fourth stage ended with Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverAnd, despite all the theorizing and rumors spread across the stage, Mephisto has yet to appear. Fans initially got the idea that a Marvel Comics demon might be coming to the MCU in WandaVision They also hoped Wanda wasn’t the dark culprit behind Westview. After that, there really wasn’t a new project that came without wild theorizing that Mephisto would finally make an appearance, with many initially believing he could be a Thanos-level big bad in the new saga – before confirming that he’s Kang the Conqueror.

All of the movies and TV shows that are revealed in the pipeline expand the MCU’s multiverse in their own way and pave the way for Avengers: Secret Wars The year is 2026. However, there are still some pretty cool avenues Mephisto can finally play up whether it’s his classic nemesis or a future-wraith-inducing easter egg. From projects already confirmed to those fans suspect are in the works, there are several possibilities as to when and how the long-awaited Mephisto will arrive.

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Iron heart

Currently, rumors persist that Mephisto is coming up in one of the Disney+ Phase 5 shows, Iron heart. Some went so far as to suspect that Sacha Baron Cohen would play a dimension demon. This rumor has unexpected ground as the main antagonist in Iron heart He is The Hood, a magical crime lord who stole his magical hood from Satan – perhaps instead making a deal with Satan to get that power.

Iron heart Follows Riri Williams, the young genius who creates her own Iron Man suit after he is introduced black panther wakanda forever. With The Hood and his criminal organization in the mix, the show will delve into the relationship between magic and technology, so including Mephisto in this way would make sense.

Agatha: A cove of chaos

Agatha Harkness uses her powers in WandaVision

While magic and the paranormal are two core parts of the MCU, there is currently one confirmed project primarily in this area: Agatha: A cove of chaos. It would be serendipitous to have Mephisto’s feature WandaVision pop-up after constant theorizing about his involvement in that series.

Recently, some fun announcements of Joe Locke and Aubrey Plaza joining the show raised hope that more magical superheroes would arrive. As the ranks grow, Mephisto could be a logical candidate for the show’s antagonist – however, as long as he’s not a single villain since Mephisto is too prolific to have just one advantage.

Avengers: Secret Wars

Superheroes battle on the cover of Marvel Comics Secret Wars #1.

If he hasn’t been in the previous movies or TV shows, there is still one tomb saved by the end of the multiverse saga, Avengers: Secret Wars. It’s where everything from entering variables in is headed Loki and penetrated Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. If it follows the previous pattern The Avengers Movies, this should bring together all the major characters in the MCU, including, hopefully, Mephisto.

It is not important to me Secret wars Stories like other villains like Doctor Doom, Molecule Man, and Beyonder, but Mephisto can still be incorporated if they want to bring together a team of villains. Perhaps one of the heroes needs to make a pact with Mephisto to gain the power to defeat Kang.

The next Halloween special

Split Portrait of Man-Thing and Elsa's Bloodstone in Werewolf by Night, Manfebian, and Nkanto, The Living Mummy

After the positive response to the first MCU special presentation, Werewolf by nightMany fans hope there is more in the works. It would be great to have a new annual Halloween special tradition that delves into the dark, savage side of Marvel Comics – fortunately, many characters deserve to be their own like Werewolf by Night.

Mephisto might make a logical antagonist for something like that – or at least someone who could be fused into a post-credits stinger. Specifically, Ghost Rider would be a good fit for this type of project as Mephisto and The Spirit of Vengeance have been longtime adversaries. Hopefully, Marvel will confirm soon whether or not this is something fans can look forward to.

Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is on his board in space

In addition to the coveted Halloween specials, specials will work well to introduce characters on the cosmic side of things. There’s already word that the Silver Surfer might be getting his own, perfectly setting the stage for future exploration of Marvel’s bizarre universe, and including Mephisto in that would make sense, too.

Mephisto was first introduced in Silver Surfer #3 in 1968 and for the next half century, he remained a perennial enemy of the cosmic hero. While many may suspect that Galactus will be an antagonist for this project, Mephisto could be a better option for showcasing other sides of the hero that many may not be aware of.

Doctor Strange 3

Holy timeline, Doctor Strange

naturally, Doctor Strange 3 It would be a good project to introduce Mephisto. At the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessStephen Strange is introduced to Clea, who brings him to the Dark Dimension to stop the incursion he started. It looks like this will bring characters like Dormammu and Umar the Unrelenting into play, but that shouldn’t limit Mephisto’s involvement.

It would be strange if there weren’t a third Dr. Strange movie given the scope and pacing of the MCU, and it might even be one of the mysterious undisclosed openings in Phase VI. However, this story may lead directly to The Avengers: Kang Dynasty And the Avengers: Secret Wars – which in turn may just mean Doctor Strange 3 After the multiverse saga and the opportunity is more mature to use Mephisto.

Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch is looking forlorn in a multiverse of madness

While the controversy surrounding Mephisto’s introduction has continued throughout Phase 4, the biggest question for many fans now is when the Scarlet Witch will return after her supposed “death” in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Some believe that this is the ultimate goal of Agatha: A cove of chaos. however, miracle manand recent news about a proposed show focusing on vision, fans might really get what they want, a Scarlet Witch Movie.

Mephisto would likely be on the shortlist for such a movie given their relationships in the comics. Wanda used Mephisto’s soul to create her two sons, Billy and Tommy – so it makes sense why so many people were expecting him in WandaVision. As her powers grow more extensive and destructive, Mephisto may also be one of the few villains able to stand up to her.

Midnight Sons

Marvel Doctor Strange Man-Thing comics

Another project that many are anticipating more and more from recent projects is the movie Midnight Sons. They are one of the main teams in comics that deserve their own series or movie. In the MCU, many great characters could be on the list, including Doctor Strange, Wong, Scarlet Witch, Werewolf by Night, Wong, Blade, Elsa Bloodstone, and the Man-Thing.

Given the amalgamation of all these superheroes, Mephisto is the perfect villain to take on them all. Phase VI already has some big blockbusters in the pipeline The Avengers movies out Fantastic Four And the Deadpool 3so this kind of team collaboration might be the best one to follow up on the multiverse saga finale.

What if…?

Uatu The Watcher speaks and floats in space in Marvel's What If...?

Mephisto doesn’t need to just play on the live-action side of things. There are several animated series in the works, with various tie-ins to the main MCU continuities. Your best bet for something like this would be What if…? whose second season is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2023.

Perhaps one of the protagonists accidentally made a deal with the devil, so he could be an antagonist for the episode. As small and inconsequential as this may seem, it could be a fun way to point out the theorizing at all – especially if it admits to missing it from previous stories – and might then allow him to further discern when the universes converged. Avengers: Secret Wars.

Spider-Man: Year Two

Pictures of Spider-Man freshman year from Comic Con

Another animated series, in which Mephisto might make sense Spider-Man: Year One Since he has gone on to become one of Spider-Man’s most prolific villains. This is an upcoming original series of Peter Parker set during his early days before Captain America: Civil War – though the caveat is that it takes place in an alternate universe.

Over the summer, the first look at the show and its characters was shown, revealing the villains, including Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, and Chameleon. As such, it would be very unlikely that Mephisto would play out until the second season – already titled, Spider-Man: Year Two – or beyond.

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